Monday, August 27, 2012

1 day Tourist in KL

Dear blog,

Had a little escape? Adventure? Exploring? Nah... Don't know what is the best word to describe the exact feeling. Perhaps i shall say as acting like a tourist? Yea, Im gonna act like a tourist for this lovely day. Been to this places last few weeks de, then made up my mind to venture alone to capture this moments. So, got myself out, with my camera to snap snap snap. Had myself leisure walking around town, under the hot weather! Oh yea, once in a while... As been butting inside the office, under air-cond for so long time. Balancing it around. Hahaha.. Luckily did not get headache by night time. Well, water plays the role.. Okay, shall skip the talk. Here is some of the pictures i took while i was in the town.

Mural Drawing in Pasar Seni Station..
Not sure whether this consider as vandalism?
Somehow I found it talented =)

Isn't it?

Spot this bar in Petaling Street... 

Guan Di Temple 
Built in 1880.

I think this is call Pi Xiu
It is believe to bring wealth to the owner..

Each of this carrying hopes and prays

The Guan Di's weapon
It is say that normal guy can only move the weapon twice due to the weight

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple
Locate just opposite the Guan Di temple.

Oh ya, kindly take off your shoes before heading in..

Peace and clean environment

Me.. hehe

The Dewa and Dewis

Here we go.. Petaling Street..

Not much people at noon... shall do a comeback on night perhaps..

Spot this food... Only 70cent

I found this board in Petaling Street.. 
Somehow I found it's funny to found this statement here.. 

Stuff in Petaling street..

Roses for sell.. 

One of the abandon building I shall said..
Seems like sold to another owner for new concept maybe?

Like the colour contrast of this building..

Erm... Well, Merdeka soon...

Flags everywhere..

This building too

Coconut tree in City?
It is Coconut tree right?

Spot this!
I heart KL sign..
Similar to those in Taiwan.. If im not mistaken..

Arch inside the KL City Gallery..


Some of interesting stuff i found..
It's KL's night view

KL in red

Bulb of Kuala Lumpur..

Creative Arch!
Not cheap though..

Me snap inside the Gallery.. 

Do pay a visit to this place..
Lot's of foreigner actually!

Royal Selangor Club..

View of Dataran Merdeka

Simply capture of my belongings..

My shot.. hehe

Well, that's for the sharing for this day. Hmm.. I think going to try out the night view of KL someday... Yeah, someday.. Not so soon i guess... Hahaha... Got to needs a lot's of guts by then! Hehehe... Erm, I'm still beginner in using those cams, and trying to improve and improve and improve.. Hopes for more sharing.. Till the next blog.. 
The pics of the day... 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Raya break

Dear blog,

Suppose to have my Raya Break and start my works on the next day. Well, sometimes things just never go the way we want it to be. But, the funny things is that when i was walking towards my office, one funny thought cross my mind.Let's imagine that who will normally back to the office even though it is day off? The boss of course! Their business. And this funny thinking cross my mind as im going back to office, even though it should be my public holiday. Hahaha... Well, just a sudden thinking came across me. Too much thinking perhaps. Yea.. Indeed. Anyhow, been completing most of the works now and just waiting for the clock to strike 1745 and i can off. Another hour to go.. Let's do the count down... Nah... That way will only make the times move slow. Since not much people, hmm, i should said only less than 10 'hardworking' people come to work, and make the air-cond extremely cold! Lucky me wearing long sleeves! Oh ya, i yet to wish my friends and families out there. Families? Yea, i think got some convert i guess? Uhuh... whatever it is, 

Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir dan Batin..


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to the Land-Day 3

Dear blog,

Okay, set up my mind to finished update my Land Below Wind trip by today. So, here comes the stories for the day 3. On the second day, we went for mountain sight seeing. Well, just at the bottom of the mount basically. Ha, so this day we got ourselves to the sea... Erm, precisely should be island tripping. Got ourselves prepare and wait for the driver to fetch us for breakfast. Really thanks to him for purposely get his annual leave for the day, too bad he is just not joining us for the island. Out of 4 island, we choose 2, which is Manukan and Sapi island. around 20 mins by speed boat. And really enjoying ourselves on the ride as the waves too strong and kind of riding the roller coaster. hahaha...Okay, shall cut the story telling. Here's the day..

Me and Grace posing in room.. While waiting

she and her sexy pose

The breakie.. Laksa in Yee Hung

Jesselton Point
Jetty in KK


Grace pics at Jetty

Erm.. When she not looking at the camera

Another shot of us.. 
Well, kindly ignore those bottles in the sea.. 

Hansom pics of him. 
Thanks for riding us to Jetty!

Ladies at Jesselton Point

Pics of me
Hmm.. Look muscular la.. 

Okay, i think we wait at the jetty around 20 mins before really get our ass on the boat. Well, miss the previous timing, so got to wait for the boat to come back!

