Friday, December 21, 2012


Dear blog,

Hola.. Due to some reason, i'm going to export my blog to another webs...
Kindly go to sooleng for to keep updates... ^^


Monday, November 19, 2012

End of escape

Dear blog,

Good morning! After few days escape from work, 'long' holiday for me. Hahaha... Surprisingly, not feeling tired at all now and feel a bit of motivated to work. Hopefully the work be nice to me as i'm not wish to spoil my lovely mood, especially on Monday!!!

Im really enjoy myself while having my holiday there. But just not the 8 hours train and 6 hours bus rides! Somehow, fresh experience for me for the 8 hours mid-night train. Anyhow, I just love my days there. Promise to upload the pics here after im done with little of touch up or what-so-ever then.

Little of sneak preview of the holiday...

Oh ya, congratulation to the newly wed couple of my deary.. 
As her starting her new family, hope everything goes well as her wish!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Run for your Lung 2012

Dear blog,

Today just completed another marathon to atone my chance misses last week. This time, 7km run in Titiwangsa Lake Garden again. Well, If you guys notice, there are too frequent of the marathon this time. Or is just that me never pay attention for it? Hahaha... Oh well, trying to do a little of the collection now with signing up for marathon around KL. To be precise, must be within my transportation limit as me taking the public transport. Unless there are friends that able to join me and got car! Yea.. So that can fetch me there.. Hehehe...Okay, let's back to the Run For Your Lung, this theme  is to create awareness about our lung. How much you learn about the lung protection and how to prevent diseases relates to our lungs. Erm, actually me too not so deep knowing about it. Guess should be another research for me. =) To be proud of myself, kind of satisfy with this time record which i took 55mins to complete 7km. I think last time i took longer timing. So, quite satisfy yet the aims of being the top is far far away~ Anyhow, run for the health for me. Hehehe...

Me early in the morning of 6am.. waiting my sis to prepare herself before heading out. 

A little of the crowd here. Not much people this time as there are too many runs held today
1) Terri fox run in Padang Merbok-9am
2) Diabetes Run in Dataran Merdeka-7.30am
3) Run for your lung-7.30am

So, i guess the crowd been divided to the events...

The marathon this time kind of tough for me as my current condition not being well. Bringing the flu and slight fever with me, not a good sign. And i manage to finish it with good record though. Hehehe... i guess must be me need more sweating sessions to pump up my stamina. Got my medicine right after back home and getting enough rest, getting better now. The spirit of sportmanship? hahaha.... Perhaps yea..

Okay, here's the pics of the finisher. For each category, 1-100th finisher would be rewarded with the medal. Hehe.. Me within the range.. Finish the run step by step together with my sister.. And below are some of the finishers pics..

Me with Helen and Melvie
First time run for Helen, 3rd time run for Melvie....

Us.. Recron Group pics.. Hahaha...
Melvie, Mr. Yeoh and Helen

C015, C016 and C018... lining up


Girls pic.. add in my sis and one of my high school mate-Yiwen..
Yi wen join me run before in Be a Runner, Be a giver that held in KLCC.

Finisher line...

Me posing... wait till the very last lucky draw.. and the luck just not be our side...

Event ends around 10am and everyone heading back home for some good rest. Monday coming, and guess what, Deepavali and Awal Muharam Holiday... Oh yea... Holiday plan? Hmm... Wondering still as the working days on Monday and Wednesday, holiday on Tuesday and Thursday. So... just see if there are any dates on those holiday la.. 

My tag, cert and medal

Posing with the t-shirt and medal..

That's end for the blog.
Everyone, do try on marathon as your small aim!
Reduce stress, healthy and make you keep a breast with everyone without those electronic stuff!
You wouldn't know how great the feeling of stepping the finisher line!
 Till the next blog then... =)


Thursday, November 8, 2012

I lost my key!

Dear blog,

Shining Thursday in KL now. Oh yes, Thursday now, and the weekend is just about to arrive. And Deepavali holiday just right after the weekend! Just so much rest day coming~ 
Okay, came across with this joke while browsing the internet and found this seriously funny. Hahaha.. Okay, let me laugh first before share it with you guys. Hope this able to brighten your moody days if it happen to. 

Several days ago as I left a meeting at a hotel; I desperately gave myself a personal TSA pat down.
I was looking for my keys. They were not in my pockets. A quick search in the meeting room revealed nothing.
Suddenly I realized I must have left them in the car. Frantically, I headed for the parking lot.

