Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy birthday to ME!!!

Dear blog,

Okay, i'm late for wishing myself happy birthday. Well, after joining the career world, hardly find myself to have more free time and news. Most of the time stuck in a small and compact room, finishing the never ending workload. Add on with meetings plus overtime, reached home is definitely need more rest. When weekend is come, of course the mood change and take opportunity to shopping and meeting friends. This few week been a headache for me. Mom's birthday, my birthday and my girlfriend just deliver her baby boy. Seems like all my weekend is filled with activities now. Honestly saying, i like my weekends more than weekdays. Just now back from birthday dinner with my family. Although it is a day later, but do enjoy myself being with my family. They were the best even though my attitude in front of them is totally different from what you guys see. Well, that's the true colour i guess. I think that's all i would like to update myself for today. Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME!!!

*May all my dreams come TRUE!!!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

I miss

Dear blog,

It's been a week i back to KL, and been filling myself with never ending work. Start my practical on 16 May, in which i touch down in Kl on 13 May. Meet my work supervisor on 14. Seems like i have not enjoy myself when i was in KL. All just about the practical which took up most of my time. This moment, i started to miss everything. From A to Z, every moment i spent with my buddies. Though i sometimes burden with those assignments, presentations and activity, but i felt lively.

I miss everyone!

But now with the practical, it is totally different. Too much for me to handle. Probably the transition from student's life to career's life need time for me to adjust. Please spare me some time. This week of practical, never had a day i came back early. I should take the time to learn and respond. I have to fit myself, so i must survive with it! Lacking motivation now... Please guide me..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

: (

Dear blog,

Yesterday, i talk to someone and i learn something. I was sad and disappointing. I'm not going to write anything here because i afraid that person will see. So i just keep it in my heart. However, i feel cheated and if i know it from beginning, i would go for a better choice!

Monday, May 16, 2011

My very first day of Practical

Dear blog,

Today officially start my practical in my respected company. It is tiring day for me. It is quite blur for my first day, and manage to learn quite a lot of things to. I think will have many to jot down in my report and log book. Just too tired to write it down here. Hopefully my following days in the company will have better and productive and more learning process... =)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Purple again

Dear blog,

This morning wake up quite early. Have an appointment with my advisor and it make me a little bit nervous though. We have some talk for around 2 hours. Manage to learn quite a lot of hings even though i have not officially start my practical. going to join the team 2 days later and this make me much more excited. Was looking forward for it actually because the way he describe my task, it sounds fun. Really hope can gain more knowledge throughout my practical periods.

I have my hair cut too. Firstly i was thought to maintain my hair colour, black. Just trim my hair as it has been half year i did not bother it, and always expose myself with the sunlight and swimming. Make my hair texture worse even though have regular conditioning. Then when i was waiting, just the hair colour pop up and okay, dark purple will do. At least not like my previous time the red purple which is very obvious when i was under the sunlight. This time look a bit conservative colour. hopefully bring me luck and success all the time.

Okay, will upload my latest pictures here. The hair colour not obvious now and it make not much different. Hopefully can update myself regularly here even when i start joining the career world. Chao~

I'm coming home~

dear blog,

Finally reach my home after spending few ours for the transportation. This time really tired compare to other time where i used to bring less treasure. Luckily my luggage do not exceed 20 kg, otherwise will have to par RM15 for only 1 kg. Expensive right? But i heard Airasia even  costly, is like 1 kg cost RM30. They really make big money here.

For the very first time, i'm having jet lag here. Suddenly can't sleep even though i am really tired! And don't really have appetite to eat too. Big surprise for me ha. Since my adaption was quite high, i think should be okay soon. Later going out to meet my interviewer, cracking my head how should i wear. First impression should be good, but today is saturday, shall i wear formal? Hmm... Hopefully everything goes well later...

Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm leaving

Dear blog,

In another few more hours, i'll be leaving the land below wind and back to my origin place. Still left few stuff haven't pack, and when i saw most of the status in the facebook, it make me sad to leave the place. All saying started too miss the friends, even though we yet to really depart. This show that we somehow build a really strong bonds and really opening our heart to each others. Yesterday before i sleep, i suddenly feel scare and i even told my Titi saying that we are growing, and need to take full responsibility soon. No more mistake and laziness allow when we in the reality. Fun and excitement may just filled with stress and uncertainty. I know i should be prepare with things that going to happen. And lead my life to fullest. This is just another learning lesson that awaits us way up front. Here's a song to share, which show some part of my feelings now.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Last paper in UMS

Dear blog,

Cant really sleep well today. Probably the feeling of separation make me not having good sleep. Later will have my last paper in my University's life and i'll be free from having to memorize and study for the result sake. Many things goes around in this three years. Being alone to the place, now finally reach the end of the Uni chapter. Especially in this semester, make a lot of precious memories with my precious course mates. Feel that our bond getting stronger and tighter. Hopefully we will stay in touch as not burden with the career world that tense so much. I'm not going to say regret for coming here, but i love to say that i'm lucky to meet you all.

