Monday, August 23, 2010

home deco

Yesterday busy decorate our living room. Now barely can recognize it. Too much of ketupat deco and the themes is like blue, red, green and yellow. It is just we haven put the Malaysia Flag and the 1 Malaysia logo. Hahaha... However, overall is still okay la, just probably too much of things compare to before that is just simple without anything. After this so called gotong-royong with our house mates, planning to have simple buka puasa with them. Since our living room have the mat now, so should fully utilize it. Hahaha...
You guys might wondering that why until the final year only i do so much of things on the house? This is all because of the Pengetua that 'implement' new law to menceriakan the house. The most dirty will got the punishment. So majority of us agree to 'participate' in it. Got time and if i remember, will try to upload the picture of our hard work. By the way, i finally learn and know how to make the ketupat. Yeah....

Monday, August 9, 2010

No pain no gain

My muscle is suffering due to the extreme sports i have do past week. probably i do not have enough training, that's why going to suffer. Maybe i should have to be more specific, all thanks to the tug of war. Making my back feel so not good. It do pay back cause we won number 2 for it. Good job girls!! Luckily do not have serious sunburn after 2 days of *tanning. Hahaha...
I do not have the pictures now, but will try to upload it ASAP! Although i'm suffering a bit now, but i do have a lot of fun. Before this i was thinking of not so active in my final year, seems like i broke the promise. Anyway, it is a good memories to have with juniors for my final year! After this, going to strive for the uncompleted assignment. Almost all need to settle in this week. Hopefully can be much more productive!!! Hmm... later got class. But i am so not in the mood to go for class. But for my own good, need to go too! I guess that's all for today, will get the pic soon here..

Friday, August 6, 2010

quick update

Been week or more i haven't post anything here. Seriously this semester is going to be very very busy for me. The assignment need so much of reading and critical review. So, even i got the chance to surf the line, i just don't have the time to open blogspot. Hmm... Now i'm still worry for lot's of assignment that need to be submit by next week. Yet, i'm still not starting anything yet. Not in the mood probably. I do realize that i should work hard and strive for better result this final year, but just too much of things that snatch away my attention to concentrate. Tomorrow have basketball and futsal competition, definately not in the mood of completing any of the assignment. So going to leave until Sunday. Hopefully will manage to complete some of it. I just don't really like last minutes work, but all is given a week duration of it. I'm having class everyday day,how am i suppose to surf the net? I know there should have no excuses, so i will and must complete it by time! Wish me Luck!!!