My husband has scolded me many times for leaving the keys in the ignition.
My theory is the ignition is the best place not to lose them.
His theory is that the car will be stolen.
As I burst through the door, I came to a terrifying conclusion. His theory was right. The parking lot was empty.
There was a period of silence. I thought the call had been dropped, but then I heard his voice.

Hahahaha... Joke ends. 
Never forget to smile and laugh each living days!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Missed the registration

Dear blog,

Just so you know, i missed the registration for the marathon that held today! Disappointing with myself of the failure to register. People around me are reserving a spot for themselves, but me? A little too busy till the registration full and close! Sight! Personally, i like how the medal looks like. It in in the heart shape going according with the theme-Run for your Heart. Hmm... Since people around me are going, guess i just take a sneak peak of their medal lo. Anyhow, look for new marathon soon! Just back from jogging, and Good Morning Sunday!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Life must goes on

Dear blog,

Morning. The very first day of November 2012. Rumors about the end of 2012 started to be in their way again. How true is it? No one ever know. As for me, always make my day count as possible! Even though not much happening in my recent life. Sight.

Reaching office, and heard about some sad news from my colleague. The boyfriend of my colleague just pass away in an accident yesterday. Last day of October! What a great Halloween for her. Wondering is this the bad sign of the month? Hmm... Shake off the feeling about it. Keep on thinking about it will definitely bring to the worse case. Sad for her, not showing up to office today. But, do i able to comfort her after hearing the news? i don't think so.

Heard about the stories from someone, erm, actually i don't remember from who i heard from. There is a kind couple who were blessed with the lovely child. To support the living, the husband always go out before the sun rise, and back after the dawn comes. This leave the wife to handle all the house chores and taking care of the child. The husband who always busy with the earning, never ever neglect his child. Sometimes, he would spend times with the child, and brought the child gift. Years passed, and the child started to meeting new friends, going to school. One morning, the child went to school as usual. Unfortunately, the child caught in accident and die while on the way to hospital. The news reach the wife, and she rushed to the hospital. Everything is too late. Going home without the child. As the husband, busy to supporting the living, never learn about the news. The wife do not know how to tell the husband regarding the unfortunate news, cause she know he love and care for the child so much! Days passed, and the husband started to wondering where his child gone as he not seeing the child? The wife just told the husband that the child gone to bed early due to exhausted playing with the friends. Days passed, and the wife know she can't hide it forever. One night, lying on the bed, the wife ask the husband:

Wife: Do you love me?
Husband: Yes, i do.
Wife: Do you love our child?
Husband: Yes, of course. Why?
Wife: Do you know that there is one person who loved our child just as we do?
Husband: Oh, Really?
Wife: He love our child, and he love us too
Husband: Oh.
Wife: He wanted to take our child together with him

The Husband did not utter any words. Thus he realize what happen to his child. That's why he did not see his child for the past few days. However, he did not blame his wife for the hiding it. Because he know that the wife is as sad as what he feel now. And for all those days she trying to entertain the husband, without anyone comfort her.

Sometimes, we just need to see things from different point of view in order to move on. Rather than keep replaying the past, we not going anywhere but just walking in the circle. Anyway, i just hope my colleague will get through this. Life must goes on. For those who no longer here, we shall live on behalf them too!

By the way, not going to relate to any religion here. Just a simple story sharing and please excuse me for not good in narrative. =)


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fan of Sammi?

Dear blog,

All of sudden, my mind keep on playing the rhythm of 可能不可能 by Sammi Cheng. It reminds me of how am i used to be her fan while i was in my secondary. That is the one of the songs themes for the movie Summer Holiday starring by Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng in Malaysia-Pulau Redang. There are few songs that i quite prefer actually. Too much to share, but as for now, i guess im just going to share with you the Cantonese version of 可能不可能, title 如果我們不再見. Feel free to enjoy the song. ^^


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Enviro-Run 2012

Dear blog,

Good day everyone! Joining another Marathon today, erm, i think i did not mention in any post before? Okay, here's the post-blog of the marathon i completed today. This time, the distance is longer than the previous be a runner, be a giver 2012. Well, just few hundred meters longer as this time, it is 7km. 

