Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yesterday night was our U6A gathering. This time have quite a lot of us attend compare to the last few gathering. This time, the gathering is located at Old Town, prima setapak. During the gathering, of course all of us keep our self update with others recent activities. Include with their life in uni too. Although not many who attending the gathering, however the shop is full with our chit-chatting. Unfortunately the pictures are taking this time. Probably our class is mainly girls, the gossips and chatting is last for 3-4 hours. Well, I guess it is common things if girls chat. Haha.. Since we did not take pictures, I just list all who attend yesterday. They are soo yoong, Michele, Maggie, Wai Mei, Hui Zhen, Pei Yue, Swee Khoon, Ching, Mun, Poey and her sis, Ern Hui, Poh Peng, Yiwen, Jin Huei, Pui Yeng, Kah Meng, Alvin, mei choo and me. I guess I did not miss out their name here who attending yesterday.
Since I did not have the pictures of yesterday gathering, ii shall just update with others pictures here that I promise in previous blog.
Wesak Day...

Me, ching n poey

Me bathing the budha

ching and her sis

on the way

genting trip...

mun, me, ching n poey.. night at first world

four of us..

chocolate wonderland

21st birthday...

thanks girls


Friday, May 29, 2009

21st and dumpling

Last two days, i had officially step into the age of 21.
Happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
happy 21st birthday to me...
Wow, so fast i already live my life for 21 years. Recall back the the 21 years, seems like life pass fast. Not yet contribute to my family now and still spending their money. Hmm, 2 more years to go before i could start earns my own money. Now, i can officially step in casino without feeliing scare and nervous where everytime i would have to try break into it. Hahaha...
Here, would like to thanks my friends that spending their time with me during my birthday. Eventhough it is not a big and grand party, but really really enjoyable. It is actually depends on how you feels and with who we are spending the days. Thanks again for remember my birthday. And thanks too to those who wishes me.

Birthday cake with my name on it

thanks my friend...Thanks to them to brighten my birthday...

Next chapter i shall continue with dumpling festival. Yesterday was the dumpling day where we chinese would eat dumpling. The story of this dumpling festival begin with this. Long time ago, there is a man call zhong yuan who is very loyal to the lord. One day, the lord have no more trust in him and he is very very sad. Then he commit suicide by jumping into a river. The village resident know about it and make the dumpling to throw into the river. Hoping that the fish would not eat zhong yuan by eating the dumpling.
If i not mistaken the story line was like this. Any mistake please correct me. Hehe..

Happy dumpling day...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

tau fu fah, yao char kuey

Abother day has pass and now still wondering what i should be doing now. Being at home and unproductive would just lead me to grow 'healthier'. Yesterday i bought 'tau fu fa'. I guess it have been almost a year i did not had it. Feels like missing the taste now.

tau fu fah

today, i going to have 'yao char kuey'. It also been a very long time i haven't have it. Along with kopi o. Ooo... yummy...

don't have kopi o, replace with nescafe..

the taste okok lo..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

happy birthday mom..

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. As usual, we did not celebrate it but just eat together. we ate pizza together with two flavor. One is masala chicken and the other i don't know the name. Of course i did not ask too much as i need not pay for it. This is sometime how the youngest life. The elder will just pay it. Hahaha... Well, not forget to wish my mom here Happy birthday!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Friday went genting with ching, mun and poey. Spent a night day and came back yerterday. Having a lot of fun tho. Let's begin with friday. As we reach genting, we have to wait for the room. Quite suprising as we have to wait for 200 numbers to reach us. Then we plan to eat. Actually it is not four of us only, poey's brother and friends are there too. Then we went to tong lou wan restaurant as ate there. The food is okok only. After finish the meals, we back down to see whether is our turn.
After getting our room, of course wetake a short rest there befaro our next activities. The room is quite small. Luckily our room is only girls. Then we proceed to the indoor theme park and have some photo there. As by night here is have lot of activities. Then we went to the other indoor and play there. Many people there. Oh, at the same time we also need to babysit poey's sister and coussin as well.
Around 2355,poey's brother ask want to go for safari. Of course we said yes. And he said iti is free before 0000. Then the four of us rush to there and with our kfc. We have to hide the kfc as it stated there no outside food allowed. When we reach there, Poey's brother friends is there too. And we have some alchohol drinks there to. We spent our time until 0245 i guess. Dancing and drinking there. Our night just full with remix song and sweaat and fun.
When we back to our room, the friends is playing the door bell. Just making our night worse. At first, they sending us the nuggets, then they keepm playing the bell. Then we just ignore them and continue stick with our bed. Lastly they also stop pressing the bell.
The next day, we continue our activities with the outdoor theme park. Quite a lot of people. However, it is raining also. but not heavy rain at first. Around 1400 we back to find poey's brother in casino. Me and mun had try to go into casino. Too bad they check our ic. I just left two weeks and yet not letting me to go in. So sad. Then me and mun continue our activities with outdoor. We play the spinning cup and make me a little dizzy. I guess it was not my age to play anymore. We play almost all of the game there. Around 1800 we went back.
When in the car, we start to finishing the snack that we have bought. During in the hotel, we did not have the chance to eat the sncak. so we try to finish it in car. Of corse we cannot eat all. I guess the journey is somehow like this. The picture will upload some other days. Need to get it from ching...

