Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Just back from klinik and now spending my time in megalab. Waiting for 2pm class. Now checking for my flight ticket as well. Hmm... seems like this time will travel with MAS. The prices is not much different as well. So, why not choose the better one? Haha.. Yet, still have to wait for few days before i can really confirm my flight ticket.
Guess still have many things to awaiting... Just cant help myself...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Buddhist camp

During the Raya, me and ming again attending the buddhist camp somewhere in Tuaran. Firstly, i was quite worry because have to eat vege for 4 days as i normally need to consume meats. Yet, i finally made it. Haha.. Big clap for myself.
This 4 days 3 night camp was really a bit tiring + sleepy+ enjoyable. Although i am not a buddhist, but got the chance to learn and know more. Know some of the history and the rules and regulations. The scenery there is really breath taking view. The lace is located somewhere on the hill and can see the lake and really nice. Too bad did not took pictures there. All because they keep our valueable things.
Really a great experience there. Although some of the talk make me really really sleepy and my foot have to suffer, yet overall quite enjoy all the time. Let's talk about the food, quite a lot. Even though some of it i don't eat, but most of them quite delicious.
At there, we do have some singing and dancing going. Of course when come to this part, all of us is full of energy again. When come to the talk, all back to sleepy condition. But not all la.. hehe
This few day have to wake up arounbd 0530 and sleep at 2200. Probably some of you think it was too early to sleep, but at that time is really low battery. Once lay down, within 5 minutes can fall asleep.
Oh ya, they also have the activity call thanks giving. Really making everyone crying. Haha.. But the suprising is they actually put our parents voice. Quite unexpecyted for me. Well, guess after this have to 'jian tao' myself..
There is quite a lot i wish to share here. But hard to write it down. Guess got time will update more.

My tag..

The groups photo

Some others memories will be posted soon...

Majlis buka puasa...

On 20.09.09, me and ming got a job for the majlis buka puasa. This event is from the Hyatt Hotel. Quite tiring that day because it has been 2 or 3 years i did not stand for so long.This is the first time work for hotel. Before this my job is as sales assistant and the office admin. Now another experience in food and beverage fields.

The deco in Kompleks sukan Likas

Me n ming

me n Hyatt

When the leg does not belong to me after 6 hours..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

1 down, 3 to go..

Huh, finally settle the MA online discussion. Yet still have 3 more assignment is awaiting. Today UMS officilly holiday and no bus. So pity for us who staying back. Just can wait for the tut bus. Luckily got some activity to do during the holiday, otherwise just finish the drama and anime in my notebook.
Sometimes just don't really like mid-sem holiday. Feels like wasting time and not productive. But not feeling to do any assignment. That's when the lazy disease hapen on me. Guess have to take my time to complete the assignment for now...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

my holiday....

Next week already Raya, yet assignment still not yet done. Now sitting in secret recipe, 1B, connecting thru starbuck's line. Just now get another new assignment. So difficult to complete. Looking at the question, wondering how am i suppose to complete it? i am so so so.... tired...
People raya and i have do my assignment... so sad... so tire...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Yesterday when i finish my meeting is around 2330. Then no transport back to hostel, so end up walk bank and reached my room around 0010. Luckily got 2 guys accompany me. So long did not have this kind of experience, recall back that i was used to walk was during the orientation week where the senior would like to trouble us. That time was with a bunch of people, and yesterday just few. The feeling just not the same.
Yesterday really a tiring day. From the beginning of majlis buka puasa till the PAP meeting. Total of 12 hours staying outside of my hostel. The majlis so far is okay la, but not many students attending. Left many foods and as usual, ta pao... That's the cultue in SPE la..

The bubur lambuk

The food mihun+kuih+sirap

Finally, me n tiong-vivi

Friday, September 11, 2009

buka puasa event

Now in my school and blogging. Today, my course and some other course are having the majlis buka puasa together. I was being ask to help from my club president, but i was a little bit late for that. When i reach here, seems like not much people are coming and help. IB 2nd year representative that come for help just 2. Me n tiong. Pity us. However, my presence here seems like nothing much help as i do not know to 'cook'. I just manage to know the meals are bubur lambuk. Since i am not productive in cooking, i decide to help by doing the 'guy' stuff such as carrying the table and so on. This i am definitely can help since it does not need the ladies natural work-cooking. Haha..
well, while i was witness them in cutting the onions, garlic and chicken feel embarrasses to myself for knowing nothing about them. So i decide to stay away from that and do other task. And now, i was blogging despite helping. Just feel my pressence does not help them. So, why not i take the chance to relax myself for tonight will have to stay till 10pm. Headache day...

the cooking process

My life

Raya is just around the corner now. The burden and stress is getting stronger again. Now still have 2 more mid-term papers to go and 1 more mid-term assignment. Yet, after the mid-term break, the due date for assignment submission is about to reach. Wow, count downing the date just scaring me. Total of assignment that need to be done are 5 assignments. Having the feelings that I would not have sufficient time to complete it. Apart from that, still have to attending meeting for extra activities. Having not enough rest again. Feel like missing homes now. Missing the foods made by my mom, the television and my bed, washing machine and so many. Being here probably make me more independent, but burden with so much assignment and activities make me getting tire. Everyday facing the notebook without fail worsen my eye sights. Either watching movies and drama, or playing the computer games, doing assignment and surfing the net, all I have to deals is with the notebook. In future when getting a proper work in office, yet still have to face the monitor. Guess this is what it means with improvement of technology and human with the globalization. Nowadays, men cant lives without computer and networking. But for me, I ust getting tire with all this stuff, just missing my childhood times where I use to play batu seremban with my sis, playing badminton with my uncle, playing bottle tap and guli with my neighbors and so many. Those days the technology not so advance like today. Compare to those times, I was not as active as before. Playing kejar-kejar just train my stamina. Now, going for jogging sometimes also made me feel lazy and tire. If only I could turn back times, I wish to back to my childhood’s days’ am too tire…

Friday, September 4, 2009


Today wake up quite early, then preparing my self for some meeting. Unfortunately, the meeting than postpone till tonight 9-10pm. Doesn't feel like going now because i was basically wasting my time. Tomorrow will be another mid-term and by tonight still have to sacrifice my time. It is worth? God knows. Now only 0945 in the morning. Later 1300 gotanother meeting, then class on 1400-1500. By night another meeting at 2100-2200. Wondering will i need to walk back to my hostel later?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Another day to go. Yesterday as i re-arrange all the schedule, found that many assignment is about to meet the due date. Guess will be another stressing week for me to face. better come out with good assignment lo this time...