And finally, we put on the life Jacket!!!

And me

Im grabbing it so tight!!!

And finally we reaching the island~

Grace posing

Me posing~

Conservation fees... Paid!

Tada.. Pulau Sapi

Pics with the Sapi Map

Grace with Beach

Simply camwhoring..

Okay, as we shall begin the journey. We are not off to the sea, instead we heading up to the peak. 
Which took around 1 hour to complete it. Well, not many people come across to the trail as they are more concern with the water activities. 
So, we try to do something off the track. Here we go to the peak. 


The road that no maintenance.. 
Walk at your own risk!
Cant even clearly see the 'stairs'

Better looking.. But still, we do encounter some obstacle while treking..

Stop a while to pose.. Hahaha

And finally spot this! Means we are on the right path!

Pics of Grace

The natures.. 
Erm, basically, kind of worried of getting lost as no people using the road!
Merely spot the 'path' that seems like a way. 
And luckily got another pair of mat salleh ladies with us. 

So, got my little chance to do some snapping of the natures

Group of ants migrating
erm.. guess too small to be see clearly..


Not knowing what is this basically.. 
Somehow it look nice on pics. Hahaha

And finally we spot the beach!
Well, this is not the end of the trail though!
No people and there is still kind of another 15 mins trekking before we found

Yea, made a whole round back to this place...
Not getting lost at least! 

So, getting sweating all the way of trekking!
At first, no planning of playing with the water, Since we already buried with the sweat, end up with this

Snapping time~

With the sea~

So, let's get wet~

Fabulous pose of Grace! 
More emotion! 

Me vs. Grace pics

Hehehe... Spot those rock!
Yea, let's pose with those rock!!!

Here comes the Grace's version~

Love her pose! 
Sexy leg

The camera just love her...

Hahaha... Okay, now it's pics of mine..

Some of my friends claim that this would be my favourite pose..

erm.. i think because of the hand poser?


Okay, i think almost time heading to another island..
But before that, some pics with the sands... beaches...

Me with my simple pose

Grace with her Killing pose!

Oh ya, we still manage to do some posing by the jetty.. 
While waiting for the boat to arrived basically..

Grace posing

Pose 1

Pose 2

Pose 3

Pose 4? 
Well, never expect someone to stand behind me basically.. 
But, not bad huh?

Pose 1

Pose 2

Pose 3

Princess posing.. Hahaha
Hmm.. too much pose?
well, more to come though.. 

adn leaving the stuff behind as i found another spot to posing~

Well, same jetty and bridge basically...
Just moving to the front..

Love the colour contrast!

She with the sexy leg again~

Same spot, with 3 different angle? or pose?

Okay, finally we are here for the second location.
Pulau Manukan~

The jetty view of Manukan Island

Spot the girl..
Preparing for the sun tanning...

Not much pics taken in this island as we really got ourselves seriously tanned! 
Playing with the water, bathing around and sun tanning around..
That's what make my skin colour a little bit sun burned.. Who cares?
I will be sitting in the office after this and when will i got the time to tanned again?
Next trip to island? Nah... No any planning for that this year yet..
So, after the swimming and tanning around. Got ourselves change and wait for the boat to back town. 
And here's some of the pics taken.. 
With different outfit?

Grace and me and fish

Nice pics!

Never forgot to apply her sun block!

And promoting her sun block!

Is me! Well, trying to hide the tired look basically.. 
And that's how the sunglasses work!

Okay, sometimes my hair do a little irritating..

Resting resting...
Offing back to town soon

Grace with Manukan Island

Me with Manukan Island

Spot this at Manukan Jetty...
Please do not feed the Fish!

My Finale pics with the island 

That's the day end of Island escape.

Got our guy to fetch us after we came back from the island escape. Took us for lunner? combination of lunch and dinner. Hahaha.. It is kind of another exhausted day for me. So, no more night activities for this day and we do got ourselves out for those souvenir stuff. Well, basically something to brought back to KL. 

For the final day, thanks to our senior riding us back to the airport. Im really appreciate the days for accompanying us while we are here. As the holiday end, this weird feeling come to me. I still recall that when i finish my final exam, packing my stuff and going back to the peninsular, the tears actually rolling out when i was in the flight. That time is because im going back not for holiday, but to start another stage of my life. However, this time the felling like telling me that i won't be coming back here in this few years time. I notice many things change on my this visit. The people, the air, the environment and so many things! Perhaps it is because of changes in my perception and thinking without im noticing it. Anyhow, should keep on moving. Rather than staying in the past, recalling the memories, i shall create more moments in my life and appreciate things around me! No one knows what happen to us the next seconds! So, i shall live my life the way i wanted to with no regrets! 

Okay, guess im putting the full stop here now. That's all for my little sweet escape back to my second hometown. =)