Monday, November 19, 2012

End of escape

Dear blog,

Good morning! After few days escape from work, 'long' holiday for me. Hahaha... Surprisingly, not feeling tired at all now and feel a bit of motivated to work. Hopefully the work be nice to me as i'm not wish to spoil my lovely mood, especially on Monday!!!

Im really enjoy myself while having my holiday there. But just not the 8 hours train and 6 hours bus rides! Somehow, fresh experience for me for the 8 hours mid-night train. Anyhow, I just love my days there. Promise to upload the pics here after im done with little of touch up or what-so-ever then.

Little of sneak preview of the holiday...

Oh ya, congratulation to the newly wed couple of my deary.. 
As her starting her new family, hope everything goes well as her wish!


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