Monday, February 28, 2011

Ballroom dance

dear blog,

Well well, quite someday for not updating here. Am i so busy? Nah, not really. Just with some assignments, on-going mid-term and some club activities. Fortunately not feeling bored and tired. Quite enjoying myself with these things.

Our club dinner will be held on 12 March 2011, and this very final year, again signing myself as performer for ballroom dance. Actually i started dance when i participate for the Pesta Ang Pow in Contemporary dance. Though it was quite tiring sometimes, but i like the feeling. Perhaps it was something where i think i can found myself? Probably just something i interested in.

Going to reveal some here, the ballroom dance that we will performing was waltz and salsa. It was totally two different types of dance. Personally i was fond with salsa. Even though i am remembering the steps, just i think not 'sexy' enough. Need to practice more to make it perfect. Another concern of me was the heels and stage. As i am not so use with the heels and dance, just afraid to fall down when performing. I can imagine it will be very very embarrassing!!! Hopefully that will NOT HAPPEN! finger cross.

Ok, going to sign out here for today. Will keep on updating for my latest activities. Oh ya, all the best for my mid-term tomorrow and on Thursday.  :-)



Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dear blog,

what i'm going to do here was to update the pictures on our valentine. Well, as mention in the previous post that we do some hang out. So i'm going to post some of the memory here before i forget. Unfortunately the trip to Sandakan still not available. :-( Will try to obtain it soon~~~

Aen and me

The foods

us again

after valentine dinner

yeah, me with beer

with rachel

aen aen again

And finally the picture of the day

Us~~~ love this pic actually

Although spent quite some figure that day, but we do enjoy our self to the max!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine

Dear blog,

Currently updating myself in my girlfriend's house as i did not back to my hostel yesterday. Well, it's Valentine's day and of course, outing with my girlfriends. Wohoo!!! If were to mention here, it can be consider the first time being so 'wild' in Sabah. After the midterm in the morning, attending the tutorial and headed straight to K-box. Singing all day long and some of most almost losing their voice. Of course it is not me k, still able to talk and SING! After the singing section, headed to Fresco for our lovely Valentine's dinner. It located nearby the port. Overall, the restaurant has great environment that serve with Italian foods. It was quite delicious as well. Hmm, actually i'm not really good in elaborating the foods. Just not that choosy. Hahaha... The night activity, for the first time signin myself to Chocolate Factory, White room, Firefly and Bed. Well, this were all pub and bar and of course i have some liquor. It would be weird if i don't have any. Honestly i'm telling here, it was my first time attending to bar. Not even in KL accept the one in Genting. If were to compare with what i have imagine, the bar in Sabah were too 'proper'. I hardly find any dance floor actually. From what i have learn from my friends that went bar in KL, there will be huge dance floor and people were just crazy about dancing. Here? Nah, hardly found. Most of them were just dance on their place and enjoying the songs. Totally different from what i have imagine. Well, maybe this the culture in Sabah. Just exposing myself with different culture as what i've learn from my class. Hahaha... Trying to applying it onto my daily life. Okay, i think that's all for this time, though i was a little bit late, but still to wish everyone, HAPPY VALENTINE!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

You see through me

Dear blog,

Honestly i was quite surprise when you tell me those advice. Indeed, i am really thankful for what you have see inside me. Most of the words you told me were right, and if you continue to talk with me, i think my tears will rolling down. Perhaps i am too afraid that when people able to see what i really am. I know the weakness in myself, that's the reason i keep myself bottom up most of the time. You told me that i am searching for something. Yes. It is true! I just feel my life lack of something and i am still searching for it. When you say it is subject for me to accept it or not? I am confuse. Is that something is awaits me in front? Why can't i see it? And what is it? If i am to recall what you have told be just now, i am actually scare. I never met someone that able to see through me like this. It was like staying naked in front of everyone that i know. Feel insecure at the moment. Anyhow, i am really thanks for the advice you gave me just now. That's the reason i jot it down here to remind me that there is someone will reach out for me when i need it. Will try to search the light to torch me path.

Monday, February 7, 2011


dear blog,

Yeah, it's Chinese New Year and i'm not going back again this CNY. Sad... Well, do have some plan for this week holiday. Instead of gaining the Ang Pao $$$, looks like i spending it like pipe water. Oh NO!!! Here's the plan, going to watch fireflies, planning for Sandakan, singing, stay over at my friend's house. And lastly the assignments. In the end, the trip went are the fireflies trip and Sandakan. It is really a sudden escape trip. Hahaha... Not able to stay over. But everything is just fine. It is enjoyable holiday as well. Will be update soon on the fireflies trip and Sandakan. And Happy Chinese New Year. Hope i'm not late yet... Stay tuned...

Smiley group

Dear blog,

Well, i am quite late for posting this. It has been week i log on here. As most of my friends were back for celebrating chinese new Year, left me and some of my friends here. And this time i am posting on my friends where we are sending them to the airport. With some craziness, we do attract quite a lot of people looking and staring at us. All i could say was that we were just to loud, too bright and too crazy. hahaha...Here's the memory that we have took.

Some cutie on Audrey's car

heading for Bak kut Teh

Eating section

Canon 1

Spotted again-Canon2



crap into small mirror

They are going back >.<


posing again

The smiley group + greenine

the smiley group + pink

The Smiley group

Going to say bye

Yeah, It's ME

And finally, back to UMS

Mount KK

dear blog,

As i promise before, i'm going to upload my 2nd attempt to mount KK. Well, it is quite different experience compare to the first time i went. The people accompanying me is different. And the motivation is different too. I remember last time the things that motivate myself way up to the peak was the $$$. That time was not me who paying, so i was thinking that don't ever waste the money and forcefully made myself to the peak. And i made it! This time, i'm the one who is motivating my friends. Because i went there before, so it is like okay if i'm not reaching the peak. The weather is freaking cold! That's what make them actually want to give up. Lucky us 6 girls made our way to the peak. If i'm not mistaken, there is total of 11 of us made it to the peak out of 20. Quite good achievement. Okay, here's the picture...

At KK park...

in the room
Prepare to sleep~~~


Reach the top...
Girls on the top~~~

The sign board has change

But i got the same guide-Nizam



Us again

Me on the top

moving down


8.0 KM


rest at Laban rata Rest house

On my way down

Finally reach Tipohon

Me n sam ho

My 2nd cert

It's ME!!
The 2009 and 2011