Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Deepavali~

Dear blog,

Just as the title said, Happy Deepavali~

Been visiting to my Uni's mate house for the celebration. As usual, take the opportunity again to unite with some of my course mate. Soon enough, or shall I say another month, we all are officially grads!!! Yey... However, due to the 'super effective and efficient' system, all of us not even know our actual status.Hmm... What's great ISO awards that they have?

Okay, shall back to the Deepavali open house. This time the 'eating session' held in Malar's house. Gathering around, chit chatting really an awesome moment that i treasured. Like what my girlfriend-sharan said, we should make it the habit to regularly meet up to maintain our IB's bonds even though we no longer living in the Uni life. Well, of course we should! So, next outing shall on the progress soon~ Hahaha... Okay, let's proceed to pictures time..

Hilda with her favourite peace sign

Thanks Malar's mom for preparing the delicious foods~

Us again before Hilda leaving for her another open house

Me with Malar's decor

With the host of the day

It's me~




Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thought of sharing

Dear blog,

As time pass, people in their 80s started to end their student's life and begin to start their new chapter in the 'reality'. The objective and mission for this group of people is simple. Get high pay that equivalent to their degree or diploma or cert holder. Why to get high pay? Just to enjoy their life by travelling around, lead to better life. Have you ever wonder that blind people too would like to travel around the world, wish to sight seeing just like the perfect us? Of course they can travel, but they never ever enjoy the breathtaking view that we can see. Although there are high tech cameras, but they would never enjoy just like us.

This actually remind me that I should always satisfy with things around me now. Instead of keep on demanding for more, perhaps I should have slow down, take a look on people around me. Think about how fortunate am I compare to others. At least now I do not have any burden or people to support. Though eventually there will. But I realize that if I keep on looking back on the past, dreaming things without taking any action of achieving it, I will never made it. Of course there would be a lot of obstacle and challenges that can distract and blocking my way, but without making any efforts means 0% of moving forward. Though it may fail in the end, with the push of 1%, i could have gain 1% more than those who never ever start their 1% of work.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

You're awake =)

Dear blog,

From my past posting, as you all can see that one of my friend admitted to hospital because of accident. All of us was worried as her condition was very serious and in coma state. Thank god that she finally come to her conscious although she barely able to talk right now. Hope for her fast recovery =)

Last night went out with my beloved buddy who just came back from UK. He as well have injuries where he had some fracture bone on his right hand. Not going to mention on how he got his injury, as well me here hope that he recover soon. So that he can play his favourite game-basketball as usual (although now he seldom got the chance to play nowadays, that's the reason he started to growing horizontally).

Anyway, to all the people out there. PLEASE take good care of yourself. Your injuries will only bring worries to others. So, stop getting yourself hurt and be strong to overwhelm your current situation!!!

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm-Winston Churchill


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Please wake up

Dear blog,

Yesterday receive a shock news that one of my friends got into accident. Currently still in coma status even though have gone through operation. Went to visit her yesterday, when i saw her condition, really make me feel uncertain. Though i'm not very close to her, yet when i saw her laying there, with those tube and machines around her, her beautiful hair got shave of, really heart breaking. Honestly, I don't expect to meet her that way. Please wake up girl, stop lazying around. All of us hoping to see you get back on your feet, laughing and hanging around together. Please come back to us soon, Geok Hong!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Wait for 1745

Dear blog,

Without realizing how time pass since i join the society few month pass for the sake of my practical period, I had started my very first job for almost a week time. While waiting for 1745, keep myself update here since 'nothing to do' as i need to keep the work for my tomorrow. Yeah, working for alternate Saturday. Okay, let's summarize some of my latest situation here.

1) Not stress compare to my practical time
2) No everyday OT compare to my practical time
3) No lunch alone compare to my practical time
4) No coat compare to my practical time

Well, there are much more differences between the current working condition with my practical time. Which I prefer most? hmm, there are pro and cons though. It is just subject to how I precise it in the end and what is my main target. That's it. I guess i shouldn't say so much regarding my work, as this is only my first week. Need at least a month as the adaption period. Then only i may realize 'how' my work is really going to be. Hahaha....

Okay, this is my quick update for now. Back to packing and standby for 1745. Chow~


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Baby Baby oh~

Dear blog,

Last week been watching the X Factor, there's a girl that somehow change my perception to this song. Honestly saying, I don't prefer the original singer and song though. When I listen to her version, it was totally different and so nice! When I you tube it, you know what, most of the comment saying that they prefer this version than the original. Hahaha... Not to being discriminative or what, it is just the original song couldn't catch our attention, indeed leave quite bad impression. Hahaha... Okay, try to listen to her version then.

 Baby by Drew Ryniewicz
(She is just 14!)