Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yesterday went Time Square with my twin. Raining heavily when we are on our way there. Luckily we manage to not getting our self wet because we are just about to go. Honestly, do spoil our mood actually. However, everything turn up find then. We do some shopping there and soo ling end up buying sport shoes which cost her around rm25. Quite cheap right? But not sure about the quality la because like the chinese say, 好极都有限. Which mean the limited quality. Well, i think it is worth it because i'm not planning to wear it for very long time. After that, we went to gasoline to have our dinner. The time is around 8 something and i think it is okay. Not too expensive, yet not too cheap. Still affordable la...
By night, i went another yam cha section with soo ling and another friend. Basically i don't know him so well, just use to be in secondary school together but not much of talking. With the car that he driving, we end up heading to Langat Hill or the lookup point to yam cha. It was my second time there and now i do remember the road. Been wanted to go there during this holiday for so long and finally my dream comes true! Hahaha... Since i thought this was just merely yam cha, no picture is taking. Again=unprepared! But it is okay, even i took pictures, i dont think it will be nice. We reach the around 12 something. Again, to gasoline and have our drinks. Have some chatting and finally get to know each other slighty better. Sometimes been wondering why are we so talkactive? Talk till people want to close already and we still not done with it. Hahaha... the place is quite okay la, got chance will try to get the pictures uploaded here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sudden escape

Yesterday have a sudden escape to Bukit Tinggi. I think it is called Berjaya Hills. Actually, me and my friend did not plan for that, we just going to have our lunch together, and then just have no idea on where to go, and Bukit Tinggi cross my mind. I did not really mean for going there actually, but my friend say is okay. I am so shocked and kinda disappointed because not having my camera with me. And the attire is totally OUT! We just went there and this place is good spot for the couples! Since it is a sudden plan, so the pictures using my phone are........................
*wondering when can i change my phone

On our way to the Berjaya Hills, we actually SESAT cause we do not know the actual name and place. I went there once when i was form 1 or 2, with my dad. And now is with my friend, we just try our luck to the hills. Finally we manage to reach there. The place is actually called Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills. Honestly, there is no road sign to this place, is just showing Berjaya Hills and resorts. Sort of like that. Well, how the hell we going to know this place? Since we are safely reached there, i'm not going to complain much. Just when you are driving from KL to Karak, pass by the genting road and go straight till the tunnel, i think is the second turn and all the way up to the hill.

Okay, so much of my loitering. Here is some of the photo.


Botanical garden

Me in the garden *forest

Grape flower

This flower is nice, made up from many many small flowers.

There is many place to visit actually. Above is the botanical gardens, then we walk to the Japanese Tea house.

The place is nice, but the attire is NO

Just snap few photos. Not in the mood actually because of no camera!!! Sob sob...
Then we move to next destination, Colmar Tropicale. This is the place where we actually wanted to go.

Nice buildings. Highly recommended to those who want to take bridal shoots here. Nice!

Me! So SAD that i am not prepare for this trip...

Even the pose is lame

This is slightly better. Yeah, swan behind me!

The swan!!! Quite big and they do approach you when you near them!

View from the top

This place mainly restaurant. You can dine here and i bet the atmosphere is great! *Thumbs up!

Me again!!!

Finally the last pose before we heading back.

Overall, this trip is okay. Were so unprepared for it. Why all just my pictures? Hah, simply just because i am so want to have many many photos there. Unfortunately... Well, actually is my friend don't want to captures. So left just me! Guess, next time will have to bring more friends to this hills. It is a good place indeed. Oh ya, remember to wear sport shoes instead of high heels. The way up to botanical gardens just killing you. Even i am wearing sandals for this sudden trip is started to torture me.

Hmm, counting the days, i left less than 2 weeks to back to my Uni life! Then another year to go will join my sisters into the working life. time just pass without our permission. To treasure our past, good memories are needed. Cameras is a MUST nowadays. Yet, $$$ is the boss for everything! Have to earn many many $$$ to enjoy my bested life!

