Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Exam Madness

Knowing my exam schedule make me feel stress. Why? Because in the first week, i have 4 paper which is on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. However, i still need to go out everyday because i need to meet my ortho on Thursday. Well, actually not so hard to have four paper in a week, it just that when in the first week, all my major falls together. Then on the second week 1 paper, until the third week got 2 paper. So all me tough paper on first week. My study week just have to concentrate with my study. Guess should not have go out so much. But i know i won't be concentrate so much because now in third year, feel myself start lazier and lazier. hopefully in my final semester i really got the good mood..

All The best for my Final!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

ib field trip

This year, our course got some field trip to some company. This is thanks to the international finance course which require the selected group to get us the visits. the first visit is to maybank, and the next is to latex company. Erm, i think i just put the pic here...

 me n my coursemate

 big group to maybank

 me n course mate 2

happy trip~~~

Raya IB

Today my course organizing the Majlis Berbuka Bersama among the IB student. As requested by our lecturer, we 3rd year student require to wear baju kurung for this event. When we are going for the class, most people are wondering why most IB student wearing so beautiful today. Hahaha... jz some small event we have.

group pic before

wif lect

the girls 1

the girls 2

the IBs...

me n chooi ni