Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going back...

Time flies... Tomorrow morning i will be taking the flight fly back to Sabah. So fast i will back to the Uni life again. Soon, i will be second year students and be the 'SENIOR'. Recall back a year before, i was being torture by the 'PSM' during the orientation. Not getting enough sleep, listen to the 'educational' talk, wearing the 'baju batik' and so on... Cant really imagine that i already spent a year-9 month in UMS.
Recall back the first day i reach UMS, the first place i visited is 'pusat rawatan warga'. So funny and lucky at the same time. When i told the PSM that i'm not feeling very well, some of them do really take good care of me. So sad didn't get the chance to know the senior name. Haha... I remember that when we finish the torturing in chansellor hall by night, the senior even look for me and give me the priority to get into the bus without 'berebut' with others. Besides that, the senior also give me some sweet so i will not fall as sleep. How lucky am i..
Hmm, thinking that tomorrow have to fly back and start the second year life really make me sick. Wondering who will be my roommate this time. Hopefully is those people that can easyy get along with. Please don't give me those need to pamper alot... cross my finger...

Friday, June 26, 2009


Yesterday night went out with steph, penny and eliz. Guess was my last outing with them this sem before flring back to Sabah. Having this dinner was really enjoyable as we did not done this for quite long time ago. Last steambot was having in eliz's house as we are paying a visit to her. Seems like missing those memories now. By the way, taking this opportunity to thanks them for the 'late birthday present'. Really like it so much....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Just back from jusco. Something happen on my way to jusco and I’m not very happy with it. As usual I went there using the lrt. While on may, someone stopped me. They are from some society, first she handed me the recycle related flyers where stated that they will come to our doorstep to pick up our old stuff. Of course I say okay because it is convenience to me. Then she takes out another paper saying that some unfortunate children need our help by giving donation. Well, I guess I in the situation now. By asking me to give donation, she distracts my attention by asking me how I color my nails. After the explanation to her, she asking me to sign on a list where people signing on when giving donation. Well, I thought of donate RM5 to her for this charity work. I was shock when she says some giving RM50 where she expects me to do the same. When I told her that I going to give RM5 and will not take any gifts. She surprise me again by saying that MINIMUM donation is RM10. WHAT? Hello!!! Isn’t that it is depends on me of the amount I would like to give? This is for charity, no one will set the minimum donation when you are about to ask people to donate. I am not the rich guy, yet I am still student! Next time I should be extra careful with this.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

shorten again

Now i am updating my blog at my mom's place. Everytime coming here, i sure will do something with my hair. But today i also have to meet with the doctor. Yes, still having the running nose and making me suffer every NIGHT! Luckily it is not any big deal. Hopefully able to recover within this week. Today, of course asking my mom to wash and stim my hair. This is the routine everytime coming over here. Well, as i mention last few week that i had forgo my 3 years old hair. Today i shorten it AGAIN and will plan to color it right before i going back to sabah. So fast that it only left a week to be in kl now and have to back to the uni life soon. This kind of life have to stay for 2 more years then will have to step into the real working environment. Sometimes hoping myself don't grow up so fast. Now already 21st years old and still looking for the right way to follow in the future. Will there a bright future waiting for me? Who's know....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

John Q

This is an interesting movie that I watched yesterday. Probably some of you watched it before, but I guess it is worth to watch it again. This movie is shown in tv2, 10.30pm yesterday. Well, I just able to catch up with the show an hour after. Yet I still manage to understand the whole story-I guess.
This story is about the sacrifice made by father for the sake of his son. This black guy-JOHN Q-main actor of the show was having a hospital and few people. Thus the hostage situation begins. This incident had brings the concern to all over the country. The reason John Q act that is for his son, who is having problem with his heart since young and need transplant. The truth is that the insurance does not cover the fees for the surgery. Therefore the hospital did not put his name into the waiting list just because they are poor. This made him to gathers the hostage and sets his demand which is put his son’s name into the waiting list.
This moment, of course some bad guys would appear and make some moves. The SWAT snipper had tries to kill him when he was in call with his son. The moves failed. John Q get angrier because he thought the police is fooling him by giving empty promise. John Q gets more frustrated and request them to brings his son to the hospital.
Meanwhile, in order to save his son he is volunteering his heart to his son. Of course people who in the hospital think that he is out of his mind by doing so. Yet, when we think properly, not many of us would do that even for our loves one. John Q decides to kill himself so that he can donate his heart to his son. This part Is really touching. Well, the rest I just keep it as mystery.

