Sunday, July 31, 2011

I miss u..

Dear blog,

Been away from University's life for about 3 months. Which mean i have almost complete my practical soon. Just some decision that i made, make me feel regret so much. How i wish i never say yes at the first place. Well, time never turn back. Through the time of practical, i seriously missing you. Every moment we spend together, make me miss the univesity's life more and deep. I know i shouldn't be looking backward. But the memories we spent will never repeat again. The reason being were that we growing up, way of thinking is changing, and the perspective might vary as well. Things come and go. People come and go too. Sooner we will meet people from all folks of life. They may be our life saver, or enemy. Honestly saying, even though i just in my practical, i sense that my thinking had change. Is it because the reality world that force me to adapt the environment changes? Maybe.

How i wish i can tell everyone that I MISS YOU!!! Even though just a small role in my life, but your presence make me treasure you.

When my world started to become black and white
Please use your presence to add some colours in my life
Just like adding fragrance in the meal
Your small and warm touch, 
can always be the courage for someone that needing it.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day and night

Dear blog,

While I was on my way back, I help out the blind guy and guide them on their way. I know I need not to assist them because their intuition, hearing and memories are far more better than the normal us. But, I know that with my help, at least they can relax and lean on us. Resting their 5 senses, no, 4 senses for a while.

All of sudden, I remember my friend asking me this question.
Why they need to work until so late?

Well, for them, the blind people i mean, there are no day and night. In their world left no colours and day light. They can't see what we see. The beauty of colours, the tall buildings, the faces, even the small things that we touch everything. All they have just the imagination that we can never have. Why? Because we see the things!

That's the sharing of thoughts I have for today.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

The last day that i remember

Dear blog,

I got my hairdo today. Now i'm no longer in straight hair.. Kinda love this hairstyle actually because easy to style.

Well, actually i'm going to share my recall of the meaningful last day when i was in UMS. I remember me and my lovely roommate, who i stay with her for 6 semester-3 years. Share a lots of memories with her.

The first day she enter into B1-03-03-01, with her hand carry luggage.
The first Gaya street and final Gaya street with her.
The first time i went her house.
The time we went tapao together.
The time i influence her to not wearing tudung
The time we crazy about Choi Siwon
The time we laugh together

And so many memories...

But the very meaningful time was the day she send me down the stairs, help me take my luggage, cover me with the umbrella, and seeing me go up the cars. That day, 12 May 2011, 0500 morning. The rain was pouring down so heavy. Just like the tears in our heart, showing the separation between us. That time, i was really controlling my emotions, not to let my tears rolls down, because i know if i do, she will cry more. It just too hard to see her cry.

Last 2 week, where i got the chance back Sabah for some business trip, i met her. Set up the meeting at KFC. Was really touch when i meet her. Missing her laugh, her smile and everything bout her.

 Me n Nina~ Titi's best-course mate

With Titi

My girlfriend of the day~


Monday, July 18, 2011


Dear blog,

Found some meaningful vocab today.

4 words out of your vocab which are 

But only 1 powerful and substitute for that word is



Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stay Positive

Dear blog,

Counting down, left around 3 weeks to complete the practical. Next will be struggling for the final report. Will this 3 weeks pass fast? Or slow? I'm not going to think of it as it will not turn out as what i hope for.

Manage to learn quite a lot of things here. As i say, always pro and cons, gain and loss. Though lots of things happening, but i know that things always playing in our mind. Depends on us on how to think bout it. Either the positive side, or the negative side.As for me, of course would go for the positive. Yet, the negative will always come first. This is where i should learn to manage myself to always be rational! The indirectly training done by him somehow make me able to survive under pressure and limitation. Should i thank him?

Now matter how, I must always stay positive. I'm ain't going to let the negative thoughts to spoil my personality, so

fighting SOOLENG!!!


Thursday, July 14, 2011


Dear blog,

Something happen on that number. At first it is something that i hope not to being remember for the day. Somehow it then turns out as another memory for me. =)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gain and lose

Dear blog,

Just back from the business trip to Sabah. Suppose to get good rest as tomorrow resume work. But something cross my mind and i afraid will forgot about it later.

The moment we lose courage, we gain the lesson.
The moment we lose confident, we gain support from the love one.

Actually, there are something happen that bring to the thoughts. Most of the time we think we gains, but we lost something at the same time. To that person, thanks for being there and give me advice. I know i can manage it somehow, but with the advice and support i was able to recover faster. Seems like I started to learn the opposite side of the people that i know. Is it good or bad? It's up to me to judge them. Okay, that's for the day. Will get myself to update the details on the trip soon.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Business trip

Dear blog,

Been a couple of weeks haven't update myself here. The reason being was just too lazy to online once i back from the work. In order to let you guys what happening to me now, I'm still alive! Been 2 months since my practical, and now i got to used with the routine now. Proud of myself~

Basically, this 2 weeks, i'm locate in office, doing the 'office' work. So far so good. When i started to used with the office routine, now i got the chance to move around. After about 2 months back in KL, finally I'm back to Sabah, land below wind for some business trip. Well, I was informed that i need to travel around. So, need to prepare for all those sudden trip. Should be thankful now as i got the free flight tickets. Hahaha...

Okay, the pictures sharing time...

My heels.. black and full covered

The morning view of the building

The night view from my workplace

Fountain.. place where i pass by when i had my lunch

 The keyboard that I've been using now

Manage the paper, not the paper manage you

This is what i see when i back from work

my so call OL..

look mature~

serious OL

And simply Soo Leng was here~

Till the next blog...