Friday, May 15, 2009


Last three days, i have been working as data key in with ching. The job is very easy. All we need to do is to key in the data. But it was quite tiring as well. Especially around neck area. This job can actually test my typing speed too. Quite impress with my typing speed actually. Now the job is done and i back to unemployed again. Wish to get a part time job real soon and with higher payment too. Hehe...
Now i was in home and waiting for 1500. By the time i going to enjoy myself again. Wow, just work for three days and holiday again. That's how mhy life is now. Later will have to really enjoy myself. This time my destination is Genting Highlands. Probably many peolple will say why going there as nothing much to play. But for me, i think it is ok. It have almost a year i did not go there. Now i am in long holiday, of couse i need to enjoy all the place i have went before. To refresh my memories. Hmm, untill now also haven't pack my things. the day is still early i guess.. hehe...

Monday, May 11, 2009


A brand new day today. Yesterday i had dye my hair- purple. Maybe people well think why am i dye those 'lala' colors. Well, i personally did not feel so. It is just depends on the person himself. If the color suits you, then i think it is ok. This time, i dye my whole hair into purple. It is not like last time that i only do the color cover inside. If walk under the sun, the color would be very very obvious. I was thinking to shorten my hair as well, but not for now. Still planning on what hair style i want. And still planning on what color i would dye when going back to Uni. Yet, still alot of planning to go...

Me.. sooleng
Cant really see the color here... hehe.. but i like it..

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today was mother's day. Here, i would like to take the chance to wish all mothers in the world, Happy Mother's Day!
From the day i came back, every night hang out with my friend. First day, with poey, ching, jie ying and mun. Then friday with penny, eliz and singer steph. Then yesterday, with ching and poey went for 12km walk for the wesak day. This was my first time joining this. We had actually walked for 4 hours. As we walk, we saw some children as well, wondering how they can walk for so long as we adults also feeling the pain on our leg. Big claps for them!
Eventhough the 12km journey was painful and torturering, but i guess it is worth it as we manage to finish the 12km...

Friday, May 8, 2009


A brand new day today. Yesterday went out with some of my form 6 friends. We hang out nearby carefour. Dont remember the restaurant name. Hehe.. But the environment quite good. Heard that the restaurant was own by the Suria tuition centre boss. Really earn big money. The restaurant quite unique. It have 4 themes which is fall, summer, spring and winter. We can choose to sit in which themes. Of couse we choose to go winter. But not really cold actually, maybe because we sit at the wrong place. The food and beverage okok la. But feel like not many choices there. Most are heavy meals. The most unique things is that the toilet. It was really 'weird'. Don't know how to express it in words. Just you can imagine how you will have to find the toilet. Inside when have to find the toilet paper also chanllenging. Well, guess not to comment at the restaurant too much. Now just wait for another reunion tonight at Little Tree...

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Finally being home now. Very tired actually. I reach here around 0000 and reach home around 0145. Very long journey from Sabah. Quite excited to meet my friends and really have to do some shopping. Shopping in KL and Sabah are totally different! Sabah only have few shopping complex and it is not so big. There is just something different and hard to describe. Well, just cant wait to meet all my friends and hanging out together with them. Just cant wait for tonight 8pm and meet my friends! Yeah, it is good to be home....

Monday, May 4, 2009

2 more paper...

Just finish my japanese test. Now i was in the library and updating my self while updating my laptop. two more days to go then i will be going back KL. Yet, i still have two more paper to complete. Not really have the mood to study. I already pack my mood while packing my stuff that day. Tommorow account, and the corporate communication. This two subject is driving me crazy!! Still have to wait for 51 hours for me to go to airport. Just cant wait to be back KL now...