Sunday, November 11, 2012

Run for your Lung 2012

Dear blog,

Today just completed another marathon to atone my chance misses last week. This time, 7km run in Titiwangsa Lake Garden again. Well, If you guys notice, there are too frequent of the marathon this time. Or is just that me never pay attention for it? Hahaha... Oh well, trying to do a little of the collection now with signing up for marathon around KL. To be precise, must be within my transportation limit as me taking the public transport. Unless there are friends that able to join me and got car! Yea.. So that can fetch me there.. Hehehe...Okay, let's back to the Run For Your Lung, this theme  is to create awareness about our lung. How much you learn about the lung protection and how to prevent diseases relates to our lungs. Erm, actually me too not so deep knowing about it. Guess should be another research for me. =) To be proud of myself, kind of satisfy with this time record which i took 55mins to complete 7km. I think last time i took longer timing. So, quite satisfy yet the aims of being the top is far far away~ Anyhow, run for the health for me. Hehehe...

Me early in the morning of 6am.. waiting my sis to prepare herself before heading out. 

A little of the crowd here. Not much people this time as there are too many runs held today
1) Terri fox run in Padang Merbok-9am
2) Diabetes Run in Dataran Merdeka-7.30am
3) Run for your lung-7.30am

So, i guess the crowd been divided to the events...

The marathon this time kind of tough for me as my current condition not being well. Bringing the flu and slight fever with me, not a good sign. And i manage to finish it with good record though. Hehehe... i guess must be me need more sweating sessions to pump up my stamina. Got my medicine right after back home and getting enough rest, getting better now. The spirit of sportmanship? hahaha.... Perhaps yea..

Okay, here's the pics of the finisher. For each category, 1-100th finisher would be rewarded with the medal. Hehe.. Me within the range.. Finish the run step by step together with my sister.. And below are some of the finishers pics..

Me with Helen and Melvie
First time run for Helen, 3rd time run for Melvie....

Us.. Recron Group pics.. Hahaha...
Melvie, Mr. Yeoh and Helen

C015, C016 and C018... lining up


Girls pic.. add in my sis and one of my high school mate-Yiwen..
Yi wen join me run before in Be a Runner, Be a giver that held in KLCC.

Finisher line...

Me posing... wait till the very last lucky draw.. and the luck just not be our side...

Event ends around 10am and everyone heading back home for some good rest. Monday coming, and guess what, Deepavali and Awal Muharam Holiday... Oh yea... Holiday plan? Hmm... Wondering still as the working days on Monday and Wednesday, holiday on Tuesday and Thursday. So... just see if there are any dates on those holiday la.. 

My tag, cert and medal

Posing with the t-shirt and medal..

That's end for the blog.
Everyone, do try on marathon as your small aim!
Reduce stress, healthy and make you keep a breast with everyone without those electronic stuff!
You wouldn't know how great the feeling of stepping the finisher line!
 Till the next blog then... =)


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