Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All the best~

Dear blog,

The final exam fever is on now! Honestly, i didn't feel so stress this time, indeed my mind keep on relaxing and enjoying most of the time. Hopefully i still can have good outcomes. Finger cross~

I should say that this was my last semester to attend the exam in UMS. Sure will miss the moment that chatting and stressing with my room mates, encouraging each other, pillow talk and teasing. Just so much fun that i would treasure in the future.

I guess i'm having too much fun during the study week. Honestly saying here, i found myself rebel more than when i am in KL. Hahaha~ free from control? I guess so. Somehow i think i still manage myself quite well as i still not stray myself from my target here. Having fun was just an alternative to release myself from being depressed. It does pay out though which form the Happy go lucky ME!

Well, need to end my post here for today. Just to wish everyone all the best in whatever are doing and don't ever regret with the decision you make. Be confident and believe in yourself! Cheers~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lok kawi

Dear blog,

Finally got the chance to visit Lok kawi before my final semester end. Most of my friends actually not really willing to go this kind of place. I think they prefer do some shopping. However, it is awesome to venture to the place. Although the capacity is small, but we really did entertain ourselves there. It is quite hot weather today and my shirt is all wet. But it is fun~

the first thing we do~
not even buy the ticket yet

I'm feeding Boy carrot

tiger couple

miniature train

my back... and my hair look miserable

another group pic

with the snake

end of the visit of Lok kawi
price: rm10 per head for Malaysian~
no student price unless you wear the school uniform *free

We do go to Perdana Park, nearby Tanjung Aru and airasia arirport to watch the musical fountain. it is pretty and nice to watch. It is good spot for couple to spend their times there. But no hidden place. Basically, it was a park for people to do some jogging and light exercises. Anyone happen to be in Kota Kinabalu, just go and see the fountain especially night time. it is really nice.

this look like the music note

pei su, sam and me

ting ming, pei su and hui ching


four of us~

End of the day =)

18 April 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crazy walk 2011

Dear blog,
As in the blog title, it saying crazy walk 2011. Yes, I and some of my crazy friends actually did perform this crazy walk from UMS to Kota Kinabalu! And WE MADE IT! Big clap for us… Okay, I think I shall elaborate a little bit on this journey. Firstly, Sharan and I come out with this crazy plan where when she told me that she been walk to KK before. So, I am so excited and decide that we should make it another memorable journey before we grad. In order to attract more people to join this walk, we did post it in Facebook, but some people just pouring cold water to this activity. I never saw it, but I just happen to know and some of them even wrote there what kind of senior is this? Are you all crazy? I would rather die in prof’s class than in the walk. And etc. Well, since the only 5 crazy people successfully did it, here I would like to thanks to those that criticizing this activity as your words do motivate us! Thanks for looking to us.
Okay, I shall not continue with the unhappy things. Lets’ continue with the journey we did. We meet up at library bus stop around 1430 and wearing IB shirts. Just to create our own IB record actually. Hahaha… Suprisingly, I saw Jimar and Emmy to join us. Firstly it was me and Sharan that definitely will go for the walk, then Linda as well say yes to us. Just unexpected that Jimar and Emmy join too. Well, the crazy walk then become 1 Malaysia Crazy Walk 2011. Yey~ It is raining when we started the journey. Well, the rain just never stop us from it. We do use the umbrella at the beginning, then we just give up and enjoy the rain and walk. Well, there are cars honking to us since we are all girls, except Jimar. But we just having fun. Really FUN! We do take quite some pictures when we doing this. Just to make more memories here. 
Oh ya, we got some surprise visit by K, Widad and Aisyah. We thought they wanted to join the walk,but they don’t. K need to send her ‘someone’ to airport. So sad. But we are so glad they are supporting us. The walk is so amazing today. It is awesome that we did some crazy stuff together! Ha~
Overall, it took us around 3 hours to reach KK actually. I don’t know it is fast or slow. But approximately 30 km or walks within 3 hours, I was impressed with myself too. Although it is tiring, but it worth it! Just how many people willing to do this kind of things? Since we are young, we should create more memories rather that regret in the future. How many of us confidence enough that in future they able to perform this? No one knows what happen tomorrow… 
We have our dinner in Filipino market with Farah, Mag and Khairul. Khairul was supposed to join us in the walk, but his stomach upset. Too bad... But we made it for him as well. Oh, the food we have in Filipina market is NICE. I don’t know is it we are too tired and hungry or what, just we taste the foods and satisfied to the max! I think will go there real soon. Haha~ It was nice dinner we had together and seriously, I love the moment we spent times together. I know I’m gonna miss it! 
Well, in this journey, it is like reflecting the journey in our life. It is like a risk that not everyone would like to take. For us, we would try than do nothing. At least we know how far we can go. This would sound bad, but I think people who say a lot and criticize a lot are those who lack of confidence. This is because they don’t even try and directly jump to the conclusion that it will fail. Well, it may sound harsh, but I think it is true because they not even dare to try. In this walk, although it is really crazy stuff where normally people will not think of doing it. For me, this kind of crazy things is the memories that most valuable because we share something ‘extraordinary’ together. It is something that we can hardly forget even after 10 years. 
Lastly, I just wanted to say well done to Jimar, Linda, Emmy, Sharan and me and I personally believe that we could have great achievement in the future because we believe in ourselves. I really enjoy the walk though it is tiring. It is wonderful day that I spent with you guys. I love you all~

