Friday, July 31, 2009


Now in Chanselor hall and listen to the motivasi. Basically my intention here is not the motivasi, but i just hoping to get the cop passport. Well, this is what we call to give up something in order to get something. And i am here 'wasting' my time just to ecxcvhange the cop passport. Probably some of you will think what is it so important to get the cop passport. Well, allow me to explain it here that this would provide us the higher chance to continue stay in the hostel in my final year. That's why i was 'willing' to do so. Luckily i do bring along my laptop here and could 'spend' my time more efficiently.

The so call cop passport..


In this world, there is only one things that will never change. Eventhough we always say that i will not change my decision, i will not change my mind and so forth. But it will never seems to keep the promise. Even in the marriage the couples made their promise to love and care each othe forever, but in the end will it really still loving and caring each other? Or it just turn to be the responsibility. In conclusion, the things that will never change is CHANGE. It will never stop happens to anyone of us. People change, things change and the environment do change as well. with the recent issue H1N1, many Uni is close for a week. Now UMS is just in the waiting list for the 'early holiday'. See, even the fix schedule do change as well. Just feel pity to those who have bought their ticket. If really earlier holiday for us, the ticket just will go to the drain.
Things will always change
And we human will always change too to fit ourself
I may not find myself change
But changes always happen in myself
I may change my fizikal appearence
that can easily spot by others
or change my inner self without anyone notice
I may become more mature
I may become more realistic
I may become more caring
I may become more selfish
will just never stop happening...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


In library now and again-no aircond. What the hell is happening with the library? Isn't that library should be a comfortable place for us to study? I know i might not really use this place for study.
Yesterday me and my friend went for the some buddhist activity. Not really know where the place is but is somewhere near Inanam i guess. It was quite fun and dresh for me. Although i feel it was a little lack of interaction with others students from other faculty, but overall is okay la. The game that prepared quite nice and fun. But seems like not having enough time.

Me and my tag

Pictures syok sendiri

Pakaian dilarang di kampung E...
Hehe... they just busy washing the plates la...

Finally, me n Mandy...

hmm, a very tired and fun day...
probably will go for the Raya activity at Tuaran...

Friday, July 24, 2009


Waititing for my MA tutorial and now wasting my time in library again. I should have do some researh and info for my assignment now. Yet, just not in the mood. Something happen to the aircond in library, it is not cold at all. Indeed, it is freaking hot. Probably quite crowded or the aircond is really down.
Today, i am not sit at the place that i used to be. I changed the place and basically i would not have been here except i nood to photocopy. Well, sometimes we do need some changes to the new environment. Many people are gathering in the library now, perhaps they are waiting for their class just like me. Quite difficult to look for a place where it got plug. It tooks me sometimes tho. Well, have to start doing my work now. Otherwise, time would not be enough for me.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monkey party

When looking at the title might seems a bit weird. Well, this is something that is really happen to my hostel. The monkey here is not refering to human, indeed it is really the MONKEY. Last tuesday, my room is attack by a monkey and successfully steal a loaf of bread which is belong to my roommate. This incident happen around 12 something in the afternoon where only left one of my roommate in room. Of course she is so suprise with the unwelcome visitor and was totally bullied by the monkey. Unfortunately for her, nobody was there to help her as the house left no one. All is out for classes. Pity her. Well, luckily not much the monkey is stealing from out room. Just the bread which drive my other roommate crazy. She is not worry about the bread but she is seriously worried for the tape that she just bought and really proud of it. Luckily she found it back somewhere near the ponds. End up m roommate keep on cursing the monkey as it bring so much trouble to our room. Have to strerilize our stuff especially our towel. Well, this is the case happen to our room. The monkey is way to good to climb till third floor.
Next, i follow with other incident that my housemate, roommate and i witnessed. Basically the action took place at the ground floor. We just standing by the window and watch how the monkey managed itself into the room. And wonder what it took out from the room. Sometimes is the container, and sometimes with the biscuit. I guess this is the consequece as we just watch the monkey go into other's room and do nothing but laught and discussing. Guess, this is another nightmare for us who staying in B1 and B2.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Currently sitting in the library to try update myself here. Stress is started to come towards me. Damn, MA course we have to take! Now added one more subject to study. But the most frustrating things to me is that i have to re-schedule my time table again. Otherwise, i would not have any free days. Hoping that i manage to adjust it. Tuesday, i have to come out for the 2 hours lecturer while friday have to come out for 1 hoour tutorial! Which means that later i have to attend the tutarial. Well, it should be okay if i come out but the stupiest things is that it make the tutorial time on 2-3pm. It is so obvious that it was blocking my whole day plan! Somemore the group members should made up from atleast 2 ethnics. How the hell we woould get the group member like that since it is only left our HE09 not yet form the group. Then with our major assignment, seems quite difficult to do but luckily i do not have be a group with international students. Otherwise, it definately will drive me crazy and make me more stress...

