Saturday, October 30, 2010


Once in a while, I get to tried new things. Yes, just like what I have written on the topic, contemporary dance.

Previously, I do involved myself in some sort of modern dance, now that I experience this one day training of contemporary, seriously it is quite killing me. Especially the stretching part. I was like shaking all the time. Since I was first time encounter with this kind of dance after so many years, I do find it interesting and funs. Oh ya, one things to share here. I was able to split my leg now. Surprise me huh. Big clap for me***

Basically, I do know what is contemporary dance, it was like something that need to use emotions and physically expressed it. It is quite fun and different from the modern dance I learnt before. Besides that, now I have a professional to teach me, instead of learning somewhere. Hahaha… and it is FOC okay. So, since I almost end my student’s life in UMS,I guess I shall use my time here beneficially. I will try to attend every single training for this contemporary dance.


Now rushing for the financial assignment where it requires us to do an analysis on the selected currency against MYR. My group has come to the Korean won against Malaysia ringgit. Hmm, how should I start on this? I have been wondering what should written in the report. Basically I do have the idea on what to put, it is just the analysis. Then when I started the analysis which I do it based on monthly terms, then people keep on telling me to do on the yearly basis. I was like… What the hell? Isn’t the lms stated comparing it monthly and why is it increase or decrease? Now I was wondering should I continue or just follow them? But my minds telling me to continue what I have done. At least I was following the guideline that the lecturer wants us to do. Honestly, this analysis was quite confusing. Too much data need to look for, but I end up just use some of it. What I know that I am doing is downloading all the data without thinking whether it is relevance to the analysis or not. Just too much to read! But I do found some interesting information about the currency that I am doing. It is like we are actually a little affecting by US. But 1 things I was little confuse was that, why when US economic is going down, of cause our exports to US go down. So the currency might have no or little changes. Yet, why when MYR is depreciate, KRW is appreciate although we are basically affected by US. Probably it was in the way that the exporting goods are different. Only this can make sense. Yeah, probably that’s the answer. * it was just my thoughts! I guess I should pay more attention on the currencies. It is quite funs actually when we study it. At least we can know how are Malaysia been doing all this while.

Written on 19 October 2010, 1945


Today woke up feel kind of moody. Probably this is why people called woman emotions. Honestly myself don’t know about the reason I feel this way. I guess just the pressure from the assignment. This week will end the 11th week, so left less than a month to go for the final. Probably this is the indirect pressure that hit me without I permitted it. After all those assignment, really need to work hard for the final exam. So fast, the 5 semester of my studies almost ends. It is time for me to look for the internship, and then will join my sister in the working life. This week, I have around 5 assignments need to pass up. Luckily half of them almost done, and the rest are just too hard to be settle. Running out of idea on how to do it. I guess I am lack of the sense of time management. Although already 5th semesters being in UMS, I just can’t really manage my time very well. Some of friends put there actually say I am doing things really fast. Yes, I am sometimes. Just when I am in the mood and the tons of ideas is coming in. But, for the remaining assignments awaits me, I just totally giving up. This semester I don’t think I did well. Most of the assignments that I did is just crap! How should I put this? Hmm, when I go through back what I have written in those reports, I found my sentences and language just going worse. I thought I suppose to improve in my English, but end up NO! Most of it is just the simple sentences that I find it not standard. Should I polish up my writing skills? Yes I guess. My moods of study started to fade away this few days. Luckily got my friend here accompanies me and found some spirits to back to the track. I should thank her for driving me around, movies and so on. I guess I will miss the time when I in UMS once I join the working life. Although I am quite troublesome to my friends around here, hopefully will be other good memories to them for spending our life together here.

written on 18 october 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

sweetest moment

I listen to the radio that day and they come out with this topic. It is about the sweetest moment. When is the sweetest moment in an relationship? They ask the audience on when is the sweetest moment in the relationships? During the admiring, during the early of dating? During marriage or during the old day? In my opinion, I think the sweetest moment was during the old days. It is not an easy task for a couple to being able to stay together, holding each other hands to cross the roads until we are old. The relationship nowadays is just too fragile. The word breaks up or divorce can easily spoke out without the intention to save the relationship. How many couples able to maintain the relationship? When I saw the grandpa and grandma holding hand, I felt incredible as the still loving each other after so many years. They must have gone thru so much of the obstacle for today. Probably is the touching moment. But for me I think it is the sweetest moment because I do not guarantee myself for being able to love someone until I’m really old. Maybe some of you out there will have different opinion with me, but it doesn’t matter. It is just some discussion.