The themes for this run is to create awareness on environment. So, there would be whole lot more event. And i just be there, only for the run. Hahaha... Well, waking up early in the morning, shall get back my sleep after the event. Saw quite a number of familiar faces. Well, there is another group of my colleague whose joining, and lots of Chung Hwa's joining to. After some Q&A with them, is the teachers told them to come. Well, free registration after all, why not? Here's the snapping that i manage to get. =)

Me, before reaching the destination

Erm, no pics of the crowd, as we busy changing, allocating the luggage, doing the aerobik, and we are getting ready to off the Go...
So, here's some of the finisher pics.

A bit unexpected to receive the medal. As in the terms and conditions, only those 1-100th finisher will have it. This mean, im in those 100th? Hahaha...  Oh yea...

The colleagues that got the medal.
Me, Shin Wei and Mr. Yeoh

Another couple of colleagues.
Busy looking for the stuff inside the goodies bag

Us, posing with the certificates.
Pity Juliet and Melvie for not being in the 100th.. Only cert, no medal.

This 7km, took me around 70 minutes to complete it, Erm, i think still longer than my own expectation. Guess should further polish up my stamina to keep up the better timing. Okay, another goal set!
Oh ya, remember the little target of mine to do the splitting? Erm, i guess still need a little be more time as i got the minor hamstring injury. Anyhow, promise will make it true soon! I guess so far for this time. 

Im the Finisher!

Adding to my collection~

Till the next blog


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Graduation season

Dear blog,

Every year around this time, pics of the graduation will be uploaded. Well, opening my facebook page, those pics with the robes are posted! Which means many graduates are coming to the society soon. Welcome on-board~ As for me, been out of the Uni for more than a year, joining career world for exactly 1 year now. Looking back, what have i achieve for the very first year working? What is my next plan? Hmm... many thoughts in my mind now, and not knowing how should i organize it. Even though the current me is coordinator! Guess what, perhaps im not so systematic at all. Hahaha... By the way, wish to wish those fresh grads, Happy Graduation. One advice from me, please enjoy your holiday, go travel as much as you can cause when in the working environment, you will find it hard to arrange your time with your buddies!

Okay, not to talk about those hectic stuff here. Been meeting some of the old gangs of  Uni for the past 2 weeks and can't wait for those upcoming events! Okay, im late posting again. Sorry for the lateness. Sometimes just don really find the exact 'mood' to do anything. Especially when working facing the computer, sometimes just don't really like to touch the laptop when im home. As for the upcoming events, well, just some of the buddies having their holiday in KL. Flying all the way here, of course not to miss out the chance of meeting!. But still, time management play an important role here. Anyhow, just wait and see how it goes then. Planning ahead now, will always make me disappointing. Ahaha...

Here is few pics that manage to snap during meeting. Well, didn't really take any pictures basically. Somehow, this is a little memory of the meet up.

Me, waiting for the girls

Me and Nicole

A foreign guy that just trying to be in the pics

The foods/dinner we had...

well, that's only pics with me. 

till the next blog


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy 1 year

Dear blog,

Hola... okay, i late a day to congratz myself here. Guess what, it's been officially 1 year for me, working with my current company! Well, i still can recall for the day i just join the company. And i still remember what my objective. So, i think shall be the time to start the search engine soon. And how, just to drop by here and put a remarkable blog for the 1st year of working.. May my journey will be much more fantastic!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Little Target

Dear blog,

Been cracking my head on what to spilled out here. Talking about my working life? Nah.. nothing much as working is just for the sake of better life? Nope, everything is about money. We work, so that we get paid. We get paid, so that we can buy and enjoy our life. That's it. Okay, not going talk about working here. Ain't going to ruin my holiday mood. Hahaha...

Hmm.. seems like my life going to be repetitive again, i guess is time for me to put on a little of excitement to my life. Got the chance of browsing the pages, saw some people posting their great style in Yoga. Well, i've been practicing yoga too, but just the really basic steps. Looking their pictures kind of inspire me to do my collection. Hahaha... Still remember the time in Uni, where i have been a while active in the dancing, reminds me of the pain while stretching. Everything paid of as i able to do splitting! After graduating, eventually no more practicing. And you know the ending story la. So, to bring back those fitness in me, here i set a target for myself. Practice back those painful stretching  and hopefully I will able to post 1 of the photos of the result here in 2 weeks time! 2 weeks, hmm... finger cross for the success. Hahaha...


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wedding dinner 29092012

Dear blog,

First of all, i would like to congratz those who tying the knot this year. So do my lovely high-school mate-Penny Chan, who's tying her knot on 29092012 too! Im so sorry that i couldn't make it for your this big day in Penang. Promise will come for the dinner in November. Just can't wait to catch up with you!

