Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear blog,

Yesterday night, i finally met my some  of my form 6's buddies after so long. It's been more than a year i have not meet them and seriously, hardly able to gather up all of us. However, the attendance was not bad as almost half of us were presenting themselves there. Meeting them really recall all those memories we have while in the form 6, with our school uniform. Hahaha... Somehow i found that we have not change much as we still have the chemistry there. Able to understand them though.. Okay, here is some of the memories for the day. Hope to meet up for the next gathering~
Our attendance list since 2007

Our bill for the day

Our group pictures~

Time flies, and most of us finishing their degree this year. Each of us going to start another chapter of their life. That's what people call: journey of growing. =)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

People are jealous

Dear blog,

This 2 days, I heard something that not suppose to happen. I was actually doing the testing for the situation, in the end it turns out that gossiping about me. I was quite surprise for what that people say as this people perform well in from of the big people! When the days about to end, finally shows the true colour of them. I was not being bother by them actually, as i know how should i carry myself and characteristic. When people are talking bad about us, it shows that i was a threat to them as i outbid them. It was just that they should not talk regarding that matter as it shows they was not satisfied with the treatment. As the conclusion, they are just jealous about it...

Jealousy make one's ungly


Monday, August 22, 2011

Resume for practical

Dear blog,

Like the title said, i resume for my practical today until September. After that, really hope to get my paid and steady challenging work for me! Well, still a little bit blur with my future now. Wondering which field should i really go for. Anyway, hope for the best and success for my coming coming coming days and nights..


Thursday, August 18, 2011

The place i get my skin Tainted!!! -Singapore-

Dear blog,

Have a sweet escape to Singapore last week with my twinnie-Sooling. Depart to Singapore on Thursday night, reached there around 2230. Meet her boyfriend around 2300 due to the immigration. Spend our days and night until Sunday. To sum up the trip, it is great and awesome as i save a lot. Not paying much for most of things. Haha.. That't the great things when someone willing to spend on us just because i was the friend of the girlfriend. Well, really thanks for most of the treats when i was there. Okay, let's proceed with the story pictures telling.

Day 1

My flight tickets to Singapore. Boarding time in Lcct

Sooling-Her 1st time on board with her Hello Kitty Passport


The bags that we owned

Excited her on plane *cant wait to meet her bf actually

The travelling documents

waiting for the immigration

The first view we saw after step out of the Changi Airport
Nice view from our backpack lodge

The supper~

End of Day 1 with delicious supper~

Journey of Day 2

Off me to Universal Studio~

-Me- Inside the cable car

I'm there~ Gonna have FUNS~


Jurassic Park

Tall huh?

Pics with Mafosa



Go for 4D movie... Super nice and real!!!

Sis and I

dinner at Mel restaurant

In the middle of road

Thanks for the award~ ^^

We are balance

SooLeng and SooLing

Bout to end the second day with Foods~

Sooling's bf aka boss for the foods

Foods tend to delicious when we are sharing with small portions.

End of day 2

Journey of Day 3
Days start with Map in hand

Here we go

SooLing n Angeline from Philipine

Reached- Bottle Tree Park

Angeline, Sooling and Sooleng

Meet her in our backpack lodge-Angline



Under the sea tree

Under the tree~

Our trippin~

The Modeling session 

 Mr Bean lunchie~

Head to next destination

Chinese Garden

Spiral stairs, just like our life journey

waiting for the rain to stop

waiting for her man


Chinese Heroes

twin pagoda

Nice view

Love this feeling of this pic

trying to be emo ^^

Us again, by the lake side

she with her rabbits


the love bridge

the Japanese Garden

SooLeng n shopping~

Tired and resting

On the way to Marina Bay

The Helix bridge

End of Day 3

Final Day-Bugis and Merlion

Day start with Kopi Bing in Tiger glass

 Reached-Bugis Junction

I like the decor
Our couple watch ^^
Heading to Merlion

Yey... I'm there~


Sooling and Sooleng

Tickets to KL
End of the days in Singapore

Throughout the days, didn't spent much as most of the places i went were FOC. With the free meals, easy link and half payment for the souvenirs and accommodation, I am lucky to spend less that MYR300. This include the flight and accommodation K... Thanks to the half sponsor of my friend's bf, really had a great days there... =)