Hopefully i can adjust my time table...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Feel so stress with my faculty now. ALways bring problems to their students and never make a proper announcement to us. Early in this morning, i got the message that we-IB students have to take Maagerial Accounting! What the... Just don't know what the people are thinking! Basically, we already have the enough credit hours to graduate, and now they making the new+stupid course for us to take. Troublesom! Justt never let our life to go easier. The most sad things is that, on friday i still have to come out for an hour just for the tutorial class! Just 1 hour and i have to go and wait for the bus where friday they go for prayers. Haiz, this news just making my mood down. Later still have class and now what's in mind is just MA. Hopefully i would get good news fromm my mentor soon....

Monday, July 13, 2009

New sem, new me...

Another day pass. Now already enter the second week of this new semester. Started to have the mood to study compared to last week. With my new style in Uni, seems like everything had change. I guess u have made several changes in me. Firstly, the hair style which is so obvious for other to see. Next, my mind-set. Perhaps some of my friends will notice it as i mumble too much. But still have few changes within me. Basically, i am still enjoying the Mount KK trip with my sisters. This is a rare activity that we siblings will do. I believe that not every family members would like to spent their times together. However, i was really really enjoying the trip. Maybe some trips with family members would bring out different feelings. Of course with friends might be the best, but having some memories with family is the greatest!

sisters' trip

Well, i guess this is for now. Going to have my dinner as i have another language class waiting for me. Guess, another days about to end soon...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Recall for Mount KK

Today is friday and now i do not have class. This week has been the messy and blury week for me as many course not yet settle. Guess just follow the group and take the course.
Lets recall back the trip to mount KK last week. The trip was really adventurous. Supposely i should have train myself before climb the mount KK. Guess i was too lazy and keep on looking for the excuses, i end up suffering when climbing. The journey was really yough for me as i do not have the enough stamina.
On Saturday, we start our journey around 0830. Firstly i walk together with my sister as it was still on the start. Later on i end up walk by myself as they are quite fast and i having breathing difficulty due toi the flu. It makes me breath quite loud even myself can hear the breathing. After don't know how many kilometres i walk, my guide, also the portal is already catch up me. Guess i was too slow. Even the guide can take some rest at the rest point and still able to catch up with me.What i can do is just keep on walking and never let myself to stop for too long. Because i know that if i take too long of the rest time, i might not be able to reach the top. So i keep on encourage myself by thinking that MY SIS SPONSOR ME, DON'T WASTE THE MONEY! Haha, that's the spirit that make me keep going.
When i walk till the pekan nabalu rest point, if i not mistaken the name, i was freaking cold there. My shirt is all wet due to rain and i was wearing short pants. That time i was about to give up as i do not know whether i will move my self to the laban rata-rest point. Then some of the guide there told me not to stop and keep walking to the laban rata as i was wet, it will make me more cold if i stop especially that time was raining. So i just follow their instruction and keep going.
Luckily my guide was with me. Actually i would have to thanks him for guiding me throught all the way to the peak. Without him, i guess it is hard for me to reach there.
All the way to laban rata, the guide hold me and guide me step on the rock that fit my height. Don't take the big and high rock that make a big gaps for me as it will make me more tiring. i just follow his advise and till the last kilometre, i was too tire and keep on stopping. I was getting colder at the same time and i know i still have one more hour to go to meet my sister at laban rata. Finally i made my way to laban rata and i was chilling that time. My toes and my hands is freezing and i hardly can move my leg once i sit down. And my sisters end up serve me with the hot waters and foods. As i know that i have use up to 8 hours to complete the 8km journey. Basically 1 hour for 1 kilometres. While my sister, of course they use lesser time than me as they have train themselves. What a long journey for me...
The next day i start climbing around 0230. I been told that this time will need 4 hours to reach till the peak. So i guess is another 4 kilometres to reach the peak. The night was dark, but the moon is so beautiful and accompany me all the way to the peak. The journey have around 700 metres of stairs road. The rest is all rock road and it is quite dangerous. Probably because it was night, we just depends on the rope there and follow it to the peak. However, my guide of course as usual bring me to the way that is easily walk compared to the place near the rope. I guess at the same time many are jealous of me as my guide is really guide me all the way to the peak. Finally, i had successfully made it to the peak of Mount KK. Really thanks to my guide-Nizam! Because of his patient on me, i made to the top even i was slow.
After taking some of the picture when on the peak, we started to climb back down to the laban rata to check out there. While i was made my way down, i was quite impress with myself that how am i actually climb to the top. The way was really steep. Have to be extra carefull when going down. Probably because it was night i start the journey, so i could barely see the way to the top. Some more it was the guide who actually help me to the top.
I was so glad and proud of myself of being able to reach the peak. I was so proud to myself. Hahaha.... Big clap for me!!! But i was not so happy with the record that i made to the top. Basically was like getting a helping hand to help me. I guess i should give it another try next time where i will use my own strength to the top. Try to get my own record there. However, i am sincerely thanks to the Nizam for helping me to the top and i can watch the breath taking views of Sabah and the sun rise. Hope will meet him again!!!