gather at library bus stop

Ready to depart

We can make it through the rain~

Reach Yayasan Sabah
happy me

my leg

we have walk through this big circle
still got half way to go

 tired emmy

the spirits continue

reach Suria Sabah

the group pic of the participants

tired emmy and linda

delicious and only cost rm3 for the whole big pack

side dishes

eating scene 1

eating scenes 2

the girls

love this pic although it is blur


lastly, the orang kuat of IBs~

Love you all~
15 April 2011

Last class 2011

Dear blog,

Finally I have finished my final presentation and my very last class in this final semester this evening. In the morning, I was very excited to class actually as I’m going to spend my precious time with my course mates in SPE. But then when it come to the moment where we going to finish our very last class, they suddenly come out with the "sesi nangis sesungai 2011", which mean we cry together in this last class. When I see it, I was like WHAT? But some of us really open their heart to us. And we do share our precious thoughts and emotions together in the class. When I listening to their speech, even though it is short and simple, but all their words had craved in my heart! In here, I would like to improve my speech where I don’t think I deliver well to them.

Dear IB third years 2010/2011:

Hi there, first of all, please remember don’t ever try to delete my account from your facebook as this might the only way for us to stay connected with each others. =)

I remember the first IB people I know is Sharan where I don’t really meet her in UMS, we got to know each other through phone. It is my honour to know you and be able to spend many memories together in UMS. Having assignments together, to UMS peak, Tambunan, and the coming crazy walk! Ha~ From you and Sheren, I actually learn a lot especially to be able to converse in English. It is really help me a lot as I do not have the chance to speak so frequent. Thanks to the twins in IB.

The next person I got to know she is IB is Vivi. She actually was my housemates and her very first impression to me was Wow! She is too open! After got to know her, though we having some conflict, I think we manage overcome it. From her, I learn to motivate, encourage, and be patient and helpful to others. She is actually have great thoughts, but sometimes she do not have the confidence enough to express it. By the way, girl, stop being so stubborn sometimes. Try think from the other perspectives and you can get the solution for things you don’t get.

The next IB members I met… I don’t remember so much. Guess it is during the meeting with Mr. Jaratin where we were in the small tutorial room. So many people was there and I don’t think I got to know all of you. However, all of IB member have being part of my life now. Although it is small role, but it is still important to my life. You guys have taught me to being me! I learn more about myself and I learn about you too. It is our destiny to be in the group as we have so many choices of local universities and so many courses offered. And now, we are all here and being a lovely family those others may have not able to experience it.

If I were to mention every name here, I think need whole night to analyze all of you. Anyways, I’m proud to being and IB members. Sometimes my words are too harsh and I don’t realize that I’m hurting you. That’s just me and this REALY was my weaknesses. Trying to improve myself before, but it doesn’t work. So, what I’m going to do with it was to make it as part of my strength. This way only you guys could remember having a friend like ME! Especially to Aen, girl, sorry ya for saying you short that day.

Although today was the last class for us, I don’t think we should draw a full stop here. From another point of view, it would be better if we say we start another chapter of our life. These sound better guys. Our story will never end and it is always a brand new story in our book. We can always look back into our memories, and I believe that the chapter in University would be our favourite chapter 10 years after this.

Lastly, I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done that hurt you guys if I do. And thanks a lot to all of you for being a part of my life. This journey of my life would never be wonderful if without you guys! I really love you all! All the best in everything you do and make you everyday memorable!

My final presentation

Last class with Ms. Rini

Aen, me, sharan, debra and sheren

Jump high, dream high~
Love this pic

Sincerely from SooLeng Love
 14 April 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tambunan trip

dear blog,

Yesterday having an enjoyable trip to Tambunan. Really a sweet and memorable trip to there and lovely day with course mates. Though it was tiring at the end of the day, but i'm really enjoy the whole process. Being able to spend my time with them, it just adding another colours into my plain white sheet paper. All the sour, sweet, salt and spice of my life make me treasure every moment of my life. It is not everyone would be able to experiencing the bonds of the friendship. Instead of staying in the comfort zones, we should expose ourselves by mingling around with persons who just pass by our life. All we learn here is to respect our life and bonds with each others. It is not easy for us to be able to have the lovely trip together. There are so many University in Malaysia and so much courses offer. Yet the fate bring us together into the International business course. Is our destiny to meeting each other here. Though this trip was not fully attended by everyone, at least to those who joining, it makes us feel tighter in our friendship. Well, here's the quick update of the trip and some pictures. Will post more here soon~

Happy me to the trip

Us on the way

me and sharan


girls again~


Posing again


me enjoying~