Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wedding dinner 29092012

Dear blog,

First of all, i would like to congratz those who tying the knot this year. So do my lovely high-school mate-Penny Chan, who's tying her knot on 29092012 too! Im so sorry that i couldn't make it for your this big day in Penang. Promise will come for the dinner in November. Just can't wait to catch up with you!

Penny and her husband..
Stay happily ever after my dear

Okay, get back to the business. Im attending another wedding dinner at the very same day. The brides basically is my cousin's daughter,erm, which consider as my niece too. Hahaha... Im having a rank higher than her, even though in age wise she older than me. Well, in the old days, they would have more childs and this make the age gap too big. Funny things is that the receptionist, who is also our nephew mistook me and my sisters as friends instead of relatives! Guess we really not meeting them after so long! Anyhow, attending this wedding dinner make me feels warm when seeing those familiar faces that i used to visit when the CNY coming. Since im not going back for the celebration during studies, i really miss them! Yet, a little sad in my heart when seeing them growing old. So, just try to appreciates time to chat with them! Of course took few pics with the elderly. Just in case, i could still recall and look at the pics from time to time. Okay, a bit of sharing here. 

The sisters of Chai family.
Eldest and youngest
My Aunt and my mom =)

Me, sis and aunt..
Oh, it's her grandchild's wedding basically. 

Girls pics..
Hmm, how should i elaborate here?
my mom and her daughter, my aunt with her daughter and grandchild..  

My another cousin.. 

My sis...
the one that keep on complaining my snapping skill

Pics with cousin...

Another angel..

Oh, this the door gift we got. 
Made by the mother-in-law of the brides..

menu of the day

Okay, im going to skip those foods as our table, no people bother to snap the foods' pics. All just care to eat.. Well, wait till around 9pm only they start to serve the dishes. That's the regulation in KL. Stated the event start at 7pm, we just have to wait 2 hours before the real event start... 

So, let's get back to the pics time...

Uncle and mom...
The fifth son and youngest daughter..

My and cousins... 
Daughter of my fifth uncle
Been so long never meet her, and she does change a lot! 
Definitely won't recognize her if happens to bumped into her out there..

Pics with Uncle and her daughter ~
It's funny when my uncle recalling his memory on my mom. Hahaha

The cousins~

Big group pics...

Wine serves... 
Not knowing how many bottles our table drank
It just happened to be the Chai Family is too good in drinking...

Pics with my cousin and his wife...
Is his daughter that married this day... 

Congratz to the couple!
well, we actually cut the que of snapping this pics. 
The couple actually snapping with their friends, and it happened that my cousin use our status to cut the que..
Hahaha... we are the couple's auntie basically... 

Pics of me... Hehehe...
Overall that's the event of the day. It's great to see those elders after so long! 
hearing those people calling me 林忆莲, really recall... memories~

Me =)
After so long, it's been time i heard people saying 林忆莲...
I thought i no longer grows up resembling 林忆莲, but got back that name again this time.. Hahaha...

Pics of 林忆莲
Do I really resemble her?
I'll let you guys do the judging... 

Oh, By the way...
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival too!!!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Be a Runner, Be a Giver 2012

Dear blog,

Hello~ Just completed another Marathon organised by Matic on Sunday. This time the run took me around 45mins to complete the 6.4km. Well, a little bit slower from what i expect myself. Or shall i said that i set too high target? Guess should buck up myself and train harder to have better performance on the next run. Hahaha.. If the lazy bugs inside my body does not overwhelm me. I guess it might work... Finger cross...

Okay, a little update on the run, pics after marathon as we-Yiwen and me, have to kept our stuff at the base and get set go~ Thanks to someone who 'put aeroplane' to us for the Ipoh trip which have been keep on postponing the trip, end up i just register myself for this event. Thanks to them too for saving a bit of my expenses. Hahaha.. Back to the run, great experience but still have a lot need to improve. Saw people able to keep on running without walking, which i actually do, really pumped up my spirit to keep moving on. Shall set on a little bit of my timing. Hehehe.. Here's the pics. No pics taken on the mark as my girl kept her belongings and there are just too many people snapping snapping and snapping. So do we.. =p

Little of the crowd... Runners with the picture taken session after 6.4km

Certificates and medals.
Lucky enough to finish before others, otherwise, no medal for us. 

Be a Runner, Be a Giver...
Registration fees are for charity

Yiwen and me after 6.4km..
Her 1st time marathon..
Round applause for her success..
But heard suffering from her later on as no workout on normal days...
A warning for us that we no longer 'forever young'...

My tag, my cert, my medal and my shoes...
Symbol of finisher 6.4km...

Next month 7km...  Work hard for it! 


Saturday, September 22, 2012

KL venture?

Dear blog,

View from my house flat...Yesterday evening.
KLCC view is missing due to heavy storm and rain. 

Im lucky enough as the heavy rains hit my housing area after me reaching home. Survive from the scary lighting... hehehe... And by the time i woke up in the morning, i just love my day so much as the rainbow i spotted when i open my eyes, looking out of the window. It's been so long i see rainbow after i came back to KL from my Uni time. Even though it is not the perfect curve of the rainbow, it just lighten up my days and here i go to jogging~

Okay okay, that's not really my point of posting today. What im gonna share is that the charity run that im going to tomorrow~ Oh well, it is only 6.4km, few kilos lesser compare to the last time standard chartered run. But still, im going to run my best! Yea~ So here i go, off to Matic to collect the running stuff.

since im going out of the house, so been thinking that just grab my cam and do a little KL discovering~

Molecule design by Petrosains

KLCC view...

Me of the day

Hotel Maya, where my practical firm locate. Provides me 'Great Experience'!

Okay, im trying to capture the full length of KLCC actually...
Seems like-FAILED!!!

flower subject

Hehe... since no subject there.. 
so, i just try to be the subject of the day

Oh, 2 bus lines were introduce that give free transportation...
Green line to KLCC-Bukit Bintang, and Purple line to Pasar Seni-Bukit Bintang.
And lucky enough, both lines pass by my office! Yea, free bus to office~

Erm, just a lamp post I know..

Christmas tree? Nah... just some decor

Oh.. Spot this banner... 
and finally got to collect my stuff~

Simply walking around in Matic. 

Giant SHOES!
Is shoes Festive in 2013!
Shoe lovers, please pay attention to this ya...

Next, keep on moving for KL venture...
KL venture?
whatever la...

Hehe.. waiting for the free bus to arrive

Free Service...Mirror effect?
Nah... i took it inside the bus, that's why look that way..

Okay, destination reach!
Muzium Telekom...

Telephone stand.
I like this stand because when raining, at least you'll have a place to stay from the rain.. 
Too bad, not much this kind of telephone service available..

The dialer! not press, is scroll

Communication Minister...
How many of us remember them? 
Seriously, I don't even know Dato Samy Vellu been communication before!

well, kind of impress seeing those oldie phone actually..

The old days communication...
That's what im read from those description la...

The Moses code forming...

Erm, don't really remember what machine is this.
Just something that relates to communication

That doll just look so real in performing the task..

It's me, not Doll...

Oldie phones display

Oldie phones plus me

Another kind of machine..

Adding the subject-me

Spot this phone!
My home used to have it which is orange colour!

Those old phones..
try to identify which one u familiar with...


Okay, so far that's for the day. Just pay a visit to Telekom Museum. 
Next time National Museum? Perhaps... Maybe...
We'll see how it goes then. 
As for the marathon tomorrow, hope for great weather ahead!
Oh yeah~

Anticipate for this tomorrow~

My shirt and number