Wednesday, September 22, 2010


just went for my orthodontic to tighten my braces. Actually i was so sleepy today because sleep quite late yesterday. Then today wake up at 0630, email my things to my course mate and went out for the dentist. seriously, 6 hours of sleep was really not enough for me! Back to my braces, i was planning to have either green or pink this time. Wish to try on some colourful stuff instead of just stick with white and transparent. last time i was putting on blue colour. This is what in my mine since yesterday till the nurse show me the colours available, i end up choosing purple colour. hahaha... got the disease from my mom, changing my mind in the last minutes! Next time i think will try on more colours then. By the way, one funny things happen though. The dentist in charge of me is chinese i think, but she never spoke chinese with me even though i spoke chinese with her. Quite embarrassed. But this is still not the point. The dentist was asking me what colours i using this time, and i say purple. She then say this 'why not put pink and purple?'. My and the other nurse was shocked with that at the moment. And we laugh. Of course i still not dare to try the combination yet. probably next time, when i more prepare for it. hahahaha...

Monday, September 20, 2010


Recently listen to some new songs. One of it is 最好的我from房祖名. I found the lyrics quite nice and smooth. Here is the lyric.

在身後 陪你微笑 或泪流

我不会走 Coz I Love You So
想给你最好的我 就算只是朋友

想念 your big brown eyes
可爱的 lips I wanna kiss
I miss 想一直牵着你的手
但我还年轻 心不定 又能 怎么办
Boy 有什么话开不了口
No worries 我只是用脑想过头
拥有了又想自由 自由后又想拥有
等待着 空逛着 有话别保留
Guess You'll Never Know
Coz I'll Never Show

你低头喝着酒 别只顾喝着酒
做朋友 是保护你 最坏也是最好的藉口
只是你眼眸 走漏了一种
BABY BABY 想爱不能爱的哀愁
Hey 好久不见 总记得你钟意听
不如不见 记得以前和你分享我的担心
When we broke up
但是我还是我 我还一样地活
The reason why 我决定离开
There is Only One Reason
Why Coz I know you deserve better and more
你一定要好好生活 别想太多
为什么我写了这首歌 只想用心对你说
I love you and I still do I love you now
But It is just in a different way if I may
Hey Be sure I  know you used to love me more (appreciate)
But now as a friend
你一定会 流泪 在我的照片 前面
and I do the same
now coz I watch you man
coz you have always be like my family to me
但是你身边仍没有 几多人知
流过的泪 说过的话 仍在我心中
不后退 我会微笑 带礼貌 地欣然面对
I wish you luck wish you health wish you love with the smile of the heart
I wish you luck wish you health wish you love with the smile and his hug

Honestly, I found this lyric is meaningful and after few times I listen to it, I felt my eyes become watery. Without knowing why, my mind suddenly thought of that person. After all this while, quite surprise that I am still thinking of that person. Probably that person is having a really good life, just like the lyrics saying, The reason why 我决定离开There is Only One Reason, Why Coz I know you deserve better and more. Sometimes I was thinking that am I too strong and independent? I admit that sometimes I do really wish I have someone to lean on. A person that an shares, accept and tolerate the “me”. There is time I give up the opportunity, and I know it might not the right moves. But that’s my decision. Listening to the songs, I suddenly have many flashbacks on the moments of past, consist of sweet and bitter. Moments we hang out together, moments with our friends, moments during supper and so on. Just so much memories have shares, but it is now just memories. The more I thought of it, the more I miss the moments. I feel tire with being alone suddenly. Although I know that that person is living happily now, though we have no chance, I do wish you well. Though we might not mean to be together, I am still happy to able to meet you in my life. Although the ending of the story is not what we expected the first, but I do wish you have the better person that suit you. You taught me how to love, how to believe and how to tolerate with each other. Anyway, thanks for being a part of my life.

It is quite difficult to express my emotion here. Probably you guys find it hard to catch what I am trying to say here. Even I not really know what I want to say.

Written on 18 September 2010, 2140


After come back from Titi’s house, almost every day we report ourselves to library. Guess that is the only place where we can go and online and facebooking and sometimes assignment. But do you think we really so hardworking do assignment there? Nah… No. Of course we do go around KK and even find Ah Ping in IP. With the sudden thought, we drag her to KK eat and shops with her without letting her say NO. Hahaha… This show we are very mean right? Yeah, I admit I am sometimes. Opps… By the way, we do took some pictures of the sunset. Just to keep it as memories since we are final years now. Here it is.

View from KK
Three of us

The next day we kacau her again in IP. We have our lunch and steamboat there. Yeah… This is what we all doing if we have nothing to do. Eat, eat and eat. That’s why people will surprise to see us as we might gain some of the weight. Apa boleh buat? Only entertainment that never get bored. Since I don’t really know about cooking, I just help up very little. But I do HELP them!

Here's the lunch Ping prepare for us

Lunch time~~~
Preparation 1

Preparation 2

Preparation 3

As usual, i don't know cook, end up ss myself... hahaha...

Final product

Yeah, itadakimasu

Besides eating, SS is one of the favourite. We take some detour around UMS and took pictures in all the schools. Not all actually, but we do detour to almost all the places. Hahaha… 

Stops 1, Schools

Stops 2, stairs...

