Monday, June 25, 2012

Timing check

Dear blog,

Hahahaha.... Give myself big round applause!!! Clap Clap Clap~!

Check my timing for the 10km marathon. Erm, pretty impressive and satisfy plus a bit surprise with the timing. Hehehe... Okay, I tell you now. The 10 km marathon run took me 1 hour and 32 minutes! Whoo.... Great, good achievement of me! Start 0815, end at 0947. Im really really happy with the timing. First time take this kind of marathon, and it is really driven up my spirit now! Okay, setting the goal now! Next time half marathon? Hahahaha.... we'll see then... Wee hee hee....~~~~


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012

Dear blog,

Yesterday night got a sudden invitation from my sis to join her in Standard Chartered Marathon as one of her friend not able to make it. So, I in there to fill the empty position on behalf of her. Not thinking for so long, i just say yes! On the second thought only i realize it is 10km run. Hmm... Keep on thinking whether i can make it as i do not train myself in jogging for so long, just weekly leisure badminton. And Im lucky enough to finish the 10 km leisure women categories within the 2 hours limit. 10 KM!!! Well, not very hard actually bif we do proper and regular training. Honestly saying, kind of proud of myself. Hehehe...Perhaps i shall participate in more of marathon in future. Been joining once under ING, but that were so many years before. And now kind of setting new timing for me. Yeay.... 

Okay, skip the lengthy stories, not much pictures taken as i am so focus in finishing the 10 km within 2 hours. I think i took around 1 hour and 40 minutes? Shall check the timing later. Overall, another satisfaction achievement for me! 

At home, ready to go for the run~

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012

Spot the medal?

10 km finisher... one for me and the other one for my sis...

Us... At the finisher while waiting for her friends...
She finished the line much earlier than me... 
So my next target, train train train!
More KM maybe? Hahaha

It's me! 
Posing with the medal!

Okay, that's for the quick update for the KL marathon 2012. 
Till the next blog~


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crown buffet lunchie

Dear blog,

Hello everyone. Seems like i've been disappearing for almost 2 weeks time. Well, i ain't going to anywhere, i was just merely no time, nah, i guess i'm a little bit lazy plus i've no idea what to post here. Sounds pathetic ha? I think it is just my life started to be a little bit too routine. Aren't i always complaining about this? Yea, I do! The working life seriously not my cup of tea.... Err.. sound a bit of weird ho? Whatever...

Okay, a little bit quick update of me in the past 2 weeks of MIA. Nothing much happening, but got the chance to have the buffet lunch with my family in Crown Plaza Hotel. My sis bought the voucher through Groupun or All Aisa Deal, not so sure which site. But feel free to pay a visit there as these kinds of website were really happening nowadays. Many were looking into these sites just to get their chance and grab the pretty low price of anything. I guess.

my decor on the table... looks messy.. haha

The restaurant

Foods serve

fruits serve... spot the strawberries? My sis keep on asking me to take more strawberries...

me.. hmm.. look a bit tired

my sis

me and my eldest sis

mom and second elder sis

me by the pool side

is my sister...
kind of like this pics, but my sis doen't seems to...

my sis and me version

i think this is the only pics i took with the board klcc, even though i've been taking the train almost every single day, at this station. Act like a tourist this time.. hehe

Next station, KLCC...

me vs her 


Oh ya, not to mention that i've been feeling unwell for a couple of days. Been dragging myself to the workplace just for the sense of responsibility. Actually been planning to take the MC, as i would like to wait for for of the colleague to come back from her trip as i got to hand over her task back to her. Who knows, she never show on the day she suppose to resume work. And eventually, my sickness been recovering thanks to those panadol soluble. And not forgotten the breakfast-bread and milo for these couple of days. Really start to change my routine. Hmm... Finally, been recovering now and i guess should take extra care of myself as no one care more on you other than yourself. No one will suffer on behalf on you and no one know how hard and difficult the situation is other than you. Whatever it is, love yourself first, before start loving others. If you not able to love yourself, how do people expect you to have love them? Moment of thoughts for you. =)

The breakie that accompany for the past few days~

And I'm lucky enough, got a free drink from 1 of my colleague after my yoga class.. thanks uncle Yeoh~ ^^

Okay, that's for the current blog. Till the next upcoming blog....


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The one that got away

Dear blog,

Been listening to this songs 'The one that got away' by Katy Perry in this few days. I like the lyrics and somehow, without knowing how, it eventually makes me emotionally unstable. The more i listen to this song, the more flashback in my mind. Even right now!

Things happen when i was in my first year in my university. Im far away, but i do notice a little of changes whenever im back home. Things change. While in my second year, i guess the scenario gone worse. I still remember there is time when i was at home, a stranger will come and look for you. Never ever i voice out about this as i alert that there is something serious going on. Neither of you tell me anything. Anything! Eventually i just complete the maze myself. Until the early of this year only i learn about the truth! The truth that i don't know what and how should i react! Up until now, i have no idea what im want from you. There are times i worried about you, and at the same time i wish for your d***h. Hardly meet you now, but when i saw those shirts, somehow i relieve that you still somewhere out there, But there are really times i just give up. Nothing to expect, or i do not know what im expecting? Are you the one that got away? Or is it me that trying to run away?


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hot Sunday

Dear blog,

What a freaking hot Sunday on the beginning of June 2012. How i wish i in the swimming pool, swim in the cold water in this weather. Well, just not many friends enjoy swimming. So, im trying to divert my attention in order for me to forget about this hot weather. After so long i do not do anything on my nail, finally i got myself back in the mood to do something on it. well, it is just the very same old design which i think i already done before. No skills. basic will do. Save the talk now, here's the latest nail of mine after be in no colour for almost a month.

the simple design on my left hand

another design on my right hand

Had a little conversation with my mom yesterday. And i found it a little funny.

Mom: 还好你的脚像我。
Me: 做么?
Mom: 像我的又白又滑...
Me: 买花赞华香...

Well, i guess im lucky enough to have the gene from my mom-fairer among my sisters. 

My leg that my mom was referring too... ^^

That's for the day. Till the next blog...


Friday, June 1, 2012

Tinggg tinggi Gunung Kinabalu

Dear blog,

Tinggi-tinggi gunung Kinabalu
tinggi lagi sayang sama kamu
biru-biru hujung kinabalu
tengok dari jauh hati saya rindu~

All of sudden, this lyrics pop up in my mind. Wow, really a nice song and im started to miss Sabah right now. Oh ya, a little late wishes

'Kotobian tadau tagayo do Keamatan~'

This is one of the biggest event happen in Malaysia where it normally celebrate in East Malaysia. Pesta Keamatan is what they called in Sabah, while in Sarawak they called it as Pesta Gawai. Both of these festivals are to celebrate the dwelling spirit of the paddy, where it is like a thanks giving celebration too. I have been studied 3 years in Sabah, but never once join the festival as Im having my semester break back in KL. Perhaps i shall make another trip solely for this festival. Upcoming year? Hmm... Maybe, but I too wanted to go some other overseas tripping. Oh no.... Proper and budget and brilliant plan needed! Whatever it is, upcoming visit to the land below wind, anticipating. Oh yea~ Soon enough, and patient enough. I will be there soon. Soon till i can pour my miss with the visit there. ^^ hehehe... 

Okay, here's the music video for you who never ever heard about the song. Luckily enough to found this song in youtube.