Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fan of Sammi?

Dear blog,

All of sudden, my mind keep on playing the rhythm of 可能不可能 by Sammi Cheng. It reminds me of how am i used to be her fan while i was in my secondary. That is the one of the songs themes for the movie Summer Holiday starring by Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng in Malaysia-Pulau Redang. There are few songs that i quite prefer actually. Too much to share, but as for now, i guess im just going to share with you the Cantonese version of 可能不可能, title 如果我們不再見. Feel free to enjoy the song. ^^


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Enviro-Run 2012

Dear blog,

Good day everyone! Joining another Marathon today, erm, i think i did not mention in any post before? Okay, here's the post-blog of the marathon i completed today. This time, the distance is longer than the previous be a runner, be a giver 2012. Well, just few hundred meters longer as this time, it is 7km. 

The themes for this run is to create awareness on environment. So, there would be whole lot more event. And i just be there, only for the run. Hahaha... Well, waking up early in the morning, shall get back my sleep after the event. Saw quite a number of familiar faces. Well, there is another group of my colleague whose joining, and lots of Chung Hwa's joining to. After some Q&A with them, is the teachers told them to come. Well, free registration after all, why not? Here's the snapping that i manage to get. =)

Me, before reaching the destination

Erm, no pics of the crowd, as we busy changing, allocating the luggage, doing the aerobik, and we are getting ready to off the Go...
So, here's some of the finisher pics.

A bit unexpected to receive the medal. As in the terms and conditions, only those 1-100th finisher will have it. This mean, im in those 100th? Hahaha...  Oh yea...

The colleagues that got the medal.
Me, Shin Wei and Mr. Yeoh

Another couple of colleagues.
Busy looking for the stuff inside the goodies bag

Us, posing with the certificates.
Pity Juliet and Melvie for not being in the 100th.. Only cert, no medal.

This 7km, took me around 70 minutes to complete it, Erm, i think still longer than my own expectation. Guess should further polish up my stamina to keep up the better timing. Okay, another goal set!
Oh ya, remember the little target of mine to do the splitting? Erm, i guess still need a little be more time as i got the minor hamstring injury. Anyhow, promise will make it true soon! I guess so far for this time. 

Im the Finisher!

Adding to my collection~

Till the next blog


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Graduation season

Dear blog,

Every year around this time, pics of the graduation will be uploaded. Well, opening my facebook page, those pics with the robes are posted! Which means many graduates are coming to the society soon. Welcome on-board~ As for me, been out of the Uni for more than a year, joining career world for exactly 1 year now. Looking back, what have i achieve for the very first year working? What is my next plan? Hmm... many thoughts in my mind now, and not knowing how should i organize it. Even though the current me is coordinator! Guess what, perhaps im not so systematic at all. Hahaha... By the way, wish to wish those fresh grads, Happy Graduation. One advice from me, please enjoy your holiday, go travel as much as you can cause when in the working environment, you will find it hard to arrange your time with your buddies!

Okay, not to talk about those hectic stuff here. Been meeting some of the old gangs of  Uni for the past 2 weeks and can't wait for those upcoming events! Okay, im late posting again. Sorry for the lateness. Sometimes just don really find the exact 'mood' to do anything. Especially when working facing the computer, sometimes just don't really like to touch the laptop when im home. As for the upcoming events, well, just some of the buddies having their holiday in KL. Flying all the way here, of course not to miss out the chance of meeting!. But still, time management play an important role here. Anyhow, just wait and see how it goes then. Planning ahead now, will always make me disappointing. Ahaha...

Here is few pics that manage to snap during meeting. Well, didn't really take any pictures basically. Somehow, this is a little memory of the meet up.

Me, waiting for the girls

Me and Nicole

A foreign guy that just trying to be in the pics

The foods/dinner we had...

well, that's only pics with me. 

till the next blog


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy 1 year

Dear blog,

Hola... okay, i late a day to congratz myself here. Guess what, it's been officially 1 year for me, working with my current company! Well, i still can recall for the day i just join the company. And i still remember what my objective. So, i think shall be the time to start the search engine soon. And how, just to drop by here and put a remarkable blog for the 1st year of working.. May my journey will be much more fantastic!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Little Target

Dear blog,

Been cracking my head on what to spilled out here. Talking about my working life? Nah.. nothing much as working is just for the sake of better life? Nope, everything is about money. We work, so that we get paid. We get paid, so that we can buy and enjoy our life. That's it. Okay, not going talk about working here. Ain't going to ruin my holiday mood. Hahaha...

Hmm.. seems like my life going to be repetitive again, i guess is time for me to put on a little of excitement to my life. Got the chance of browsing the pages, saw some people posting their great style in Yoga. Well, i've been practicing yoga too, but just the really basic steps. Looking their pictures kind of inspire me to do my collection. Hahaha... Still remember the time in Uni, where i have been a while active in the dancing, reminds me of the pain while stretching. Everything paid of as i able to do splitting! After graduating, eventually no more practicing. And you know the ending story la. So, to bring back those fitness in me, here i set a target for myself. Practice back those painful stretching  and hopefully I will able to post 1 of the photos of the result here in 2 weeks time! 2 weeks, hmm... finger cross for the success. Hahaha...