Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stages of Life

Dear blog,

Been living for more than 2 decades now, and I am just at the beginning on the path of working life. Looking back for the time I have spend in studies, been using 17 years solely for education before starting the society chapter that almost everyone of us will be facing it sooner or later. There is always a dream of me, where some people would sponsoring me to enjoy my each living day. Hahahaha... I guess all of us would like that. 

Well, there are some of upcoming activities awaits me by the end of June, follow by July. It would definitely be financial deficits for me in July. But i'll never regret about it. Because it is all about fun and joy that could help me to ease some stress! STRESS? Hmm, ever since entering the current company, not really have any big issues so far, just need to improve the human skill! Okay, back to the topic, Im going to have few upcoming travelling awaits! Yes, this is what going to make my financial deficits. No regret as everything would be pay of! At least I believe so. Hahaha...

Oh ya, came across with this things while surfing the net during office hour. Yea, no mistake, during office hour. So you can see that im kind of free and easy sometimes in my workplace. When we are kids and young, we always wanted to grown up soon so that we can like the adults, doing everything without any restriction. Envy those brothers and sisters as they need not permission from parents if they were to going out late. When we eventually become the adults, we always wanted to stay young forever. Feel like going back to the studies time as no worries about the uncertainty. When we grow older, we will always recall back the times we have where we used to have. Seeing the friends gone one by one would somehow make us wonder what we have done throughout the life? Okay, im not at the stage yet, but this is the truth that will definitely face by us. Only if we not die young. =)

Whatever it is, I want my life to be the way i want it to be. I want will enjoy my days as there is no tomorrow. I heard one of the colleague said that 'the biggest regret is to die with so many money left behind'. It is funny to heard, but quite truth. What is the purpose to left so much to the young generation if they could actually earn it themselves too? So, i think i shall alter my thinking a bit. Just a bit. But still, money come first~ Hahahaha....

The stages of life so true!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Sooleng's Day-27/05

Dear blog,

Happy belated birthday to me~ 

Yea, im officially 24 now. Dragon years! Seems like the number keep on increasing. Oh well, time never wait for anyone, so do our age. So, I need to really set my own target? Hmm, I guess I'll just enjoy my life as long as i could. Yey... It is just left the financial issue now. Anyhow, I just hope everything goes as I wish... Yea, my favourite wish is may all my dreams come true! Hahaha... I know Im being greedy here, but who's out there don't greed? I will never believe that. You know what, it is just my wants exceed my needs so so much.... Hahaha...

Okay, had a little celebration with my family at Chicago, 1 Utama. Another place to have pork ribs. Did I mention anything about Morgan Field in Pavilion before? Nah, I don't think I do any blog about that. Well, last time went to Morgan Field, Pavilion for my sister's birthday dinner. This time Chicago Steaks House, 1 Utama for my birthday dinner. Basically those 2 restaurants were rival, focusing on pork ribs. I personally prefer Morgan Field as the ribs are more juicy than Chicago. But the price of course different too! Give it a try next time when you feel like having pork. A nice place to hang out indeed.

Here's some of the pics I took before having the dinner. This is so not me, taking pics before eat. Always after a scoop of dishes taken only i remember to take the pics. Hahaha.. anyway, still look 'perfect' of the food's pics...

Nachos with pork on top.. Quite nice

Salad serves

The main course, pork ribs

But the portion here is much more than Morgan Fields. Or it is just my imagination. Hmmm... But im really full of having my meal here. 
Okay, That's for the day. Happy Birthday to me again.... ^^


Friday, May 25, 2012

Kuching Gateaway

Dear blog,

Last weekend, had a sweet family escape to Kuching Sarawak for 3 days 2 nights trip.Depart from LCCT on 19 May, reach there around 12 something. Got some little rest in the room while waiting for my sister to meet us up at the hotel. Okay, don get me wrong here. She's not working in Kuching, it is just that she took another flight from KL as the flight time was different from ours. That's it. Basically the 1st day was resting and sight seeing. As we use so much time on the plane, plus a little of jet lag? So we just had our late lunch and a little plan for the Sarawak Culture Village (SCV) plan, walk walk and call it a day off.

So, here's the pics of the very 1st day in Kuching in 2012. (even though I've been there twice in the last 2 years)

Riverside View

Mom and sis with DUN

Pork Satay which cost 60 cent per stick.
I remember my Sarawakians friends used to bring me here, and now is my turn to bring them here. 
Shall give it a try to those who going to go there, located at Carpenter Street.
p/s: non halal

tada~ the pork satay...

pics of us while visiting the temple in town

After the lunchie, and some souvenir hunting, we made our way back to the room, to get some rest before heading out for dinner. 

and here i am... night in Kuching

Me and mom with Cat statue

plus my sis

and me solo with the cat~
I remember i took pics with this cat before...hehe

Okay, not much pics took on first day. On the next day, well, also my mom's birthday actually. So, get ourselves up early, to made our way to the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre (Orang Utan Rehabilitation) located 40km drive from Kuching. Well, i saw once in Sepilok Wildlife in Sandakan before, but the experience here are different. It is just that the Orang Utan here are more wild, like no so close to human i shall say. Back in Sandakan, the Orang Utan there are more friendly then the one in Semenggoh here. 
Okay, here's the only pics i upload for the Orang Utan. 

I don recall his name.. There are so many of them in the jungle. I think I saw total of 12 Orang Utan. 

Me in front of the gallery

Did not spend much time here. Just try to be there during the feeding time so that can see the Orang Utan. 
Next, we move to SCV which need around 40mins drive from Semenggoh. 

Here's the Santubung view while we are on the way. 

Okay, just a friendly reminder to you all. Don't be surprise as you will see all was my pics. 
Well, Im trying to be part of the nature too...

Me on the entrance of SCV

Taken after seeing the cultural performance. Spot this little statue

Pics of me with different angel...

Mom, me and sis...
My mom trying to have some pics of us in her phone

Resting a while, before visiting 7 ethic's long house

Spot this sampan in the middle of nowhere...
Of cz not letting go the chance of pics 

trying on the 'bridge'
It is a little difficult to cross actually...

pics with ancient machine...
it is use to get the sugar if im not mistaken

Spot my mom with the umbrella, well, she just dislike the sun

Pics of me again

some of the decor inside the long house
Oh ya, they offer the homestay here too.. 

the stairs is hard to climb, and even harder to get down!
Try it yourself and you'll know what i mean here...

My sis, trying to get her 'maker tattoo'  whish just cost myr 5, 1-2 days lasting.

The buaian actually can tahan the three of us...

My solo pics 

Group aka family pics
Days in SCV, 20.05.2012

without knowing why, when i spot the beach, i so miss it!!!

The view at Damai Centre

resting a while before heading to Cat Musuem

the passport entrance and my sunglasses...

my and sis posing at cat musuem

the CAT's souvenir...
can't believe it can be so many..

spot where am i?

Cute kitty with the music instrument

The entrance 

Last pics of the day...

Basically, the main focus is to escape from town, well, Kuching also the town. No pics took on the last day as we bounce back to KL in the morning. So, spending a good rest in room and the holiday end just like that. Though it is not a very long vacation, but sometimes a short and simple escape can help to clear up the minds. Away from the places we used to be, explore the unfamiliar place could just bring more freshness to us.  Leave the burdens and stress behind, and let ourselves to be the one we wanted to, do some activities and spend some times together able to bring more energy back! It doesn't mean running away, it is just take a rest, in order to pursue the longer journey of life.