Day out to genting

Last two day, i went Genting with my 'twins'. We depart from our house around 1045, took the 1100 bus to the skyway and change to the cable car. I think we reach the top around 1230. We thought that the school has reopen and suppose should not have much people. But we are WRONG! Yet, we do have a fun day there.

The tickets

Since we reach the top around 1230, we decided not to go outdoor, instead have our buffet lunch there. There is many foods, but to compare with last time i went with my family, this time is not so delicious. The variety of food is lesser too.

spaghetti and some side dishes

Ice kacang

the desserts

I just snap some of the foods, others are all got into or stomach. Probably we are hungry till forgotten about it.

Soo Ling with dessert

Soo Leng with dessert. *Not very nice actually

After having our buffet lunch, of course our next stop is to casino and photo sections. Well, in casino no photo allow, but smoking->YES! We just take a look around it while waiting for the other friends to arrived. So, we get our self out of casino and have some memories there.

Teh Soo Leng

Tey Soo Ling


Me with fountain

Us at the garden




I think the other friends reached around 1530. So we walk back to the cable car there and welcome him. So 'dai pai' need the twins o wait for him. But thanks to him we able to take our photo together without other assistance. His role for the day-->CAMERA MAN! Hahaha...

Now, TSL with fountain

Soo Ling and Soo Leng

The cacat Ball

 OMG, I'm sooo SHORT!!!

My favourite pose! hahaha...

Photo of the day

Our day does not all about taking pictures, we do entertain our self with some games. Three of us went for basketball machine and play. since the three of us are playing, no one be the camera man. However, we do get our self some 'souvenir', which is the accumulated tickets to redeem. Hah.. And this was my part

Others they took it all...

Since i am getting the books, of course i am 'forcing' them to jot down their feelings there for my reference. Hahaha... No la, just some short notes to make the day remarkable.

When Soo Ling is writing. What a natural pose she have... Hahaha... *Evil me

TSL at genting

I think around 1830 we started to go back. It sounds early right? But i have another section with my friends later and she have another practice too. Just a short gateway to genting before i back to UMS. Though we known each other for almost 10 years, honestly, this is the first time i went with them. So, i'm going to remember this wonderful day although did not spent much time there. It is good things too as we able to have another trip there. hahaha... But have to wait for another half year, which is when i am back from UMS for semester break. *wondering will i going to come back~~~
In cable car, on our way back

Finally, the three of us!

By the night, went for gathering with Penny, Eliz and Steph at Station 1. Suppose we meet at 2200, but due to some technical problems, we meet up at 2300. Exactly 1 hour late. The funniest part is that all of us reached by that time. Though it is not very long gathering, but it is warm when i am with them. Since they all are my secondary school mates, all are having their our destiny now. Oh ya, i'm hereby congrats my girl--> steph for finally found her Mr. Right. She used to always complaining that she wanted to fall in love, and now her dream finally come TRUE! Girl, i am so happy for you!!! By the way, not forgotten Eliz that going to have her NS in Kuala Kubu Baru tomorrow. Girls, don't worry much, everything will be fine there. She is just too afraid to go for the camp. All you hear from Eliz is i'm going to suffer there, so torturing and others negative views. well girl, everything will turn up fine there. After you completing the 3 months of the services, you need not have to worry about it! I guess that's all for now! Friends forever Yo!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


