Saturday, March 19, 2011

I miss

Dear blog,

Right now, I miss a lot of things

I miss my first year life
I miss my second year life
I miss my super long hair
I miss those Wako students
I miss the time I went Tips of Borneo
I miss the mount climbing moments
I miss the activities I involve with
I miss the dance I learned
I miss the busy moment
I miss assignments
I miss the mid-term
I miss the final exam
I miss the moment with my friends
I miss my lovely family…

the pressie from my buddies

First time went Gaya street

First time movie

First event that i attend

Kudat trip

 our sexy backs

IB activities

Wako students

With my friends

Wandering in people's house

20 cent icepop

UMS tour

Lovely meals

UMS peak

First time celebrate our tanglung festive

Sampat me n friends

Buddhist camp buddies

the IB dinner

outing with my roomies

the posing




My canoeing moment

me with roses

tanjung aru time

I just happen to miss a lot of things. Counting down for my final semester life, it left less than 2 months now. Oh gosh, too much happenings here and it’s about time to draw conclusion here. Can I stop the time for a moment? Okay, I know the answer very well. It is just the process of the life; need to learn to take more responsibility now.

I remember when I was a kid, I always dream to become adults fast so that I can go into casino, night club, dating, earn money and so on. But now, I wish that I can stay in schooling life. I must admit that complains about homework and teachers or lecturer are unavoidable, but the memories here were so much fun and treasure. When we step into the ‘real’ world which awaits me soon, I feel quite nervous and uncertain out of nowhere. Probably uncertain about the futures that I’m going to have. This remind me of someone who ever told me that the things I’m looking for is there, it is just me do not know what it is and I shall grab it rather than wait. But now I still wondering what am it. Such a failure is I!

Can I pretend the airplanes in the night sky are like the shooting stars? Even the real shooting stars can’t grant my wishes!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Night in Hollywood

dear blog,

Morning world. Well, the time now is 10++ and i know it was a little late. Guess what, i slept in 0530 in the morning and now wake up so early. Just that not so use with sleep till noon.

Yesterday having my course dinner in Shangrila Hotel. As you following my blog till now, the ball room dance that i've been practicing was all for the night. Showing up at the stage for only a couple minutes, but the practice took one month. This is the life as being the performer. Honestly, kinda proud of myself and my partner to being able to perform our best on the stage. Though during the practicing, it is some mistake and no feeling, but we made it the night on hollywood.

Through out the night, i was like doing fashion show, changing the shirt all the time. Give a round applause to myself~~~ Some people say my changing speed is fast. Well, need to rush for the performance, so have to do some training la...

After the dinner, the night not end yet. Of course we this hiao hiao gang got our plan. Dance all night. Went Q-bar, where it is known as gay bar here. Indeed saw something interesting here. Then move to Bed and shake all night. Some unlucky things happen to me here actually, just some stupid people is touching my leg. Just immoral people. Guess have to be prepare and protect myself. another suai  things happen to us too. We made a u-turn on the traffic, and we end up kena saman from some 'hardworking' police. Since i'm not driving and have quite lot of beer, i just sit inside the car and letting them to handle the situation. I think it was some bad day to us for staying up so late in KK. Learn the lesson.

  Okay, here's the hollywood night in Shangrila...

The light

me during rehearsal

with Lilee


Hilda and 'lady gaga'

My partner-Davis

us during rehears

Transformation of me and Davis

with Grace

Jo ann

my lovely lecturer-Mz, Zuraidah

sylvia, hilda, richie and me

with El and Nat

sam pat us

seniors and lecturer

Samson and Jon

the Sabahan


another transformation of me

love this pic... the girls~~

The guys in IB


we the nominees



sandy and debra

lovely day~~~

group pic 1

group pic 2

group pic 3

the hiao hiao us


the IB ladies


me and Adam Lambert

Jun Fui aka Bruno Mars

pity him

aen and ci yi

with andy


the hiao hiao us again

my sexy back.... Hahaha

Jason-Mr. bean of the day~~~

sexy girls

Me and my partner

with senior-samson

Soo Leng~

Overall, bravo and well done to all of us made the dinner so success...