Haiz, reeally not having the mood to study for the last paper. Really going to use my common sense to complete it. Please grant me wisdom. Anyways, all the best for my course mates, hope you guys will have a wonderful memories in this paper and enjoy every moment~ lots of love

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tanjung Aru to Beaufort

Dear blog,

I am really tired now. Just came back from one day trip to Beaufort which took around 2 hours by car. This time we went there by train, which is a suggestion from our senior to have this final trip’ before we- the third year finish our days in UMS. It is fun for me as I love to spend my times with my friends. Although I still have 2 more papers to go. I am care about those 2 papers, but I just think that we should get ourselves to relax and enjoy. Of course the examination is important. In the reality, are those theories we learned really match with the situation we deal it? That’s just my personal opinion though.

Throughout the journey, most of my time I spend with Grace and Aen. We started to get closer to each other from last semester I think. We know each other from first semester, during the Labuan trip. That time we do talk and get to know each other well. But after the trip, we back to our group and kind of lost some connection at that time. Somehow, we get much closer from time to time and now really so close. Probably because we get into our major courses now, and most of the time we seeing each other.

Okay, I shall start with the trip now. Too much introduction this time. Depart from Tanjung Aru to Beaufort from 0745. At the beginning, me and Grace kind of stray from the group because we sit at the other side of them. In the middle of journey, we are too kind to offer our seats to the elderly and meet them. Well, respecting elderly I shall say. When we reach there, took quite a lot of pictures. It was non-stop throughout the time. Being naughty too by climbing up above the train. End up the security need to chase us down from there. It is just too hyperactive of us. Ha~

After the photo session at the station, headed for some refreshment somewhere in Beaufort town. Probably we took quite a lot of time, of we mistook the time, suppose to take the 1100, which we thought was 1130, we missed the train. Luckily still got another train at 1630, which means we have to spend our 5 hours there by wandering around. Me again, with my small group of people really do explore the Pekan Beaufort where most of them just sitting in KFC and having the air-cond. We the Kisiao group just like to tanned ourselves I guess.

Finally 1630, and we wouldn’t missed it this time. Wait at the station at 1500, and it is impossible for us to missed the train right? Well, the journey back to Tanjung Aru, most of the people take the opportunity to get some sleep and rest. But there is a small group of us just non-stop talking. Too much story to say. Okay, most of the time I’m the one who do the talking la. I somehow got to know about what they actually think of me. It is great and fun to know how they view me actually. At least I know what kind of person I am when I was with them. Is they really know the ‘real’ Teh Soo Leng? Hmm, I think not 100%. Honestly, I don’t really fond in open up my heart to anyone, and if they really want to know who I really am?, They need to take more time to study me. Okay. No more analyzing myself here. Just find it yourself.

Okay, I guess is time for memories sharing again. Still have a lot in other camera and this is merely in mine. Selected pics only to share.

 Me and Grace in station



With Chooi Ni

The 2 liang moi

Me Posing~

The sampat Aen

With the guys

my pictures of the name...

Written on: 7 May 2011, 2130

Crazy little things about Titi~

Dear blog,

Today have some little talk with my roomie-Titi. We have been roommate for 3 years, from first year till my final year. In this 3 years, I think I learn a lot about her and I should say that she was best roommate ever. I should interpret this way, she is not Chinese, Malay instead. And we manage to communicate and live happily together without any conflicts which sometime occur in others. We just live peacefully and loudly whenever we have those crazy pillow talks where it is disturbing others all the times. It is just that we can’t control our excitement and volume. Haha…

Well, today I test myself about what I know about her. Honestly, I do know a lot.
Her favourite colour- Purple and Pink
Her favourite show- reality show
Her favourite food- chicken
Her favourite drinks- orange juice
Her favourite cartoon- tweety birds
Her favourite things- her secret pillow
Her shoes size- size 6 to 7

Okay, I know this little thing is not so important. But it is just small things that we would notice when we are with them. It is just after 3 years we living together, thinking of apart kind of makes me feels sad. The time we have our pillow talk, the gossips and sharing, it will not happen to other people. As we will step into the career world soon, I don’t think I will ever find this kind of roommates that can stand with my nonsense and noisiness. It is just glad to have her. Love you always~

 me and Titi~

Written on 3 May 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Dear blog,

Quite some times i have not update anything here. The line problems and the timing just not allow me to do so. Now is the second week of examination, am i prepare for the coming paper? I guess i should say 50-50. Need to gather all my concentration for my final touch up.

Last Friday, have a wonderful moment with my course mates. We went for movie in 1 Borneo, dinner together and bowling too. It is just another IB memories we have done. Later this evening, we will have another UMS peak trip which will lead by me. Hahaha~ Just a short refreshment moment to add in our chapter. Basically, i should put my days like this, all the activities that i have done last week was to create more memories before i end my University life in this 10 days. After this, we will be burden with the career life which are totally different with the current life.

We do learn that people meet, and people apart eventually. But do we really prepare for all this? I think the answer is no. Although we have prepare for the separation, but the bond and relationship that we have build can never easily wipe of just like that. This is what make people to appreciate each others. Honestly saying, i really love my times with my friends. I'm not really like the separation. I know it was not the end for us, but the feeling somehow make me sad. Probably i just love to being myself when i was around them.

Aen Aen and Me

Group pic..

Widad, Aisyah, Hana, Aen, Elmi, Sooleng, Jimar, Khairul and Andy