ps: the photo will try to upload soon as it is not with me now... stay tuned...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Another day

Now is around 0930 and i had check out from my room. Few more hoours to go and i will meet my sisters in centre point. Will have my lunch there before we start our trip. Last night i was go for bed quite late, around 0000. Cant really close my eyes although i had my flu pills. Guess it does not work for me as i not fall asleep eventhough it stated that it will cause me sleepy. However manage to have some rest.
The next day i woke up which is today, there is a man in the room. Before this is only me and the other england girl was using the room and now there is another guy. It is okay for me tho because we just need the room for resting times. Guess this is normal for them as they used to travel a lot and did not suprise them. For Malaysian it might seems to be a little weird as we are not as open like that. But if i were wish to travel someday, i woud need to prepare myself with this.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Today plan to walk around the city again but i end up spending the half of the day in room. Basically i do went out for just a little walk, but here does not have many place to go. Especially by foot. If i have car and i have the driving license, i definately will go more places. The reality is just i don't. Well, it does have the pro and cons there. Well, i do walk to the jesselton point and Atkinson Clock Tower. That's it.

Clock tower in KK town

After the walk, i end up go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine for my flu. So torture that i have the flu sticking with me for almost three weeks. Hopefully it will really gone soon right after i finish all those pills. After having those medicine, i take a nap as usual which sleep would be good after having the flu pills.
Hoewever, another bad things happen. The hotel does not have electricity. If not mistaken it started around 2pm as they told me until 9pm. Seven hours without lights and fan. This day will definately bored as i could not online in the evening which make me feel hot and sweaty. Well, luckily now is okay and i can enjoy the air-con sleep. I guess that's it for today, cant wait to reach for tomorrow for my sisters to come here and join me. Then we will head our way to the Mount Kinabalu... Wait me Mount Kinabalu, I am coming..... hehehe...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Night in KK

Now is around 2145 and i sitting at the lobby of akinabalu and blogging. Just now went out to buy my dinner, feel pity to myself. Dinner all alone. Well, guess this the life should be. Basically, night life in KK in not that much. Every shop is about to close around 2000. Really early compared to KL. Probably is due to the atmosphere here is different from KL. Luckily i still manage to adapt myself. Seriously will be really bored if cant even online.
Here is some of the picure of the place that i am staying.

Here is where i can watch tv, eat, online and...

Here is so called 'smoking area'. But the view is quite nice too...

And some of the night atmosphere..

Sugar bun

Gaya street



I finally step my foot on Sabah. Currently staying in Akinabalu locate in KK town nearby Gaya Street. I will be staying here for 2 night before my sister will come and join me. I have been staying here before during my sister graduation. This place is quite comfortable. It makes you feels like in home. Hard to express it here, just doesn't look like other luxury hotels or even in gentings. This place is more to traveller to stay. Mostly is foreign-european. Luckily this place here is wireless, guess y 2 days life here wouldn't so boring. Now going to take nap, afterward may go for Sabah night life adventure.... hahaha...