There are many times that we could not even say a words. This time is it really good to keep silent? For some reason i think is YES! This happen especially when we are driven with our emotions. We dealing with  many things everyday. Even from a very simple matter might caught our attention and make the situations go wild. Many arguments tends to happen just for a tiny matters which is not worth for arguing. But i do admit that if we do not voice out our opinion, it will eventually lead to worse situations. For me, i prefer to have happily life than keep thinking non-sense all day longs. So, i rather choose to be silent than arguing. Did you ever realize that when we are caught into a fight, we tend to driven by our emotions. Instead of thinking rationally, many words that should not be say are spill out. All these just making the situation go worse than improving it. People say that when we are arguing, we tend to yell at each other. This is because the distance between them are getting further and further. This time, probably remain silent was the best way to keep our self rational instead of yelling each other. Honestly, i have been in this situation before. Feel regret actually with what i have said. I admit that it does really hurt them with every single words i've said. It is just like no other positive things we thought of and all the surroundings just being the negative sides. Basically, i am just being too negative thoughts that moment. Or i should say that i do not find the proper words to express myself. Now i've learned. Being silent do no harm!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Few days ago, i went out with my 'twins' for a movie. It had been some times that we did not hang out together. Though we did have some yam cha section. But not movie. We have our self the hit movie-Karate Kid. This movie is nice! Though it is boring in the middle, overall is okay!
Recall back with my best twins during high school, it is really fun. Most of the time being ridiculous by the friends just because our name is totally same pronunciation, but not the spelling. Make us not dare to answer whenever we are together. Hahaha... It is great memories indeed. And it is not easy to find the a person with the same name with you. I should be proud of it! We have be friend for... hmm, i think should have almost 10 years now. Wow! One decade! Just have too much memories with her. Now she is having her advance in TARC and i am all the way to UMS. I should say that distance play no roles in our friendship! i should be glad to have her in my life, she just a great friend and great accompany!

Soo Leng and Soo Ling

Thursday, June 17, 2010



Wednesday, June 16, 2010


During this holiday, i started to enjoy my life hanging out with my friend. Suddenly afraid of staying home alone now. It is not that i am not independent enough, just sometimes things happen make me scared of staying in home. And i am not sure should i express it? Sometimes when i heard about the teenage that running away from the home, not spending time in their home, now i realize that what make them felt this way. Sometimes it is not the peer influence, friends are merely just another way for us to depends on. Probably the main reason is the security in the home itself. If one does not fell secure enough even when they are in home, this eventually lead it to society dilemmas that blaming all parties for the fault. This topic is quite famous in the essay, many points and reason we aware of. But in the reality, when one encounter in it, what matter is the rational and security they feel. Just like what i felt now. I should be graceful for not in this problem when i in schooling age, though i am actually, but at least i could be a little bit more rational. I just hope that i can get through this. It is not to say that i don't like to being home, just afraid when i am alone. I am big enough to know what should be done, but just i do not have enough courage and source to get through this. Now i just really have to pray hard for everything will be fine. Just another year to go, i guess i shall manage to get through this!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Last Sunday have a day out with my mom. We went to Time Square to meet my aunt and cousin. Actually i do want to do some shopping. Luckily manage to grab some. It is very cheap here. I just spent around Rm50, i can get at least 3 pieces of shirts. Shall i say it is good or bad? The prices is cheap, making me spend unconsciously. hahaha... after spending few hours there, we able to catch up with Sam Lee at the main entrance. Well, he is actually going to do his signature section there, and we were so lucky too get to hear his songs. Though i barely see his face clearly due to the 'lacking' in me eyesight, but just enjoy the songs. I am not really so into him actually. Hahaha...

for the past few days, my activity is just adding the weight instead of losing it. Oh my, people around me just saying me getting 'healthier' now. All thanks to my friends for treating me this few days. Well, they are just too gentle to want me pay for myself. But really thanks to them i could save up some $$$ too. My principle is when people want to treat me, just take it! Don't waste. Yeah, i know this is materialistic. I am! Not going to deny it anyway. Okay, friends calling me again, guess another gaining weight activity is upcoming. Oh ya, before end, here's the picture of my lovely niece.

Yoyo with her cute pose and smile

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hey Juliet

Recently addicted to many songs. especially to the Suju- it's you and marry you. I know i was kinda outdated as those was the old songs. Now they are releasing new album Bonanama i think. Well, i should admit that my antenna is just not that good. hahaha... In the Suju, the luckiest man that attract my attention was Siwon and Donghae. They are just cute enough to capture my attention. what shall i say- gemini is just not loyal enough!!! Hahaha...