Penny and her husband..
Stay happily ever after my dear

Okay, get back to the business. Im attending another wedding dinner at the very same day. The brides basically is my cousin's daughter,erm, which consider as my niece too. Hahaha... Im having a rank higher than her, even though in age wise she older than me. Well, in the old days, they would have more childs and this make the age gap too big. Funny things is that the receptionist, who is also our nephew mistook me and my sisters as friends instead of relatives! Guess we really not meeting them after so long! Anyhow, attending this wedding dinner make me feels warm when seeing those familiar faces that i used to visit when the CNY coming. Since im not going back for the celebration during studies, i really miss them! Yet, a little sad in my heart when seeing them growing old. So, just try to appreciates time to chat with them! Of course took few pics with the elderly. Just in case, i could still recall and look at the pics from time to time. Okay, a bit of sharing here. 

The sisters of Chai family.
Eldest and youngest
My Aunt and my mom =)

Me, sis and aunt..
Oh, it's her grandchild's wedding basically. 

Girls pics..
Hmm, how should i elaborate here?
my mom and her daughter, my aunt with her daughter and grandchild..  

My another cousin.. 

My sis...
the one that keep on complaining my snapping skill

Pics with cousin...

Another angel..

Oh, this the door gift we got. 
Made by the mother-in-law of the brides..

menu of the day

Okay, im going to skip those foods as our table, no people bother to snap the foods' pics. All just care to eat.. Well, wait till around 9pm only they start to serve the dishes. That's the regulation in KL. Stated the event start at 7pm, we just have to wait 2 hours before the real event start... 

So, let's get back to the pics time...

Uncle and mom...
The fifth son and youngest daughter..

My and cousins... 
Daughter of my fifth uncle
Been so long never meet her, and she does change a lot! 
Definitely won't recognize her if happens to bumped into her out there..

Pics with Uncle and her daughter ~
It's funny when my uncle recalling his memory on my mom. Hahaha

The cousins~

Big group pics...

Wine serves... 
Not knowing how many bottles our table drank
It just happened to be the Chai Family is too good in drinking...

Pics with my cousin and his wife...
Is his daughter that married this day... 

Congratz to the couple!
well, we actually cut the que of snapping this pics. 
The couple actually snapping with their friends, and it happened that my cousin use our status to cut the que..
Hahaha... we are the couple's auntie basically... 

Pics of me... Hehehe...
Overall that's the event of the day. It's great to see those elders after so long! 
hearing those people calling me 林忆莲, really recall... memories~

Me =)
After so long, it's been time i heard people saying 林忆莲...
I thought i no longer grows up resembling 林忆莲, but got back that name again this time.. Hahaha...

Pics of 林忆莲
Do I really resemble her?
I'll let you guys do the judging... 

Oh, By the way...
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival too!!!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Be a Runner, Be a Giver 2012

Dear blog,

Hello~ Just completed another Marathon organised by Matic on Sunday. This time the run took me around 45mins to complete the 6.4km. Well, a little bit slower from what i expect myself. Or shall i said that i set too high target? Guess should buck up myself and train harder to have better performance on the next run. Hahaha.. If the lazy bugs inside my body does not overwhelm me. I guess it might work... Finger cross...

Okay, a little update on the run, pics after marathon as we-Yiwen and me, have to kept our stuff at the base and get set go~ Thanks to someone who 'put aeroplane' to us for the Ipoh trip which have been keep on postponing the trip, end up i just register myself for this event. Thanks to them too for saving a bit of my expenses. Hahaha.. Back to the run, great experience but still have a lot need to improve. Saw people able to keep on running without walking, which i actually do, really pumped up my spirit to keep moving on. Shall set on a little bit of my timing. Hehehe.. Here's the pics. No pics taken on the mark as my girl kept her belongings and there are just too many people snapping snapping and snapping. So do we.. =p

Little of the crowd... Runners with the picture taken session after 6.4km

Certificates and medals.
Lucky enough to finish before others, otherwise, no medal for us. 

Be a Runner, Be a Giver...
Registration fees are for charity

Yiwen and me after 6.4km..
Her 1st time marathon..
Round applause for her success..
But heard suffering from her later on as no workout on normal days...
A warning for us that we no longer 'forever young'...

My tag, my cert, my medal and my shoes...
Symbol of finisher 6.4km...

Next month 7km...  Work hard for it!