Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week 6

Dear blog,

Finally reach week 6 of my practical. The coming week will entering the week 7 and so on. Now, i was like live my days with counting down with my remaining work of practical. Soon, i'll be graduate soon~ wohoo~ Well, it will still depending on my practical report. My final semester result was good, and all left now was the practicum. Though the first class graduation was far from me, but i am satisfy with the result. At least was not that bad.

Okay, the night going to end soon. Hopefully a brand new week coming with bless and cheer. What i wish now was just simple life and day~

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Dear blog,


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Dear blog,

Just drop by here to say GOOD NIGHT world as i'm off to bed now.This is the life i guess when i step into the awaits career world. Going to be early birds soon... Night everyone~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Medan business trip

Dear blog,

Back in KL in 1005 today. A first, i feel energetic, who knows when i reach home and sitting on the chair, all the tired mode hit me. Suppose this 3 days trip is not tough for me as i really get enough rest for it. Hmm, maybe jet lag. But it is just an hour different. Should not be problem right? Guess need to improve my body condition and get more exercise.

Okay, let's move on with my days in Medan. The first day when we were boarding for the flight, well, the flight delay for an hour. But we reach there around 1400 the local time, which is around 1500 Malaysia time. Some bad things happen where we were block on the immigration. The reason was because we did not print out our ticket. This was like WHAT? Normally we travel using AirAsia, this could not be the problem right? So, a moment of thought here, is this a for of corruption? Or AirAsia mistake for not informing the guest about this matter? Well, the first day was somewhat like that. Impression on Medan? 60%. Though unfortunate things happen, but got the chance to have great meal there. I though the foods was not my like, honestly, i found it somewhat delicious.

The next day, the time to work. The PIC bring us to the factory and we run our job there. Okay, not going to comment bout my work description here. But we were treated well too. Yes, the foods again. Another delicious and tasty foods i was expose to. Probably the place i went was better compare with others. But overall the foods is good. Too bad i happen to not knowing the price, i think is not that expensive.

Oh ya, one things that make me like Malaysia more is the road. The cars here was so congested. What i mean here is that the people will keep on honking without reason, and the driving skill is much scarier than in KL. KL is still ok, in which the manner on driving is sometimes bad. At least we drive in relax mode. But there even worse. Go and experience it to understand what i mean. One good things a there was that the security is higher than Malaysia. This is what i heard from the client that they never seen any fighting case in Medan so far. Well, guess that's much for today.

some of the building in Medan

 Our room- Grand Angkasa Hotel

Morning view from the room

Prepare to start the day~

The kuih durian that i've try

Me before to bed

me again before head back to KL

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finger cross

Dear blog,

Best friend of mine-Erik has landed safely to UK. Well, he depart on 10th June actually, and this is a little bit late post for him. Felt lazy and tired this few days. His departure to UK was to finish his advance diploma, so, all the best to him! Just one concern of mine was that, stop getting bigger and bigger.

Snap his picture while he is resting...

Okay, well, it has been a month of my practical. Yey... Though sometimes find it hard and stress while practical, but all was the learning process and gain much from it. Still have another 2 month to go, but too bad, my report was all stuck half way. Nah, not even half way, quarter perhaps. Just too lazy to write anything. Well, need to wait for the mood to come and hopefully the coming week, i'll be more 'hardworking' and 'creative' in completing it! Finger cross~

Another update here was that i'll be on business trip to Medan-Indonesia tomorrow. So, I'll be away from Malaysia until Wednesday. It is a great opportunity for me as an intern to follow them overseas. Wohoo.... But, there always a but. I was afraid that i'm unable to fulfill their expectations and make mistake while i was there. this is my main concern now! Really hope i can manage myself well while i was on the business and get all my works done on time. Need all the courage and strength and confident now. Please be nice and good to me.

Okay, guess the update till here today. Pray for all the best things happen on me!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Enlighten me pls..

Dear blog,

Just back from sudden escape to Genting Highland. Suppose i accompany my friend to have her dinner, who knows the driver suddenly took us to Genting and have some coffee. Although i was tired, but the sudden escape release my stress a little bit. Confirm something that i wasn't sure before this, and now make me feel uncertain. I knew the things will happen, though i really hope it was just my imagination, but my intuition before this was true. Many thoughts appear in my mind, and i hardly able to get someone to talk with. Please enlighten me and grant me mental and physical strength... Need guidance now...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baby Hin

Dear blog,

Yesterday went to cheras visit Puei ching's baby boy. I think we are actually disturbing the little one as we want to play with him, but most of the time he is just closing his eyes. Too tired? Or just dont want us to bother him? well, it is great and happy for her to have the new member to their lovely family.

The 2 weeks old

Honestly saying, i don't know ho he look like? the mother or father? Probably when he get bigger only i can determine. Haha...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's weekend~

Dear blog,

Finally, it's weekend!
tons of things await me today.
Make a proper planning and utilize my days~