By the way, there is another song that i found it very interesting. Again, it is old songs, old album which took me years to realize it existence. Hahaha.. The title is Hey Juliet by LMNT (pronounce as element). Here's the lyrics:

Hey Juliet
Hey Juliet
Hey I've been wayching you
Every little thing you do
Every time i see you pass
In my homeroom class
Makes my heart beat fast
I've tried to page you twice
But i see you roll your eyes
Wish i could make it real
but your lips are sealed
that ain't no big deal
Cause i know you really want me
i hear your frinds talk about me
so why you trying to do without me
when you got me
where you want me
Hey Juliet
I think
You're fine
You really blow my mind
You and me can run away
I just want you to know
I wanna be your ROMEO
Hey Juliet
Hey Juliet
Hey Juliet
Girl you got me on my knees
beggin please baby please
Got my best DJ on the radiowaves saying
Hey Juliet why do you do him this way
Too far to turn around
so i'm gonna stand my ground
Gimme just a  little of hope With a smile or a glance
Gimme one more chance
cause i know you really want me
I hear your friends talk about me
So why you trying to do without me
when you got me
where you want me
Hey Juliet 
I think
You're fine
You really blow my mind
You and me can run away
i just want you to know
I wanna be your ROMEO
Hey Juliet
Hey Juliet
Hey Juliet

By the way, here's the two cute guy that i mention earlier...

Isn't that they are cute!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hong Kong-Macau trip

After the Hong Kong and Maxcau trip, now finally have some spare time to update myself here. to say it honestly, i prefer Malaysia more than Hong Kong, but Macau is okay. Reasons? Probably i should say that we have been cheated bu the TVB! In the Hong kong drama, we can actually see restaurant by the road side, but NO! Even to find the drinks along the visit are quite difficult. Other than that, Hong Kong is quite polluted too.

The view from the star walk, barely see the buildings actually

The first day, we landed in Macau around 1045. then we take bus to the China Ferry terminal to Kowlong to get us to Tsim Sha Tsui for our hotel check in. the first impression there was it is quite similar to Malaysia now. Full of the Indonesia, Bangladesh and was really found our self in danger. This is how it feel when we are not following the tour. Well, luckily manage to get our self to our destiny. After check in, we get our self some lunch in McDonald. And i have this as my lunch.This is different from the Malaysia.

Grilled McChicken

After the meal, we go to Wong Tai Sin with the MTR

Tsim Sha Tsui MRT station

At Wong Tai Sin

mom, sis and me

we move on to the Yao Ma Tei to have some walk. Just a day full of walking. Still have few street we have gone, but cant really recall it. Then by the night, we have this!


before the 1st day end

The 2nd day
the next day, we go to the wax museum.

early in the morning

the Peak Tram

the ladies

Me at the Peak

Me and Leon

Is me and Leon and the bicycle. There is too much photo taken in the wax museum. Just too lazy to upload it here. But i prefer this


After the visit to Wax Museum, we take some walk around the town before going back.

We do pay a visit to the Disneyland. However, the rain is coming and just manage to snap few pictures.

in front of the Disneyland

The Third Day-Ocean Park
Yeah, Ocean Park! Honestly, Genting would be better. Most of the games there is just too Fast end if to compare with the Genting. just when you feel the excitement, it ended. If to recommend, i would suggest Genting. But when we in people place, just do visit their famous locations. Well, pictures tell everything.

me and my elder sis

How to train a dragon

After the visit to Ocean Park, we continue to the Star Walk. By the night time, just to see the lights and view of the buildings.

me with some hand print. That's the end of the day

The forth day-Macau
The forth day,we continue to Macau. Actually, i do find macau is better. At least can see the view much clearly. No pollution.

some of the road sign

St Paul

Me with the ice

me and the bridge

Casino Lisboa

Basically, that's the escape gateway with my family. Overall is enjoyable trip. Sometimes should really be fateful to born as the youngest in the family. Need not worry about the expenses. Hahaha... however, after i'm graduate really have to save lots of $$$ to have much more wonderful trips.

Me waiting for the flight back to KL...

For more pictures, try log on to my facebook...