Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today going out to library again. Suppose i have my study in my room. Well, changes just not capable with plans. Cant wait to going back KL next week. Three more papers to go and all are taugh subjects. Yesterday i was already start packing my staff. Unbelieveable, my things was quite a lot. I only pack half of it and the beg almost full. I dont know later how i going to squeeze the rest into it.
While packing, i was very excited. So long i didn't going back. Already 4 months since this semester start. So fast, now already final exam. The times just never wait for me.
I should study now. But i was blogging here. Well, since i have come out then not to waste the time. Now really dont have the mood to study... What in my minds is KL,KL and KL. Cant wait to meet my frineds, celebrate mother's day, celebrating my mom's birthday and celebrating my birthday too! Cant wait for the day to come. Hahaha...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just finish my Titas exam. The question just now quite confusing for me. Probably because i did not concentrate on the revision. Well, hopefully still manage to do well just now. So fast next week i will finish my exam and going back KL. Cant wait for the day to come now. Yet, i still have to stryggle for three more subjects before going back. This week is totally free but schedule with revision. Haiz, boring...
Let's not talk about that. Today i just got my picture when i was having fun in Karambunai. Basically we are giving back the kayak that we have borrow earlier. So of course we wouldn't waste the time there.

Me n Amar


Leg in water...


Posing again..
Last picturebefore going back

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Be strong my friend!

Just now i got to know that one of my friend's dad just pass away. My friend- Wendy was also come from KL and further study in UMS. When i heard about the news, I was shocked. As i remember, her dad was not very old. Probably the god just want him to be at his side. Well, Wendy, you have to be strong ya. Now, we are having our final. I know she now definitely will having a tough time as she will fly back to KL. No matter what, just be strong and don't ever let your guard down!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Regatta Kayak Race 2009

It has been around a week i did not blogging. I guess the coming month i will also seldom log in here. I need to prepare for my final! So fast this semester is about to come to the end. Last saturday was really fun. Our sukan kenu had organized the Regatta Kayak Race 2009. Of course as usual i busy body around there. The event start around 8am. Suppose to but as usual wait and wait, around 9am only the game really start.

Before starting our job

Posing 1st before start
well, although it was sunny in the morning. Somehow the rain start pouring down. It was quite heavy rain. Yet, all of us still enjoy in the rain. Recall it back, quite long i did not play in the rain. haha..

we can make it through the rain...

And not forgotten to ride on the bot as well.

ready to depart.

And any other pictures...

Me vs Kayak

Sal, me and Bad
Me and sunglasses
There are a lot of pictures But i guess i only manage to upload this few.. Have to go for classes now. Well, got chance will try uploads more...

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Just finish my oral test. Really terrifying. However, already pass. Although it is only few minutes , but seems like taking quite long for it. This week, i think it was a bad week for me. Everything happen in this week is just bothering and torturing me. Assignment problems. Just hope that everything will be fine. Please hope that everything is fine.


Later i will have an oral test. Feel nervous now as i am not very fluent with it. Hope that later the test that i take will be at my side. Supposely now i should have study on the test, but now just don't have the nood to study. The feeling of nervous just bother me here... Hopefully god bless me here...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beloved Mimi...

Just watch Marley and me. This story is about a dog name Marley and its life with its master. While watching this movie, it reminds me of Mimi. Mimi is my family cat before my family moved to flat house. Now recall it back, kind of missing it.
I remember Mimi was bought into our family when I was around 4 or 5 years old. If not mistaken was my neighbor bring it to us by bicycle. That time, Mimi was just a kitten and it like to jump to the sofa. Of course my mom would chase it down. Well, as the time pass, Mimi had learned that she cannot sleep on the sofa.
Besides that, while we were eating, Mimi will always around our leg. Remember one time that my dad was actually hit her. From that time, Mimi would never go near my dad. Every time we take our plate to wash, Mimi will definitely run and chase us till her plate. Seem like she know that there is food for her. When walking to the kitchen, just afraid will step on her as she will sneak around our leg. Well, I guess that is cat’s nature behavior.
Doesn’t really remember what her first victim is. A lot of victim actually, rats, lizard, and even small bird. Every time when Mimi captures it, she doesn’t eat it. Instead she plays with the victim and will show off in front of us as well. Mimi just want us to praise her and only she move it away from our view.
There is a time where when Mimi is get hurt. Don’t really know how she get those injuries. Quite serious as we can see her skin is tear off. Recall it now really ‘geli’. My mom was wanted to pt medicine on her head but maybe she don’t know, of course she run away. Then only that she know we want to cure her, the next time she just sat quietly and let us put the medicine.
Another fun things Is that when we saw Mimi is actually bullying other dogs. Dogs I mean. Normally we see that cats is afraid of dogs, but our Mimi is bullying it. Probably because they are neighbor. Mimi just walks in front of other dogs that are tied. Just want to show off. Well, cats do have their arrogant side.
Mimi is female cats, of course she deliver kittens for quite numbers of times. But when the kitten is grow up a bit, my mom would just took away the kitten. Saying that we do not need so many cats in our house. Of course feels pity to them, but afterwards, the feeling disappear.
Now, feels like missing Mimi now. We have abandon her since we move. I think already 9 years now. Feels guilty for leaving her behind. Don’t know whether still alive or not?

Friday, April 3, 2009

paper work

Today finally come to friday, however things does not go easy. This morning having a meeting with our group supervisor. It on 7.39 am and every time we have to wait for her. Basically all of our member is already know about it. This is the second time we meet her and the first time she also late. Yesterday, i went to dentist to fill my teeth. Finally i get my teeth fill. It is bother me sometimes because previously when i went there, they checked it and make an appointment with me. So i just have to wait till the date come. The big hole there is bothering me for quite long. After this, hve to prepare the powerpoint for presentation. Doesn't like this subject actually because most of the paper work of this assignment was done by me. Really tiring a group with them. Hopefully after the presentation, i would not have to bother with the paper work... Just hate paper work.....