After watching the movie, I felt that sometimes we would do anything for the loved ones. Others might think we are crazy and irrational, but sometimes is we will be crazy if we lost someone we love. It is always too late, but it will never too early.
This moment, I would like to wish every fathers in this world HAPPY FATHERS DAY. I love u dad..

mother nature

Yesterday, I shoot a picture of the sun. This scene gave me an evil feeling. Seems like the sun is going to harm our mother nature.

Taken from my house

The sun hides behind the clouds and the hazes leaving it with little red shines around. Although we can see the sun in red colors during sunset, but this time it does not spread its shine to the entire sky.
Our country now is facing the disease of influenza A H1N1. Numbers of people suspected are increasing. Looks like the sun is giving us a sign to warn us to protect the earth-the only place we live. Me, who having fever recently and flu just better to staying in home and quarantine myself. Life is just something that we can predict; even just a normal flu and fever can brings such huge damages to the world. Guess it is a punishment to the men on not appreciating their life and earth.
The men now are sick, so do the earth. Probably the red sun that I saw was the symbol. The pollutions and the diseases making us suffer. Who do we have to blame. No one but us-human!

Protect our earth before it is too late.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Falls sick again. Just hate my body was not strong enough. It has been two days i sick and until now haven't recover. Isn't that if at home i should recover fast? Sigh, just don't like my body that lack of antibody. Now, i just wish to eat nasi lemak, roti canai, yew char kuey and many foods. This two days just stick with the breads and porridge, just making me feels nothing. Hope to recover soon....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

15 to 5

There is around a week i shorten my hair. Something i had discover after shorten my hair. Back to the past, i used to spend around 15 minutes in the bath room to take my shower include washing my hair. Now, i just need less than 5 minutes to do it. This 5 minutes is also enough for me to conditioner my hair. It is really save my times and have been quite long ago for my to recall back myself in short hair. Since the three years old long hair had gone, wondering how many kilogram i used to carry on it. Guess lose some weight now after the long hair turn to short hair...

Friday, June 5, 2009


From now on, u guys no longer see me with my long hair. I just shorten it until shoulder length. A brand new me now. It makes me look a bit mature. i'm not going to post my photo here just to keep it mysterious for now. Haha.. Actually it is nothing much different, for those who witness me with my short hair before, it was almost the same. However, for the hair that i have keep for almost 3 years, Bye bye.. Gonna miss it a lot...

long hair

still in long hair...

stay tuned... hehe

over exercise

Yesterday really test my stamina. I went for badminton with poey, mun, ching and ching's relatives. It was only an hour game and really running out of battery. Probably i have not exercise for quite long de. After the badminton game, i join ching for the swimming at selayang. Before swimming, we stop by at batu caves. We climb the stairs to the top. The view is really nice but the leg feels like not mine. After a while up there, we come down and continue our way to swimming. If not mistaken, we swim for an hour plus. I didn't swim much actually, just laying in the water and move my feet. Just too lazy to move my self. Even my stamina also ask for a break. Today, feel a bit pain around my hand. Guess it was a warning for me from my body...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

4 seasons

Yesterday went swimming with ching, yiwen, and mun at maggie's house. The pool was quite big and nice. There is jakuzi in the middle of the pool. Very attracting design. After swimming, we went for our 'dinper'. Dinner + supper. Now i know the place i went last time where it have 4 different season. 4 seasons. It's not like last time that i don't know the name. Hehe...