Friday, October 30, 2009

Precious voice + final...

Today was Friday, and i just finish the PAP meeting for this semester. Next semester will be a very busy semester for me.
This Monday, i went for my family day trip in Kundasang. Quite a tiring trip for me as i am not feeling quite well when i was there. Losing my precious voice for the trip. However, the overall trip is quite okay even though i did not capture a lots of photo there. But if to let me stay for years there, i think i will live longer as the atmosphere is so good and the scenery is really nice. Next time, will hope to adventure other places.
So sad that my voice is not fully recover yet. It has been 5 days since the first day i went for the family day. Well, cant do anything too because being in University life, once sick is hard to recover. No porridge to eat, all is the food that can worsen the illness.
Well, after this really need to struggle for next week paper. All the best to me!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


today having meeting again. Yet the time was so rush now. Everything need to be settle fast. Luckily most of the things is okay for now. Just the money matters. Having insufficient of money.. hmm.. just hope everything will run smooth.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A whole new world

Suppose I use the time for my study. Yet I just do not have the mood to opening either the book, or the power point. Guess I was just lazy to do now and once again wasting my time in anime and drama. What a University life I am adapting now?

Just now I was looking thru the pictures that I have taken during my high school years. Ah, all that just can be the memories now. While staring at those pictures, really miss them now. Quite a lot of memories we have build together. Birthdays, trip to parliament, big walk in Putrajaya, trip to muzium police and last but not least, girls trip to Redang. Really missing the time we all are spending together.



trip to muzium police


girls in taman putrajaya

girls trip to redang

Our injured feet

pic with divers

boundless love

It has been two years since we all started the new life in the chosen University. Each of us started the new journey towards the future. Things left behinds just memories that will never come back. Meeting new friends, having new groups and creating their new thoughts on the real world was the path that every one of us doing now. Once in a while sitting and gather together, sharing our new journey with each others. The things is that the new journey we started was involving different groups of people.

During our primary school time, we meet the very first friends and all our innocent though brings us a lot of funny incident. However, the friendship does not really last till now. Then entering the secondary school, getting to know new bunch of peoples which have widen the ranges of friends.

This time we started to encounter with ‘love love’ situation where the ‘coupling’ boom up everywhere. First love happening in this stage, and I was one of the victim too. What a na├»ve mind I was having that time. For those who found their true love that time, God bless them. And for those who were having same fate with me, just bear with the time as our true love are awaiting us somewhere.

As the time keeps on going, we are being more mature and rational with the things going around. Not playing the ‘let’s not friend with her’, ‘don’t touch my table’ games anymore. All of us just using the different ways in expressing their anger. In the secondary school, we always hear the adults say this is the rebellion time for the teenager. However, it is true! Tobacco, blue films, gangsters are happening. The more the adults are controlling us, the more rebels are us. Always thinking why others have hp but we don’t and so on.

Times continue to walk, and we continuing our life neither furthering study or went for working society. Some of us just lucky enough to enroll into University life. But some people still saying that ‘why still study? In the end you still have to work!’ Well, it is true, they saying that. In the end, all of us still contribute our self to the working society. It just the matter you steps in early or late. Is it right I being in University instead of working? Whose know?

Sometimes, just can’t believe that I already 21st. When I was small, always dreamt that grew up faster so that I can go to the restricted place. However, now I granted the qualification and I wished to go back to my schooling times. Nothing to worry but the studies. Now, we have to start worry what kind of job will be getting? Will we be employed? Just never ending worries keep on popping up.

As I keep on writing until here, an uneasy feeling appears at the bottom of my hearts. Feels unsecure with the new life I am going to adapt. Will it happens according to what I want? Or I am just following the big group? What kind of the new world will I be building? Who will together with me in the new journey?

written on 16 October 2009, 2230

Busy, busy, busy

Now is 1215 and i was just finish my practice on Japanese presentation. This time was quite fun although all of us does not very well spoken. Yet, we do come out with some funny idea this time. Hopefully the presentation will go on smooth and well.
However, later still got tutorial to go, then meeting and meeting. This morning went to Anjung to get the check, but until now still haven't come out. Just not efficient enough. Today was really use up my 12 hours time. Sometimes just felts that 'the meeting' is wasting. Although i was part of it, but most of the time i do not need to speak up anything because my job still cant be done without the approval. Then i have to sacrifice my time and energy for that. Feel a little bit burden now. However, everything will be fine soon. Now my target was my final. Have to gather all my spirit and soul to concentrating study. Otherwise...
Hopefully everything will go on smoothly like i hope...

Monday, October 19, 2009


Now i am in IP and going to overnight here. Because tomorrow, early in the morning have to go KK again. To meet dentist. Just making the appointment too early. Guess, everything will worth it soon.
Today i had just finish my individual presentation. Left group presentation to go and have to wait for next week. Then will need to really work hard for my final exam. Not much time left now. Have to use the smart way of study.
Well, now only 9.30 and quite early off to bed. Even though tomorrow have to wake up early, just don't feel like going to sleep. Perhaps just don't want to waste the time and use it with online. Only once in a while i have the chance to online at night especially when i was in my hostel. Guess will surfing the net for quite some moment now..

Friday, October 16, 2009


It has been a week++ i did not update myself here. Throughout this week, many things going around. Yet the final is just 2 more weeks to go. Guess have to start count downing. For the pass week, assignments are completed, japanese oral test, extracted my tooth and claim for the wang pendahuluan. Yet not even toching the book till now. Hopefully my last minutes attitudes will save me.
Today suppose to be very free for me. However, tutorial and induksi at 6pm is just kidnapping my precious time. Though i may not study, but my beauty sleep and movie are just gone. Haiz, now is 1600 and have to wait for another 2 more hours. Just wasting my time again.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today just finish presentation. Finally can settle other upcoming assignment. However, still receiving new task to complete. Just never ending assignment lining up for me.
Soon enough, this semester will end soon. Which means the final just around the corner. Have to do revision soon. but just not now...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today was rainy day. Though i got class from 9am. What a waste for a wonderful day for my sleep. Later 2pm got statistic class, and now was around 1.30 and i still in megalab blogging. Just feel lazy for the class.
The line in megalab now was so slow. Until now i still cant login for my facebook. Guess just give up on that page now.
Today heard of news on typhoon + tsunami will hit tonight. Wondering the news was true or not. Perhaps better stay in hostel since cant go anywhere.
Guess have to go for class now. what a wonderful days for good tight sleep...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Unexpexted student

I should have return this blog last week. Because i have no time, so i done it today. Last Thursday during our macro lecture, our lecturer have finished one chapter and most of us thought of going back early. Unfortunately, she come out with another power point, which means we have to continue with other chapter. While we are continuing with the chapter, suddenly heard the girls scream. i thought it was crokcorach or lizard. Well, girls afraid of those tiny animals. Then more people are running away from their seats. Guess what, unexpected 'student'-snake. Thought the snake was big, but just small size snake.
This time, our lecturer immediately dismiss the class. As usual, 'hero' come and catch the snake. Apparently new heroes is appearing in our class. Guess, many people have their hidden talent inside. Haha.. Just some unexpected experience in class to share here..