Sunday, January 30, 2011

short update

Yeah, 1 week of holiday is starting... Still the tons of assignment appear in front of me... Sigh... Well, this holiday was quite well plan actually, so now really need to rush and complete as much of works as i could. Because i'll heading to Sandakan soon. Oh ya, i did promise to upload the mount hiking picture, but not now. Soon. Cause i forgot to bring the picture this time. Just rushing to get all those info and really really hope to complete all those work before enjoying myself. Yet, still got many distraction around. Just hoping... 

will be update soon..

Saturday, January 22, 2011


It has been few days after i went for the hiking. Now going to rush for 3 assignments that due on next week. Suddenly just felt the time is not enough. Actually i shall put it like this, i just don't know which and how to start the works. It is like marathon where i have to complete it without wasting my time. Yet, it is impossible for me to not distracted by other stuff. Now i online here and blogging. Suppose to find the information, end up typing here. That's is why always end up doing things last minutes. Regarding the mount hiking, will try update soon. Just need to rush all my assignments, then will proceeds with that. Overall, the journey was fun this time. As i mention in my facebook, i got the same guide that guide me the first time i hiking. So coincidence huh... Haha... Stay tuned for Mount Kinabalu...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Looking forward

Dear blog,

I've been in UMS for 2 weeks now and i'm started to get bored of the hostel life! OMG!!!

How should i put into words. Hmm, perhaps it was my final semester and i was getting used with this 2 and half years life. Plus the courses i am taking now is lesser compared to my previous semester, now i feel like doing nothing everyday. Just sitting in front of my laptop, watching the dramas and movies. Even the very nice movie i got sick with it. Probably just the mood is not here.

Well, i'm looking forward for next Tuesday as i'm going to beat the Mount Kinabalu again. Yes, AGAIN! This time different experience with friends and the road taking was shorter too. Hopefully i can beat my own time and strength where last time actually get a lot of help from my tour guide. Thanks to him that i finally made my way to the peak. Otherwise, i can't imagine that i can conquer the mount. I'm really hope that this time i can really made it to the peak with my own strength. Finger cross***

This is me last time to the peak. Will try get another version of me on the same location.

Will be updating myself here soon~~~

Piece of thought

Dear blog,

After i back to my University life, so many thoughts cross my mind. Probably because i am too free this semester as i only have 5 courses to take. Attending the classes, looking at the familiar faces which i probably won't be seeing after graduate just make me feel that there is always parting. This thought teach me to appreciate the times with my buddies and try out all those activities that never play before. Although always heard that we should do what ever things we want, but it is just hard to achieve it.

Back to my University's life, this semester just feel different from previous time. Maybe the people we met are changing, the ways of thinking changing and the goals of life different too. I'm not being negative here, it is just that we should always be prepared for things that will and will not happen. Live my life with full of memories so that i can have a colourful life.

I remember i've asked one of my friend that you think friends act like colour or ingredients? Well, this 2 terms do fit the friends actually. Each friend represent different colours and bring different effect to a plain white paper. Another point of view, each friend too represent different ingredients as they can add different aroma to the plain water. As for me, i think ingredients fit my friends well because they make my life full sweet, bitter, sour, salt and spicy. Hey friends, no offend ya...

Am i being too negative? NO! I am just hoping everyone should treasure the life, friendship and time we have. Should utilize it so we will never regret! No one will lead the same path of life, so we will never know how it will be. Like the poem The Road Not taken. It is showing the decision we made that we will forgone another decision. No matter it is good road or bad road, we shall never regret of it and live with fullest to achieve the ultimate goal of life.

Friday, January 7, 2011

!st day

Stepping into land below wind yesterday, around 1630. How should i express my feelings? Hmm, excited? Probably i feel tired. Although just sitting in the flight, without doing anything, but it is actually quite tiring. I'm not trying to show off k? Just from the moment i left my home, in the bus, then wait for boarding. It took around 6 hours for me to reach my hostel. You see... But, there is one lucky things happen. I saw rainbow while i was in the sky! Yes, when i was in the flight and suddenly i saw the rainbow. Not many people can see it. Guess i was the lucky one. Just so unbelievable...

I officially start my first class today. Morning class... It was my elective course. Although i heard a lots of people saying that it was tough, but never realize it is quite difficult course in my own perception. I remember last semester when i took the banking course, they were saying that it is very tough. End up i don't actually feel that tough. Got pretty good result though. Just this time, not quite sure.

Oh ya, i accidentally skipped my second class this day. Due to some misinformation, i went at the wrong class. By the moment i reach, it's finish. Well, i'm not blaming anyone giving me wrong information, just not my day. Luckily it was a really huge class. Not going to notice my absent i guess.

Well, that's all for today. Will keep on update soon...

Me on the first day with my club shirt

Sunday, January 2, 2011

So long

Dear blog,

It was the second day of 2011, and i will be going back Sabah for my final semester. Though like living in denial, but have to face the reality in around 15 hours for the student life. Probably it will be the finale of my role as the student. Who knows maybe will further in master. Just let it be...

Wake up in the early morning today and went Titiwangsa with my girlfriend-Penny for jogging. Shall i said walking? Hmm, just enjoy spending my life that way. Relax and without any pressure. Just a wonderful day i had! Probably when i back KL next time, should practice this kind of lifestyle.

Looking at the facebook, seems like most of my course mate were already back in campus, while me still far across the sea. Oh god, tomorrow was my prof.'s class! It is a big NO NO to skip his class. Hopefully he will consider our situation although it seems impossible. Praying hard now, hope he wont be so strict this semester. How should i describe him? Prof is good lecturer, just sometimes i don't feel like going to his class voluntarily just because the indirect pressure i got from him. Still figuring out the reason. Boring? Fierce? Don't know. Just hope everything are PERFECT!

As i mention before that this semester might be a little bit free, not knowing how are all those assignment can be. Please not be so burden. Regarding my elective course, i am still not sure shall i maintain with the tourism course. Found out that taking the banking course was quite excited too. As i getting good great for it last semester. Real GOOD!

I'm going to stop here. Going to spend my precious night with my family before leaving tomorrow. Hopefully i will keep on blogging to update my status. Well, you know i have some difficult online section when i back UMS. Haha... See ya~~~

Simply me

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hola... Good morning everyone! Yo, it's first day of 2011~~~ Guess everyone enjoy countdown last night.

As for me, i wish to have a better year and enjoyable moment this year. Just hoping everything were smooth and fine like what i wishes for~~~ Greedy? Ya, i admit i am GREED! Materialistic instead.

Now spending the first day of 2011 in KL, along with my lovely family. Another 2 more days, i'll back to UMS to finish the final semester. Though the result in 5th semester was okay, not really satisfied, just hoping this semester will be another great semester for me. Really hope that i can pull up my overall CGPA this time. But i know it will be a little bit impossible for me. Anyway, stay +ve...

Well, nothing much to wrote this early morning. Just want to start the 2011 with lots of love and hopefully can get my Mr. Right too (if possible). Hahaha... No matter what, may i have real fun, love, joyful, and blessed year~~~