Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wake me up when September end~

Dear blog,

Ending my practical soon. Or i shall say today? Hahaha.. Yeah, finally it's free and easy time for me.

Fortunate enough, before ending my days in the company, i still given the opportunity to follow the audit trip to Miri. For me to spend almost 5 month there, on average will have 1 outstation every month. Honestly, felt that plane become one of my regular transport now. hahaha...

Okay, this is just a quick update for the day. Will update more soon enough...


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear blog,


Why can I become so emotional especially to people close to me? I know you care about me. But why am I can be so rude and loud to you? I know I should misbehave myself to you. I should learn to control my emotions and thoughts so that i wont hurting you. However, I always fail myself to lose the temper. Is it because you know me more than everyone, and I can show my true self? I really hate myself now!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Dear blog,

Finally the weekend is calling for me. Counting down, still left another 3 weeks to end my practical period. The job hunting engine should was started, yet no reply from any company till now. Quite dissapointed actually, but realizing that the economy not doing so good now. However, company shall continue employ people right in order to boost the economy. Otherwise, men would not have money to spend though.

Okay, planning for the day. Basically not much plan yet, just hoping friends to reply my message to have my outing. Otherwise, just 'rest' in home, enjoying hitman reborn and 'resting'. Honestly saying, i found that my time no longer meant to enjoy. All about work and rest. I'm so missing my University's life where i really can enjoy, play and 'relax' accompany with the tans of assignments and events. That is so much fun as compare to now. Well, this is the path of life where we should carry our burden and responsibility. Let's fighthing together!!!

To those who always missing the old times like me, lets work hard together now to enjoy our life in future. =)


Saturday, September 3, 2011

We called it--> Khairul's day

Dear blog,

Have a wonderful Raya visit to my University's course mate's house with some other course mate. It is so much fun although the weather was freaking hot. As for me, able to gather around and spend time get to know each others was so much meaningful to me! Thanks to Khairul for inviting us to his house, and really treating us so well. This is the IB spirit I guess where the bonds will never break easily among us. Hopefully in future we still can gather and meet up together.

Here i go to the destination

Girls in Khairul's house

 Girls with Khairul


 Enjoying the foods

Non-stop eating section

Khairul in the house

Batu Cave

Here we go, in our pretty attire and climb the stairs

Group Pics for the trips~

Lastly, i would like to wish all the muslimin and musliman, and those either celebrating or not celebrating. Selamat Hari Raya, Salam Syawal~


Friday, September 2, 2011

Late wish.. happy merdeka raya~

Dear blog,

having my 1 week holiday for this week. Not busy actually, just lazy to log in here and update. For this wonderful evening, i shall take my opportunity to post something before i resume my practical next week, which means i would have less time online.

This year, having raya and independent day celebration at the same time. Honestly, i don really feel the celebration of independent day though. Guess people were just waiting for the september 16-Malaysia Day. Yey, another holiday awaits upfront.

Have some activities for myself for this week. Went Genting for some break, off to book fair with my high school friend. Upcoming activities was to beraya at Khairul's house tomorrow and visit my baby mom on Sunday. Hmm... Kind of missing my friends deeply now.. Oh gosh, the same old feelings i have when i was in my form 6, where all of us choose their own road and destiny. Just like what is happening now even though we taking the same course in same university. Yet we lead the different path.

Okay, shall stop the emo~ Just to wish everyone, happy Merdeka Raya. Celebrate it even it is not our religion festive.. =)