Saturday, August 29, 2009


Having meeting in library now. This few day, the library just turning off the air-cond. Making all of us suffer from heat.
Next week, three mid-term is awaiting for me. Yet, tutorial works and assignment queing up as well. Jut feel like the time is not enough to use. Getting bad news where my group have to re-do the entre assignment. Just unlucky for us to bump with her bad mood.
Please everything be okay now....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Boring day

Sitting in the library during mid-term break. So fast the holiday almost over and mid-term abouts to begin. Assignment are queing up for me to settle. This semester seems like nothing happenings and yet nothing is completed.

Monday, August 17, 2009

2 days 1 night- tips of borneo + KK

This two days have spent around 200++. Quite a huge amount for uni life as basically one month i spend only around 400. Well, when on a trip seems okay for that price. All the fares and entrance fees, seafood and also my kettle and shoes.
Recall back to the Kudat-Simpang mengayau trip. Quite adventurous to us. All of us doo not know the exact way to there and yet we succes in findingthe way. Although we does mistaken taking the wrong road. Well, if we do not taken the wrong road, it would not looks like adventure i guess.
But quite unlucky also because some of the places that we went do not open. The Gong and Manik place. Seems like they don't want to do our business.
After we reach Tips of Borneo, we took our time there as we reach there around 3 something. Waiting for the sunset, we went to the beach and bathing there. under the hot sun, make me darker again. But for me is still okay as i love beach a lot.
Then around 5pm, we proceed to photo session as there is quite a lot of people is coming to that place. Quite a lot of photo that we taken there.
Around 6++, we continiue our journey to Kudat to have our dinner. Unexpectedly, most shop are closed and we manage to find a food court too have our dinner. Around 8pm we made our way back to KK. All the way, none of us sleep but monitoring all the way back town.
Finally, around 0030 we reach KK and started to look for place to spend a night since we cant go in kampus. After asking many hotel where they keep giving the answer 'sorry, full house', we decide to sleep in car as it near 0200. We just have to wait till 0600 to back to our campus. The night is just not like we have plan and really 'adventure' trip.
The next day, back to campus and take a nap for still have next stop to go-shopping. Yeah, finally can buy me kettle which has broken few weeks ago. Mean while, we also buy a new pants which cost us RM 19.90 each. Guess this is how my money is spent this 2 days. By night we have our seafood dinner in KK. Not very satisfy with the servce that the uncle give but the crab are delicious! Cost us around RM23 per person for 2kg crab, 1/2kg prawn, soup and vegetables + rice. Quite worth it la. Just the service not good. Overall is okay for this 2days 1 night trip.

Audrey, Sam, Mandy and Suzane


Tips of Borneo...

Friday, August 14, 2009


Friday again. Finally come to the weekend and finally got a week holiday. Now sitting in megalab again and with my own laptop as well. Well, as usual the line is so poor and made me use 2 computer at one time. Luckily able to finish my test. Guess my Uni just blocking the facebook line and made us have difficulty to log in. Since i already open up 2 pages and now still loading.
Just cant wait until tomorrow. Have some wild plan where few of us are going to Kudat. Probably would a bit rush and scary as all of us did not know the exact way. Well, we all young and it would be adventurous to do this kind of activity once a while. Just some crazy plan for crazy people like us. Hopefully all our plan would go out soon and well. cross your finger for our trip.
Huh, later got tutorial to attend and by night got kemerdekaan things in canselor hall. Another tiring day but think of tomorrow, another adventurous days. Bless our trip there...

Friday, August 7, 2009


Now the H1N1 is getting more serious. As well with the haze that currently hit Sabah. Just making the environment more worse. So many news regarding the shut down of UMS. Well, up untill i still have to go for lecture and tutorial. Probably they just going to wait for another week as the holiday is coming. Haiz, holiday... Guess will end up will the tans of assignment again. But, will i really use my times wisely? Who know...

Monday, August 3, 2009


I was blogging in Megalab now. So long i did not stop by here. Normally i would have update myself using my own laptop. However, today seems like not my days. Feeling moody and tired. Probably not having enough rest and sleep. Well, after tonight class will definitely have a good rest.
Today i bring my laptop out to update it. Unfortunately i just cant connect it to the wireless. It just wont let me online. Lastly i end up hanging on magelab while waiting for another class.
Well, seems like another bored day would just pass like this...