Will i ever reach this stage?
written on 12.10.10

Happy Convo 101010

Here, i would like to wish Happy Convocation to my ex-roommate-Erin Yong! Wish her have a very bright future and may her career life as smooth as she wants. Here is some of the presents me and Titi prepared...

The handmade card
Titi with the presents

Me with the presents

Erin and Jolene.. The roommates

The 1988s... 

Me and Titi SSing...

Happy Convo

Written on 10.10.10

Happy birthday

Today was my roommate-Titi's birthday... Yey, Happy birthday yo!!! AAA... Black and gold baby... hahaha... she'll know what i mean here...
I shall start the post here with early in the morning. First day in the morning, i was not the first person who wish her. Something just earlier than me and took away my chance. Guess that something just too excited to give her birthday surprise here. Hahaha... Early in the morning, our room attacked by Mr. Monkey! Actually all of us aware of someone is making noise there, but we thought of each other because one of my roommate wake up early. So i thought of her making all those noise. While Titi thought it was me taking something from her place. In the end, when a really loud sound, we all wake up and see the Mr. Monkey was standing on the window and eating the biscuits. What a huge surprise from Mr. Monkey! Luckily Mr. Monkey just hunt for the foods, and not sleep by our side. Can't really imagine that things to happen.  * Not hoping it to happen! I guess Mr. Monkey just wanted to wish Titi Happy birthday...
Then in noon time, we go out and have a simple and small celebration. Just eat and eat all day la.. nothing so special. It is quite fun though. It has been so long have not hang out with her. Here is some of the pictures i manage to capture for the day...

her day

me n titi

the foods...

my special look.. hahaha


written on 2nd October, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Found new and nice songs again..This song is from big mouth, it is just simple lyrics. Basically, i prefer the music.If you listen to the radio this few days, this song might familiar. Thought of sharing it in my blogs.

要不就换我来说 i love you
要不就换我来说 i love you

感动(不只普通)请牵我手(嘿嘿 come on)
要不就换我来说 i love you
要不就换我来说 i love you

Friday, October 1, 2010

slowing down

Based on the title above, guest you guys know what it means. Yes, the blog will be slowing down again because the school reopen, and i hardly got time hangout now. All just busy rushing for the assignments which is due almost the same week. Guess this few weeks will have lesser sleeping hours...
Hmm, i think just to share some stories here. Last Friday, i plan to watched Piranha right after my class. Unfortunately my class has end early due to the sudden blackout that hits most part of Kota Kinabalu i think. So back to hostel to take some rest. Who knows my friend then invite me to go to her friend's house for rumah terbuka. Well, eat for free... so just go la. Surprisingly, i met my course mate there who actually attend the same class with me just now. Actually help me ease off my nerves. Hang around there for almost an hour, then we get our self out of there as we running for the next show, Piranha. We got the tickets, but we didn't manage to watch it due to the current problem. That time i think i won't watch it again. Who knows, planning never catch up with changing. The next day we did not plan for any outings. Plan to settle as much of assignments as possible--> FAIL!!!The night, we suddenly change our minds and move to 1Borneo for the Piranha. This time we watch it! Overall, i think the movie still okay. Not so scary and not so bored. Yet still not as what i expected. i think i hoping too much la...
Oh ya, i donated blood again this time. I think was my forth time i donated bloods. First was with my family, and the rest was just happen in UMS. I still remember that the second time, i almost fainted because i have not rest enough. Luckily i am still okay. Though it is scary at the first sight, but to think about savings other, it is actually beneficial to them and to us too! So, i think i'm not going to stop donating bloods as long as my body still can take it. Hahaha...