Stops 3, trees

Stops 4, School of biz and econ

Love this pics..
Car of the day~~~

Not forgotten, ODEC

And finally, me and the jetty

Not only in UMS, we got the chance to escape from UMS. My friends ajak me to go Kota Belud there for his assignment. So I follow him all the way there. Of course not only me la, I invite my friends also. Throughout the journey was quite boring actually, not so much of conversation. I need to concentrate on the road sign and board because he doesn’t really know the way. Haizz… This was my second time go there, so barely remember the road. But this time we didn’t get lost. Proud of myself! Hahaha… actually Sabah road quite easy to recognize la, only 1 road. Just follow the road sign sure will reach the destination. The only drawbacks were that the road condition is not so good and hardly get petrol station.Once we reach ulu Kukut, the manager told him to go till Kudat there to get more data. An unexpected trip to Kudat this time. We safely reach there, me and my friends took some pictures while he doing his assignment. Looks like we are the bodyguard pula. Hahaha… After he got his data, we are heading back to UMS, at first we plan to stop by Tuaran to try out the Tuaran mee. Unfortunately we did not reach there. I think we pass by the place. We don’t even see the road sign showing welcome to Tuaran or 2km to Tuaran. I guess we have no faith with Tuaran mee. Back to UMS, we took another detour to UMS and take some pictures. Yes, AGAIN. This time we went Canselori that part and go into the muzium. Take quite a lot of photo I think. 

Safoda, Ulu Kukut

Sam n me

Sudden escape to Kudat

love the background, but not my pose


The next day, we went to around UMS and to ODEC as well to visit the Aquarium. This was my first time to thereafter 2 and half year studying in UMS. Ashamed to talk about it also. Luckily I am student of UMS, not charging any entrance fees. The aquarium not so big, quite small actually.Not so many marines life can be seen, but have turtled. So, not so bad la. I don’t know whether it is the effects of the lenses or what, the fishes there look quite big. I get dizzy if I look closely, probably is because of the decoration. I don’t know. But now at least I went there. Hahaha… 

UMS, 1994

Selamat datang (entrance)
Finally with the UMS logo

And my solo pic with UMS

The BIG fish

This look like tourist

Aquarium & Muzium Marin

End of the tour
Overall, that’s the holiday I have. Not even finish completing the assignment. Just with the jalan-jalan mood only. How am I going to survive this semester? I should be more hardworking, rather than doing nothing. Should find back my study spirits now! So that’s all till here...

*Some part of the pictures in UMS was not with me. Will upload it soon after I got the soft copy.

Raya at Sipitang (9-12 Spetember 2010)

Yeah, Sipitang in Sabah. It is my beloved roommate’s house who will be staying in the same room and same roommates for almost 3 years. She is a talkative girl like me. That’s why our rooms never quite whenever the both of us is around. This was my second time went to her house. The first time was the sudden escape just to run away from the heavy assignment. This time is for holiday + Raya at her house. The journey took around 3 hours to reach her place. The first day we reached was around 6++pm I think. Reach her place, me and 2 of my friends were relaxing at her place. Making her mother busy cooking our meals. Basically the first day we did not do much, oh yeah, we did something actually! We ‘dye’ our hand. Actually it is call inai. Hahaha.. We draw our hand till it become like this.


Well, don’t have so much talent in drawing , that’s why it become like this. Hahaha…
The next day, also the first day of Raya, we din’t go out raya so much because Titi say most of the children will Raya in the first day. Yet, we do manage to pay a visit to 2 house. We even learned to make ‘kelupis’, a type of food from Kedayan people. Actually we just wrapping it, not cooking it.

Seriously i am doing it
It's done

The second day of Raya, we have Kelupis and it taste nice! We prepare ourselves and visit quite a lot of houses. Have some satay, nasi kuning, ayam, daging, and most of all, many of colourful drinks->carbonated drinks. Honestly, this trip this time I almost tase all of the flavor, green, red, purple, orange, black, white. Anything! Making me now quite scare to see the gas drinks now. We treated very well there; they keep feeding us with foods. We just like VIP there. Hahaha… By evening, we took quite a lot of pictures. That is where the SS groups start active. We even complain about the quality, though we actually get her brother’s help. I bet her brother is complaining that we to fussy about it. Hahaha… Enjoy the pictures here…

Four of us Titi, sam, me n ming

showing our hand

Can u see us?

With titi's parents. Temporary keluarga angkat

2 heart

With the brother

Trying to put on the light... Too high...

This better~~~

With my beloved roommate!!!

Me in Baju Kurung

written on 12 September 2010, 2300

Buddhist camp (5-8 September 2010)

Just back from the Buddhist camp that help in Santavana Forest Heritage which last for 4 days 3 nights. This was the second time I attend this kind of Buddhist camp. The first time was in the same place, same days last year. As a comparison, I felt that this time not so good compare to last time. However, having lots of good times too and learn more about Buddhism. Is the camp tire? Erm, this time I don’t really feel that. I was quite enjoying with the lessons and activity, though some of it is quite boring. Overall is still okay. This time we got the chance to hike the Santavana’s hill. It is an awesome experience actually. A huge group of people hike together, even the dogs are following us. On top of it, have a good view on the South China Seas and the Sifu wants us to do some meditation there. It is quite interesting experience indeed. I bet not everyone will have this kind of chances. And I was just the lucky one to being part of it. It is like some sort of training and educating us to relax and live peacefully. Probably some of you might think that this kind of camp must always about the religion. Yes, it is about religion. It allow us to know more and deeper about Buddhism. From my understanding, Buddhism actually is a very good teacher that educates us to become patient. Wondering will I be able to do that?  Hah, let’s just wait and see if there are any changes later on. Can’t just do it with only 4 days… Hopefully my attitudes really payoff from the camp. By the way, here is some of the pictures I manage to get. Do enjoy it.
My group 惭愧 group

Guess my hand?

Us again

The tourist pic

Half way to the top
*pic on top haven get yet...


Big group

My group again


The group's pic

Overall, that's the picture is available with me. If got any chances, will get more and try to upload more~~~

written on: 8 September 2010, 2230