Friday, March 30, 2012

Coin of your life

Dear blog,

Browsing through the network and i have come through this. Notable quotes in ridder digest. 

"Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you."

Somehow it shows to us of spending our life wisely and beautifully. It reminds me of seeing some of the post where they live their life for others. Ending their life for others and sacrificing for others. In the end they just bring sadness and torturing to themselves. So, I hope that everyone out there, remember to love yourself more. We should love ourselves first before loving others. Take good care of ourselves before taking care of others. Improve yourself for your own, not for the sake of others. They won't appreciate it, rather they would keep on demanding more. So, why living your life for those who does not even care for you?

Lastly, be yourself and live your life with no regrets!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The moment

Dear blog,

My time showing 0900, so a very good morning to everyone. Been quite some times not posting anything here. The reason being was that there is nothing up and down for my current status. Kind of felt that im losing the spirits and excitement. No a good sign! Need to back up and get back my very old -sooleng-!

Just now hearing some of my colleagues were talking about the mount KK. Hearing those stories reminds me of Sabah. How i miss the land below wind at this moment. Back then while studying, even though the life was filled with the assignments, reports, events, meetings and so on. But i rather enjoy that time than the working environment like this. Not having much spare times to adventure. Every time thought of going some where, i need to arrange it until weekend, and consider whether need to take leave or not. Life never be the same...

Okay, i know got to accept the reality. So, rather than missing those moments, it's better for me to create more memories. This way only i can feel the satisfaction. Need to properly coordinate, plan and manage my financial, events and activities now. Fighting!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

White Day

Dear blog,

First of all, wishing everyone Happy White Day...

Basically, this White Day were marked in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China where the guys will express or return their gift to the girls. As the origin of Valentine's Day, which fall on February 14, the girls will give away chocolates for the expression of love, courtesy or social obligation. So, in return, a month later, which is March 14, the guy shall return the gift to the girls.

However, people preferred to celebrate on February 14, as March 14 does not widely practice. In order to spreading this culture, i guess sharing it here do no harms. For those of you out there, no matter u got your gifts or not, i wish you guys HAPPY WHITE DAY~ Need not to buy expensive gift to express yourself, just make the next move to show that you care.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Whenever the gathering

Dear blog,

Kind of a bit late posting. Had a very simple and entertaining short gathering with some of the IBs. Well, basically is the brother of Khairul getting married. And we are honour enough to be invited for the events. Although not many are attending. I means the IBs. But whenever we are together, there sure a lots of fun and memories to recall. So miss the Uni life now. So wish to turn back time. But i know, it won't HAPPEN. It's not wrong to miss those moments right?

Okay, let's proceed with the pictures. Kind of lazy to write. Wait till i in the mood, will try to write something. I mean anything. Hahaha...

Yan and Elly...

The newly wed couple

a little souvenir... bunga gula

another combination of the egg flower...

Me and Khairul... 

Me, Khairul, Grace and Elmi...
(there is actually 2 khairul... )

Pics number 2...

Us with the IB trade mark...

Again, best wishes to them...
Happy Newly Wed~


Saturday, March 3, 2012


Dear blog,

What a lovely Saturday morning for the March 2012. Yet again filled with tans of work in office. Currently fully occupied by all the paper works as i need to cover for others colleagues due to the rotation. Hmm... Basically i should feel happy, at least i got myself with works instead of boringness. However, still not satisfied and i am blurred by the works. Too much and a little bit complicated. Perhaps now is the time to learn and experience more. Yeah.. Should think the bright side. If i always do the stuff that i already familiar with, chances to learn new things will be zero. In the end, i will  not willing to learn anything as the mindset and perception change accordingly. This is what i have learn in the process. So, in order for me to keep the fire inside me, i need to challenge myself, find something to excite me. Okay, resume back to work...